Ever Mayawyn

Ever Mayawyn

Ever, by Kiri
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of BirthAugust 1, 2009
Age1 year
Subspecies20% Ethiopian Wolf 70% Husky 10% Timber Wolf
LuperciYes (Verto)
Birth placeNorth America
Current packCour des Miracles
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateJune 1, 2010
Joining RankSeigneur
Most Recent RankDuchess
SignificanceHigh ranking member
Co-RankPage; Stablehand

Ever Mayawyn was a member of Cour des Miracles and adoptive daughter of Vigilante Haskel and Ayita Catori.

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    1.   4.1  Luperci Forms

1.  History

It was a very crisp morning. A beautiful female with a strawberry red pelt covered in silver patches was lying in her den surrounded by two squirming pups and two stillborn. The loss of the two female pups was suspected. Her mate, second in command of their pack, stood over the female protectively. They went by Maleai Ressoh and Sulstace Mayawyn. Blood was shed and battle had sparked between the packs who bordered the mountains valleys. The ignition to the fire of war was a wolf that was seen in the other packs territory and supposedly was from the Zwairal Pack. Vasier Pack was furious for a treaty had been made centuries before that the only time Zwairal and Vasier wolves would speak to each other was on the second and tenth full moon of the year. Zwairal Pack had tried to assure their bordering pack numerous times that none of their wolves had hunted on their territory but they were a stubborn and vicious bloodline.

Maleai and Sulstace, named their two live pups Ever and Overo and buried the 2 stillborn pups who were dubbed as Nelithina Mayawyn and Bexieve Mayawyn . Maleai became pregnant before the war had broken and almost immediately as Overo opened his piercing green eyes he was whisked away by his father for training. They trained for less than a year from dawn to dusk, which was when the war was at its goriest point. Father and son stood side by side behind the king of Zwairal pack and in front of over thirty eight males and twenty two females prepared for battle. Vasier pack came in dark rows from the forest, with jaws slobbering in the moonlight. The war was long and bloody. In the end, only twenty wolves from the Zwairal pack survived. But the pack lost. It was over thrown by the dark souls of Vasier. They were driven out of the mountains, each and every wolf.

At the time, Ever Mayawyn was almost only 5 months old. She walked slowly through the wind with Maleai by her side. Her mother was young and Ever and Overo were her first litter thus she was not experienced. She knew they would die without Sulstace. He had taken Overo and fled by himself, wounded and tired, Mother Maleai had much doubt for her mate. Ever had grown with hardly a father and a sibling. She had filled the space with the few other pups that were born around her but they were always older. Maleai had birthed at a terrible time on the pack’s timeline. She had refused to put Ever through war training and was almost killed by the king in the process. The mother had suffered a blow to the flank and a ripped tail but had saved her daughter. She didn’t have a choice with Overo but she swore she would protect Ever until her final breath.

Now that they were in the mountains and the snow was falling thick, Maleai brought a small rabbit to her daughter’s side that turned her head away from it. She spoke little and her Mother checked daily for an illness. But this was not the first time Ever had refused her mother’s meal. Maleai had not eaten anything besides grass and insects since they had been driven from the pack 3 weeks ago. Her vows had forced her to give every shred of food to her daughter. Eventually, the malnutrition got to the mother. Early into the night, mother and daughter traveled side by side until suddenly Maleai collapsed into the sheets of snow. Ever ran to her side and begged for her mother to get up, but she was so weak. Maleai was immediately thankful she had taught all that she knew about hunting to her daughter. In her final moments she weakly tore a beautiful spotted dove feather from her fur and laid it in front of Ever. The female howled a howl that would have likely broke the moon if the overcast had lifted. She was all alone now.

Only a month later, the abandoned female pup was attacked by cougar. It was early morning, a time she wouldn’t have been alert to threats, but the cat a slunk from the mist, desperately hungry. The pup would have not survived with the gash to her stomach and a split ear if a lone female hadn’t found her. She was elderly but wise, traveling the area of Nova Scotia learning different cultures and healing techniques. Ever was lucky to find this woman. Moments after the cougar had left to find fatter prey, the elder arrived. She set to work immediately, carrying Ever to her den in which she had dug out for the days she stayed in the land. Two months the pup stayed with her and healed. By the time she was a few weeks under 8 months, her ear was mended and the cream fur of her underbelly had grown over her scar. The woman introduced herself as Namasia and welcomed the young wolf to join her in her travels, seeing the strong blood that flowed through her. But Ever refused with certainty. She was looking for another pack to settle permanently with. At this, Namasia informed her about the packs living to the north of where they stayed. It was a long hard trail but the female accepted. Here Namasia was to leave her. She was healed and healthy and the land in which the pup was destined was already familular with the elder, so she told Ever about every curve in the land, every danger and every place where the hunting was best. All of the dangers and where the most trustful territories lay. Blessed with luck, the pup left.

It took over a month to reach the part of Canada in which Namasia had guided her to. The Mayawyn was weak and exhausted as she traveled the coast. She had torn at her memory each step she took to remember what the older female had said, but she arrived at Miracles gates. Namasia had said she spent a good time watching the pack and learning. As the young pup settled in to step, leaving the dark, unfair wilderness behind her, new confidence returned.

2.  Personality

A pretty face covering a twisted history. Ever is a shy soul, but very intelligent; finding pleasure in the small and beautiful details in life. Always being cautious is one of her perks and the female is gifted with the ability to read people inside out. Building a wall around the thoughts of her birth family, she can sometimes be very insecure and confused. The wolf isn’t rambunctious but ambitious, chasing what she is after with quick paws.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

[Lupus ref, by Titmouse]

4.1  Luperci Forms


Silver pelt mixed with black and brown strands blending to black legs. Chest, underbelly and cheeks are snow white. Unmistakable amber colored fur is dusted on the top of her muzzle and ears. Tail tip is black blending to brown and curls to her back. Eyes are a very distinct blue; striking aqua hued grey

  • Height: 2' 2"
  • Weight: 72 lbs.


Legs are full black and pelt grows completely silver with a thick white mane. Normal brown ears are red matching top muzzle splash and red, brown, and black feathered tail which curls to her back. Eyes are a pulsing purple

  • Height: 2' 11"
  • Weight: 154 lbs.


Tall and slender with nimble fingers and sharp facial features. Thick perfectly crafted red curls grow wildly down past her chest and ends mid - stomach. Silver pelt is more red with black strands fading to black along her arms and legs. Chest and cheeks are bright white. Eyes are a striking grey hued aqua. Tail is fluffy and curled, feathered with a black tail tip blending to brown

  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 177 lbs.


  • Winter: Thin cotton scarf and cedar colored mocassins.
  • Spring: Snow white trench coat over a short sleeve, ruffled, spring green dress.
  • Summer: Sun yellow or lavender spagetti strap dress
  • Fall: Sky blue shredded skirt and biege knitted sweater.