Vigilante Haskel

Vigilante Haskel

Vigilante, by Nat
Date of BirthFebruary 3rd, 2006
Age at Death6 years
Subspecies100% Canis familiarus (German Shepherd x Alaskan Malamute)
LuperciYes (Ortus)
PackCour des Miracles
'Souls Profile


Cour des Miracles

Joining dateJune 18, 2009[1]

Vigilante Haskel was the King of Cour des Miracles and mate to Ayita Catori, whom he has had two litters with. He was killed by his estranged son Noah Haskel in October 2012, preceded by his mate.

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1.  History

Born to the pair leading a large pack, Vigilante was older than his only sister. His three brothers died at birth, and it was this fact that called together the elders of the pack. There had been a long-standing legend, molded after each litter of puppies born in the pack. The most recent adaptations seemed to fit perfectly; one male would survive out of many, and only one female would be born. The male would have a splash of white near his nose; the female, folded ears, rather than ears that stood erect. When the elders appeared next to Lyra and Valter, they nodded their approval. This was the pair of puppies they were waiting for. These two would rid the world of awful things. They instructed that the male be named Vigilante, and the female be named Martyr. Their names would fit their lives later.

Their first birthday arrived, and the remaining elders whisked them away from their parents. They were led to a cave, where they were instructed to live. Vigilante was trained to fight, while Martyr was trained to be caring and to raise the orphaned pups from neighboring packs. “These tasks will be helpful in the future,” they were told. “Live your lives according to these roles.” They were taught to shift at an early age, so by now, they could do so effortlessly. Their parents were forbidden to see them, and they were watched constantly, rarely allowed to leave the cave they called home for nearly a year before they were given further instructions.

A male was brought to the cave, handsome and sharp. Vigilante was instructed to leave for a couple of days, and Martyr was told to remain where she was, with Donovan. The female elders supervised Martyr, whose new task was to conceive children from Donovan. Vigilante was led by the males to a small group of wolves. They told him that the wolves her murders, pilferers, and pup killers, and his task was to kill them, and that he had been trained to do this since he was born. He was meant to rid the world of scum, starting now. He was armed with a dagger and his skills alone.

Martyr became heavily pregnant, and gave birth on April 10th, 2008. Donovan was there for the birth, and Vigilante watched from a distance. His next task became clear to him when Donovan saw the pups, and attacked Martyr, who took the damage to protect her pups. Three days later, Donovan was found dead, a clean slice across his throat. The pups were named Rashelle, Lolita, Pippa, and Pello; three girls and a boy. Martyr was instructed the elders (who were very pleased with Vigilante’s work on Donovan without instructions), and Vigilante went on killing. He no longer needed to be told who deserved death. He was able to make those decisions on his own, and the elders had become very scarce.

In the month before their third birthday, Vigilante had come to realize that Pello was showing signs of being just like Donovan. He had already attacked all three of his sisters multiple times, and had attempted attacks on Martyr. Confused, Vigilante went to the elders and asked what he was meant to do, for he could not kill his own nephew, who wasn’t even a year old. However, by all rights, he had killed those that had done lesser things than attack their family with the intent to kill. What the elders told him shattered the very core of his soul. He was to kill Martyr.

Two weeks passed, and the elders called together the two siblings on January 17th. The elders had watched Pello as he came closer to attacking other members of the pack. He had grown to be very large, and very strong. He was feared within the pack, and had killed two puppies born to his grandparents. Something had to be done, and the elders had decided on the day their plan would happen. Vigilante was to kill Martyr on February 3rd, the day of their third birthday. Pello was to watch, and if legend would continue to fall into place as it had, the pack would then be safe from Pello. Vigilante tried to reason with Martyr. He suggested that they run away with his three nieces and start life over, but she told him no. To save her daughters and the rest of the pack, he would have to kill her.

Martyr spent her last weeks with her daughters, Pello, and her parents. Vigilante watched from a distance. No one knew what was going to happen, as he was supposed to explain her ‘sin’ after killing her. However, he was hoping the elders would step in and explain, for he did not want to be held responsible for something he was instructed to do. If he didn’t do it, Pello would continue killing. Supposedly, if he carried on with it, the younger male would cease his actions. There was far too much at stake for him to back out, and if he did not go through with it, he was certain he would also be killed. He’d been born for this, he tried to remind himself.

On the morning of February 3rd, Vigilante was already miles away before anyone found Martyr’s body. He had done the deed, but then had fled. He could not face his parents, and he did not want to see the looks on the faces of his young nieces. He had left her where he was certain that Rashelle, Lolita, and Pippa would find her first, and he had killed her cleanly. While his other killings had been done with his knife, he did not want to mar his sister’s body with grotesque markings. She had been willing to die and give herself up, so he did what he thought best, and kept her company as he let her give her last breaths to the cloth covering her mouth and nose. She had died peacefully, a smile gracing her muzzle. Despite what they had said, Vigilante knew the elders would explain. So, he left, and found himself in 'Souls territory.

2.  Relationships

See Haskel family page for extended family.

2.1  Family

2.2  Adoptive Family

2.3  Mate

2.4  NPC horse

Recently, on a visit to the stables to find some scrap metal and things to work with, Vigilante acquired a horse of his own, an adult blood bay stallion that followed him home. Now named Nádherné, he is being worked to be tamed enough to keep his wild spirit, but still be considered tame. After Vigilante's death, Charlotte adopted the horse and rides him more frequently.

3.  Appearance

Vigilante by Nat

Vigi and Ayita, by Nat

Vigilante is a German Shepherd x Alaskan Malamute mix, dominantly shades of brown. He is large and muscular, although his thick, long fur makes the muscles less noticeable. His ears and muzzle are almost black in color, and he has a splash of white on the right side of his muzzle, coming out from his nose. His tail lays on his back in the classic way of a malamute. His eyes are a brown-green color.

In optime form, he stands tall and well worked, his strength noticeable in his body shape. His hair is shaggy, a dark brown color, almost black. The idea of wearing clothes is strange to him, and he prefers not to.