Orin Takekuro

Orin Takekuro

Orin, by Nat
Date of BirthMarch 24, 2009
Age> 1 year
Subspecies100% Canis lupus albus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeSouthern US
Current packCercatori D'Arte

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Current Pack

Cercatori D'Arte

Joining dateOctober 25, 2010[1]
RankIncidente di Parola
SignificanceFounding member

Previous Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateJanuary 26, 2010[2]
Joining RankSeigneur
Most Recent RankChevalier

Orin Takekuro is the sister of Niro Takekuro, and is a current member of Cercatori D'Arte. Previously, she was a member of Cour des Miracles alongside her brother.


Orin started her life in the Southern lands of the United States. Born to a mated couple named Caleb and Tasha Takekuro, she and her brother lived happily among the more wooded areas of the US’s south. For reasons unknown to both Orin and her brother, Niro, their sylvan father led the family away from the protection of the woods and into the downtrodden society of the Tampa Florida slums. It was here that a pack of gangsters attacked their family and separated the pups from their parents. The pair held out hope of one day finding their parents again, but soon enough the hard life had overcome them, and they were forced to accept their parents as dead and moved on.

Being the male and a natural provider, Orin’s brother Niro began to grow up first, learning to scavenge their food and ensure their survival by any means necessary. Soon Orin began to learn that she loved the escapism that books provided and grew obsessed with any old tome, manuscript, or novel her brother brought for her. She devoured every story she could, and one day had been given an old and beaten down journal. It old of the story of a great leader and pack that once resided in an area not far from where her brother and herself struggled to live. This was how she had first heard the story of the great hero, Jacquez Trouillefou, and discovered the key to their salvation. Determined to believe that the story was true, she insisted to her brother that they make way for the North at once in hopes to find this pack that had so bravely sought out a better life for themselves.

She and her brother bartered passage on a ship and had successfully sailed to Nova Scotia, landing right on the shore of Cour des Miracles and was personally met by none other than Jac himself. Orin’s enthusiasm and hero-worship on the King was well received (by him anyway), and she graciously and happily accepted membership into the her idol’s pack.


While she is intelligent beyond her seasons, Orin's cleverness ends at booksmarts. Young, naive, and usually lost in daydreams budding from her love of books and research, the girl is apt to waltz right into trouble without the slightest clue of what she has just done. With few life experiences to learn from, Orin frequently relates instances to stories she has read and often confuses the relation between fiction and nonfiction, giving her unrealistic expectations much of the time (especially when it comes to etiquette or relationships). She seems to believe everyone she is friends with is a hero and will prevail, and that everything that is evil will eventually fall.

Although she loves books and research and has been showing a knack for histories, science, and medicine, it is usually her studies that take her on her adventures. She has been known to become smitten with a particular character and try to recreate their life in her own, or to grow obsessed with a piece of history and try to track down people and places that were involved.


Happy, naive, intelligent, inquisitive, adventurous, stubborn


Despite being well-read, she does not try to show it in her vocabulary. She speaks openly, honestly, and with the pep and vigor of any young, as yet non-jaded Soul.


  • "I read about that."
  • "You coming, slowpoke?"

Beliefs and Ideals



Previous Sexual Partners: Shawchert Menue

General Philosophy

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.



Has a shop-home in Thornbury, within Cercatori d'Arte.


Read, study, write in her journal, daydream, and give Niro heart-attacks.



  • Unrefined natural talent for stealth.
  • Endurance, speed (running)


Intelligent and able to retain large amounts of information and relate it when necessary.


Extremely curious, gullible




Orin, by Peridot Kitty

She is a petite girl. In Optime, she is short and slender, though her size lends to graceful motions and she has a particular knack for stealth. She is nimble, flexible, and dexterous. Her coat is a single color - silken ivory - and she has light honey-colored eyes. In Optime, she wears her mane in long dreadlocks that she dyes pink, which also matches her pink-dipped tail. She has sultry, honey-coloured eyes. She is pure white from head to toe. She dyes her mane and tail pink varying shades depending on the dye.


She has not yet taken a liking to clothing, however during rainy days can sometimes be found in a modest old sheepskin cloak.