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  3.   3.  Culture
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    2.   3.2  Lifestyle
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Territory Statistics

CreatorKatie D.
Name OriginApachi
Date of Founding1990
Age22 years
Primary SpeciesCanis lupus
Luperci DominantYes
ReligionUndefined polytheism

Tosawi is a wolf dominated society located in south-central Iowa. Birthplace of characters: Anann Kelevra, Rem, & Keese

1.  Description

Located in the mid-west of what was once southern Iowa, Tosawi is a large, sprawling network of smaller canine settlements. The name itself generally refers to the centralized city that is the heart of population. The city thrives off is its large, free range herd of bison and beef cattle crosses and agriculture. Hunting has been outlawed and one must work to be fed. Independent from the need to hunt to feed it's masses the city experienced a large boom in skill trades and other crafts early on in it's history which as lead the city to now become reliant on trade to maintain it's lifestyle.

Built upon the remnants of old Amish communities, many of the structures in use today are luperci-built. Since many of the rural and Amish homes were already considerably aged before the fall of man that most structures fell into such disrepair that the canines found it easier to build their own homes, suited to their own needs, than to try and rebuild and convert the remains of human constructions.

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2.  Significant Families

3.  Culture

3.1  Species

The largest portion of the population is created by a wide variety of hybrids, ranging in various percentages of wolf, coyote and dog. There is also a significant portion of the population as has maintained pure bloodlines, most notably the wolves that make up the hierarchy of the city. Bloodlines determine social standing. Wolves ranking at the top, with coyotes in the middle and dogs at the bottom. While the pure bloodlines are tracked, many of the hybrids are of unknown percentages and so often appearances are used to judge one's heritage, rather than true ancestry.


Due to the highly humanized lifestyle of Tosawi, most prefer to use their Optime form. If fact the more primal forms are viewed as barbaric by much of the upper class. Typically it is only the herder's that are found in any other form other than Optime and this is simply because four legs gives them the needed speed and mobility to out maneuver the beefalo herds. Non-Luperci are unheard of within Tosawi.

3.2  Lifestyle




Wolf built, log style constructions that also often implement re-purposed lumber for old human constructions, as well as any other usable materials.


Highly humanized in aspects of agriculture and animal husbandry. With out the need to hunt to sustain food levels other trades and talents quickly sprung up and research spread into other facets of the human past. Spinners, weavers, blacksmiths, tanners, and butchers just to name a few.

3.3  Structure

Feudalistic Society. Based on the ownership and control over livestock rather than land. Meat is the most commonly used currency and lower classes are often forced into labor in order to feed themselves.


Stuff Tosawi policies and practices. Like males required to serve in the fighting force and the outlawing of hunting and other such stuff!


Tosawi thrives on large network of trading and are often open to meeting new, perspective trading partners. However, this has also made them a target for raiders. Needless to say, necessary precautions have been put in place to ensure a peaceful atmosphere within their own lands.

3.4  Religion

Tosawi has no unified religion and various beliefs can be found among the population. Although, most do hold some belief in the legend of the Harleigh? bloodline.

Creation Legends

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Every barer of the Harleigh name is considered a war goddess of Tosawi. However, they are not believed to separate deities, but rather incarnations of the same goddess, whom is born again from her own flesh. It is said that the birth of the next Harleigh is to always result in the death of the mother.

3.5  History

The clan that formed the original city and idea of Tosawi had originate farther to the west. After the fall of humanity and the transformation of the canine population of the world, the forbears of Tosawi became fascinated with human knowledge left behind. They sought libraries to expand their knowledge. Setting their focus particularly on agriculture. They followed their prey as the herd began migrating eastward and gleaned the information from universities and other large libraries as they went.

Like many things, progress was slow and many mistakes were made. Many of the texts left behind by the humans involved techniques and technology that were not available since the fall of the humans that had created and sustained them. Still it was starting guideline and progress was still steady. Their learning curve quickened as the jumped the first few hurdles, creating their own methods in model of the traces humans had left behind. Herding followed cultivation and it wasn't long before they were able to support a sizable pack without the need to hunt.

As there capacity increased so did the population. The ease of life attracted many into the fold and Tosawi was born. A mesh of several packs, willingly combined. With out the need to hunt to sustain the pack other trades and talents quickly sprung up and research spread into other facets of the human past. Spinners, weavers, blacksmiths, tanners, and butchers just to name a few. Kitchens and bars opened up. They even started creating their own alcoholic drinks, having depleted most the spirits left behind in their region.

As the size and population grew of Tosawi, so did the reputation and rumors of all that could be found there. It didn't take long for raiders to start targeting the fledgling city. It is unclear how the first Tosawi horse was tamed and taught to fight. Some say it was the horse that taught the first Harliegh, rather than the other way around. The horse eventually became their front most defense. It did not become a wide spread practice and large force wasn't need as the intimidation factor alone proved to be enough to drive off most raid attempts.

4.  References

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