Overo Mayawyn

Overo Mayawyn

Overo, by ??
Date of BirthAugust 1, 2009
Age> 1 year
Subspecies70% Canis lupus familiaris
20% Canis simensis
10% Canis lupus lycaon
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Current packCour des Miracles

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateOctober 20, 2010[1]

Overo Mayawyn is brother to Ever Mayawyn. He is a member of Cour des Miracles.


Overo Mayawyn was born to the Zwairal pack with his sister, Ever Mayawyn. His mother, Maleai Ressoh(now deceased), had given birth to four cubs, however two were stillborn. Overo and Ever had been born during difficult times for their pack. The Zwairal had been waging a violent war with the neighboring pack, Vaiser.

Still very early in his life, he had been taken by his father,Sulstace, to train for battle. Even from such a young age, Overo was trained to fight, attack and kill. The regime that had been established by the pack was based on punishment and reward. More often than not, training had brought very long nights with brutal punishment. However rough the training was, however, it paid off. What Overo went through strengthened his mind and body, and he quickly became a skilled warrior.

Overo was still less than a year old when the battle took place. He stood by his father with the rest of the pack and watched as the terrible Vaiser pack came upon them. It was a long and fierce battle, and their efforts were unsuccessful. The Zwairal were driven from the pack lands. Both wolves injured, Overo and Sulstace had fled, leaving Ever and Maleai behind.

Sulstace watched over Overo until he was ten months old before parting ways. He had explained to Overo that he was ready, and it was time for him to find his own life. He never would, however, tell Overo that he was taking the opportunity to cleanse himself of his history, to cast it away and leave everything behind.


Despite only staying with his mother and sister for a short time and only periodical visits, both Ever and Overo were very aware that they had a living sibling. Over time, and especially since Overo fled with his father, he has begun to forget his mother and sister. They were never large parts of his life, so the few memories he has of them are fading. Sulstace scarcely spoke about Maleai and Ever while he and Overo were together, hoping to keep his son distanced just in case, and it worked.


Due to his upbringing, Overo was forced to grow up quickly. He had to. It was either learn quickly or suffer the consequences. Overo had determined that the former was the better option, and so was able to learn focus and reason. He is a thinker.

Overo is extremely friendly and kind and takes things positively. He is articulate and a good listener, but has difficulty expressing himself. Social situations can be difficult for him;Despite his self-confidence, he isn't always sure how to handle situations and becomes visibly uncomfortable. It has also become apparent that he doesn't know how to solve social conflict. During his training he was taught to kill the enemy, and verbal attacks against Overo have occasionally resulted in violent outbursts due to [Overo's]frustration at not knowing what to do. Even so, he is not angry or arrogant.

Overo tries hard at everything he does, sometimes excessively-> to the point of self-destruction. He hates being alone, but doesn't know how to get close to anyone.



  • ParentsMaleai Ressoh and Sulstace Mayawyn
  • SiblingsEver Mayawyn


As an experienced warrior, Overo has a very athletic and muscular build. He inherited the robustness of the timber wolf, the energy and spunk of the husky and the speed of the slender Ethiopian wolves. Either that or he acquired all of those traits from his battle training. Overo has the small triangular husky ears and the fierce white markings on his legs, underbelly, chest, face, and characteristic eyebrows. Surrounding the white on his chest and bordering the white on his sides, face and tail is a bold, rusty color from his Ethiopian wolf genes along with a large dark gray and brown patch of fur covering the top of his back and neck. Finally, Overo has characteristic large black patches all over his pelt, for which he was named. His eyes are a vivid green.

From his intense training and from the big battle, Overo carries scars on his muzzle and left shoulder, as well as smaller scars that have since been overgrown with fur and are no longer visible.