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  • Joined: Back in the before time of the long-long ago
  • Main Account: Mel
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Hello there! I'm Mel, a member of the 'Souls Assemblage, a current leader of Salsola, and someone who's been active on the board forever. I'm known for running very long, intricate plots, and am responsible for that crazy de le Poer bloodline. I have a long list of characters and NPCs. Check out my category if you aren't sure who I've played or created! Beyond that, I have created or contributed to several off-board World Territories where many of these characters originate from.

Back in the day I originally joined the board with a hilariously 2spooky character named Nosferatu, who was involved in Silent Dawn and it's later incarnation, Chimera, which I founded and led for some time between several characters before stepping away from the forum. After a hiatus from the board I rejoined Inferni with Gabriel de le Poer and eventually became a leader of the coyote clan for a few years. Salsola is my current base of operations and has been for many moons, though you can encounter my multiple characters throughout the forum.

If you would like a thread, have a question, or want to discuss use of my off-board areas, PM me! Make sure you've checked out my RP Information.


  • When I'm around and posting, I'll usually be on Discord.
    • I strongly prefer Discord for discussions of plots. Either @ me or DM me directly! I like to help with and create plot ideas, though I don't always have time to chat.
    • I go AFK very often -- if I don't respond, I'm probably not at the computer!
    • While I don't mind answering questions about the forum, realism, or Salsola while in a chat, for any in-depth questions DM or PM is preferable~ :>

Art Credit

  • Unless otherwise indicated, the artwork used on this page is mine! I current do not take commissions.


Primary Families

World Territories

Active Characters

O'Riley Eternity

Grievous Eternity

Jethro Lykoi

art by Alaine

Sawyer Cook

art by San

Daisy Parhelion

Tattersall Valentine

Marlowe de le Poer

Inactive Characters


Most on-board NPCs are connected to played characters. Those who are not will be listed here.


Off-board [North America]

Off-Board [Other]


Former Characters


A former member of Biff's Bar, Roxy left the area when the bar was closed to seek her fortunes in a bigger city.
Former Cour des Miracles member, presently living in Airgid Gleann.
Former Inferni member, returned to the Ceniza Valley.
Former Inferni member, returned to Mer Bleue.
Salsola member living in Fort Preble.
Former Inferni members who relocated to Barbados.


Abandoned and turned feral. Presently leading the Smoke Band of wild horses.


This Eyes of Omni member died as a result of kidney failure.
A high ranking Inferni member who died from injuries sustained during a fight with O'Riley Eternity in the Stellarton Mines and the later collapse of a smaller tunnel within.
Following the birth of her final child, this lifelong Inferni member developed an infection and was not able to recover.
The Crone of Salsola at the time of her death, Siv was killed in a housefire that occured shortly after The Red Star fell.
This former Salsola member departed with his mate and sons to parts unknown. He has since died of natural causes.
A founding member of Salsola who was killed during the Boreas Conflict.
One of Inferni's long time leaders, Gabriel abandoned his post and traveled to Airgid Gleann to be with his soulmate, Alaine Winters. He has since died of natural causes.
Born in AniWaya, Anatole left the tribe in order to join his family in Lac Sakami. He lived there for many years before dying of natural causes.
A fox who became a full-fledged member of Vinátta. Though the pack disbanded, Leaf lingered with his mate for many years. Both were killed during the blizzard of 2020.

Dead cont.

Though he briefly lived in Inferni, Enkiel spent most of his life traveling. He retired to Al-Iskandariyya and later passed while there.
One of Inferni's former leaders, Ezekiel abandoned his post with encouragement from his lover, Sirius Revlis. The two subsequently traveled to Nowhere?.
A former AniWaya member who later lived in Lac Sakami. She died of old age.
After a brief stint in Inferni, this rogue's past finally caught up with him. He was murdered by unknown assailants.
Following her time as Chimera's alpha, Mab left the pack behind and traveled to Montpellier. She died peacefully in her sleep.
A notorious figure who bounced between groups, including a role as Chimera's alpha, Ahren committed suicide by narcotic overdose.
One of the earliest leaders of Chimera, the spread of cancer and its complications led to Damian suffering from a fatal heart attack.
The last leader of Silent Dawn, Nosferatu was killed by his son, Damian.


This Inferni member was killed during the Inferni-CdM War by Campion de le Poer.
Following a series of killings and kidnappings, Campion was taken down by Salvia Eternity.
A wolf who joined Salsola only to be killed during The Second Boreas Conflict.
A long-time loner who was killed during a fight with another loner.
This Inferni member was murdered by O'Riley Eternity, who staged the scene so as to incriminate Lokr Revlis.
This Salsola slave disappeared from Portland and is presumed dead.

Minor & Temporary Characters


A member of the Boreas contingent that traveled to 'Souls seeking revenge. He was killed by Pazuzu Lykoi following the conclusion of the The Second Boreas Conflict.
One of the Boreas commanders, Beth was killed during The Second Boreas Conflict by Inferni members Antioch and Clover.
A member of Salsola, Hubert was killed on a scouting mission during The Second Boreas Conflict.
This short-term member of Dahlia de Mai died in combat at the hands of Razekiel Lykoi during the Second Dahlian War.


A wolf from Terchová, Nikola has been wandering ever since she became separated from her pack. She briefly came to Nova Scotia, but left the territory to head west.
Born in Freetown, Hawthorn relocated to the Chesapeake Bay with her mate, Larkkin Star Revlis.

Dead and So Super Old You've Probably Never Heard of Them

A foreigner who joined Cercatori d'Arte and later Cour des Miracles, Roselle returned to her native Frace and later died due to old age.
This former Crimson Dreams member returned to Italy with his maternal family, where he lived until his death.
A child of Syemv, Vienna lived a life of piracy interrupted by a stint in Inferni. When she later met Zachary Moran, the two elected to seek their fortunes together. They sailed the seas for years but have since passed on.
The madwoman who led Azathoth, Thavardo was killed by Damian de le Poer.
  • Cael
A fox who was killed during the fires of 2008.


Roleplay Information

Plot Opportunities:

Reply Times:

  • Replies can take anywhere from less than an hour to a week and a half or more.
    • Please poke me if I take longer than a week to reply, or if I seem to have forgotten to start a thread or reply to one!
  • I prioritize older threads when catching up, but I will also prioritize joining, rank, and plot threads.

Ending Threads:

  • OOC endings are usually fine if it's near the end of the thread, or if there needs to be a clean-up.
  • I remove inactive threads from my post log after three weeks. Please message me if you want to revive a thread or think that you'll have to take longer to post.

Requesting Threads:

  • Feel free to request threads with me directly, either via PM or DM, especially if you have a plot or thread idea in mind.
    • I may sometimes play Preybot or take on LASKY threads, though prioritize my active characters.
  • Even if I'm not taking new threads, I will make room for important threads or plots, such as ones related to rank or co-rank requirements.
  • Remind me if we discussed a thread and it has not been started, please!


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