Foxglove Monroe

Foxglove Monroe

Foxglove, by Kiri
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 2010
Age> 2 months
Subspecies50% Canis lupus albus
25% Canis lupus familiaris
25% Canis lupus lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeDahlia de Mai
Current packSalsola

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Joining dateApril 12, 2011
RankTsula Agateno
MeaningFox Scout

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateSeptember 21, 2010
Joining RankPuppy
Most Recent RankPuppy
SignificanceMember; birth pack

Foxglove Monroe is the daughter of Lolita Monroe and Niro Takekuro. She lived in Dahlia de Mai with her mother and siblings then moved in AniWaya. She was held hostage in the AniWaya Conflict and as a result left the Tribe. She later joined Salsola, reuniting with her sister Magnolia.


Foxglove was born to Lolita Monroe in Dahlia de Mai on September 21, 2010! Her father is Niro Takekuro of Cour des Miracles, who will find out about these puppies when they are roughly one month old. As a result, they will be primarily raised by their mother with visits to their father. They will also live with Pippa Haskel, who lives with Lolita in a big house in St. Pepin's Vineyard.


Ultimately up to the player, but here is a basic skeleton to work off of. Foxglove has a fairly high anxiety level and is a relatively nervous puppy. This has the possibility of going away or growing worse as she ages. She also tends to worry more than her sisters.




The smallest in the litter, Foxglove is a very light color, only a bit darker than her mother's creamy hue. The best description of Foxglove is a blonde-furred petite girl with vibrantly green eyes. When she grows older, her mane will be a slightly darker color than her fur, long and straight down her back. She has been known to let it grow a bit tangled as Lolita's tends to be, as she does not focus on her appearance much at all.