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Hello there! I'm Mel, a member of the 'Souls Assemblage, a current leader of Salsola, and someone who's been active on the board forever. I'm known for running very long, intricate plots, and am responsible for that crazy de le Poer bloodline. I have a long list of characters and NPCs. Check out my category if you aren't sure who I've played or created! Beyond that, I have created or contributed to several off-board World Territories where many of these characters originate from.

Back in the day I originally joined the board with very spooky character named Nosferatu, who was involved in Silent Dawn and it's later incarnation, Chimera, which I helped to found and lead. Multiple characters of mine would lead the pack for several years, during which time I served as a moderator and later administrator before stepping away for several months. After a hiatus from the board I rejoined Inferni with Gabriel de le Poer and eventually became a leader of the coyote clan for a few years.

Salsola is my current base of operations and has been for many moons. I play multiple characters in the pack, though notably one of its leaders and my primary, O'Riley Eternity.

You can encounter my multiple characters throughout the forum!


PM — Mel

  • PM communication is highly preferred if you have a plot idea or wish to thread with one of my characters.
  • If I haven't responded to a PM within a week, it is okay to send me a reminder.


  • When I'm around, posting, and open to chatting, I'll usually be online on Discord.
    • If we have already discussed a thread or plot, it is okay to DM me to sort out specific ideas or details, even if I am away.
  • Please only ping me for responses in designated channels or if it has been a week since I've responded to a thread or if I haven't replied to a starter.
  • I go AFK very often -- if I don't respond, I'm probably not at the computer!


Admin & Leader Information

Roleplay Information

  • Feel free to request threads with me directly, either via PM or DM, especially if you have a plot or thread idea in mind.
    • Even if I'm not taking new threads, I will make room for important threads or plots, such as ones related to rank or co-rank requirements.
    • I may sometimes play Preybot or take on LASKY threads, though prioritize my active characters.
  • Reply time may vary.
    • Remind me if we discussed a thread and it has not been started, or if I seem to have forgotten to reply to one that's been started.
  • OOC endings are usually fine if it's near the end of the thread, or if there needs to be a clean-up.

Wiki Information

World Territories


Please do not make edits to my Wiki pages without permission.

Unless otherwise specified, the art on my pages was done by me :>

Active Characters

O'Riley Eternity
Salsola Erilaz
♂ Wolfdog
cNPC: Igor Kotovo
Minor NPCs: Keenan, Olaf, Azgar, Jonesy

art by Alaine

Whisper Eternity
Salsola Equinest
♀ Wolfdog
cNPC: Grievous Eternity
Minor NPCs: Tanya, Fortuna

art by Kiri

Tattersall Valentine
Salsola Striker
♂ Hybrid
cNPC: Grenfell Valentine
Minor NPCs: Fromage, Hyperion

art by Despi

Bryagh Revlis
Salsola Confidant
♂ Hybrid
Minor NPCs:

art by Despi

Polaris Eternity
Salsola Confidant
♀ Hybrid
Minor NPCs: Parvati

Inactive Characters

Former Characters



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