Keese, by Mel
PlayerKatie D.
Date of BirthOctober 2006
Subspecies100% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeTosawi
Current packN/A

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Cour des Miracles

Joining dateMarch 16,2011
Previous Rank(s)Surf

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Joining dateDecember 3rd, 2010


Keese was born into a one of the few remaining families of the Tosawi council. It had been ordained that his house would be the next to lead after the House of Burke and so it was that shortly after Anann's birth and the consequent death of her mother that Keese was pronounced to be her future intended.

In late 2009 Anann Harleigh fled Tosawi due the political corruption of the ruling the class and the peasantry treatment of the lower classes. She had asked Keese to come with her, so that they might start anew, but he wanted nothing to do with it and tried to convince her to stay, to no avail. She arrived in souls' in early 2010. With the political and religious structure of Tosawi in complete collapse and rebellion at the loss of the Harleigh Queen, Keese eventually came after Anann after a Tosawi tracker spotted her meeting with a trader.

Keese arrived into the 'souls region in the late fall of 2010 and in his search for Anann he encountered Anatoliy Russo in the confines of Halifax and when he had questioned the male about Anann he had quickly became angry and defensive of the woman. Later Keese would also meet Heath morte dre Soul out in Shiloh Hills while Keese had been scouting for Anann, knowing now which pack land she resided in.

The encounter with Heath did not end well either and left Keese injured with a rather nasty gash over his eye that was then treated by Cambria Marino, who happened upon him by chance at one of his temporary camps in Shiloh Hills. He found the girl to extremely attractive and tempting and startled her when he boldly attempted to kiss her and she ran away from him.

Keese had assumed that Anann would have been made aware of his presence by this point and he waited for several months for her to come to him, a period that was extended thanks to a rather severe winter storm that buried the lands in several feet of snow. Once the snows had started to recede he began trespassing into Cour des Miracles to locate Anann.

He finally found her when she had returned to her cabin to repair it after the storm. Naturally she was surprised to see him and rather distant considering his refusal to follow her when she had originally left. Though they were quickly come across by Anatoliy, whom had become the golden woman's lover in the absence of the silver male she had been betrothed to. Tempers between the two males quickly escalated into a fight that was broke up by Anann and Vigilante. Vigilante allowed Keese to stay in the pack lands at Anann's request and much to Anatoliy's dismay.

Keese spent the next several months trying to woe the woman that had once been his and that he was convinced still was. Anann, fearing that he might use those she cared about against her began isolating herself away from much of the pack. Breaking this with Anatoliy and told the Russian male to stay away from her least Keese figure things out.

He grew steadily more and more impatient and it wasn't long before he attempted to force matters when Anann was in heat, though Haven interceded. Weeks later he ran into Anatoliy again, after returning from a night or two of sinful indulgence in Halifax and received yet another beating for his transgressions against Anann.

It wasn't until Anann came home reeking of the Russian male one morning after a storm had supposedly left her out stranded that Keese snapped. Assaulting the woman, he caught her by surprise and beat her unconscious. He then took her to an old shack on the outskirts of Halifax where he kept her bound and sexually assaulted her until she conceived.

He continued to hold her captive until she was discovered by Anatoliy and he broke her out of her confinement. Once she had been returned home to Cour des Miracles and treated by Alaine Winters, Vigilante Haskel set out to hunt Keese down. Keese met his end at the jaws of the dog King.


Arrogant and Egotistical, Keese is a product of his aristocratic and extremely racist upbringing. The purity of his wolf bloodline is the one thing that ensures him power in Tosawi. Having been declared the betrothed to the future queen of Tosawi before he had even hardly reached adulthood had only help to bloat his head and put him in loftier standing the rest of the world.

Anything he want is his and he generally expects it to be given to him. At least that was the life he had experienced whilst in Tosawi. His arrogant and pushy ways tended only to earn him an ass kicking while in 'souls.

Once Tosawi hierarchy fell apart without Anann, Keese was left with nothing. It was out of desperation and self preservation that he sought out Anann. Knowing that if he could return to Tosawi with Anann or her child in tow he would have the right to claim his throne. But only then.



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Keese is always in his optime form, having the opinion that the forms are primal and beneath his lofty standing. His pelt is quite monochromatic silver-gray. His underside his near white and his coloring is darkest along his spine, fading over his shoulders and sides. His black hair is cut short and kept tidy. As any egotistical and vain creature he takes great care in his appearance and grooming.

He wears a pair of black slacks, hemmed a few inches below the knee. Occasionally, if the weather is nasty enough to warrant it, he will also wear a buffalo hide duster.

His eyes are a dull golden-yellow.

7' 230 lbs.

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