Cercatori d'Arte


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Cercatori d'Arte

by Sunny

ColoursPale Yellow (#FFFB99)
Tyrian Purple (#6B0041)
FoundersShawchert Menue, Skye Collins
FoundedOctober 27, 2010
DisbandedNovember 5, 2014

Past Leadership

LeadersSkye Collins, Shawchert Menue
SubleadersEsmeralda Collins, Kenna Foxleigh, Skye Collins

Pack History

Succeeded byMidnight Shores

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Cercatori d'Arte was a pack located on the west coast of Ethereal Eclipse, laying claim to the western part of Overgrowth Sunrise and Berwick? as well as the entirety of Flanders Fields and Clements Park.

Cercatori d'Arte was a pack originally founded for creators and lovers of art. However, as time grew on, its focus broadened to include various different types of canines, such as traders, gypsies, merchants, diplomats, and performers as well as artists, and the pack itself began to hone in on diplomacy and trading more than art, although art and beauty are still important aspects of the pack. D'Arte was also home to the Trader's Guild, a secretive guild within d'Arte that few know about, even within the pack.

On November 5, the pack disbanded due to its bloody history overwhelming the good memories of the pack, and strove to create a new pack, Midnight Shores.

1.  About

1.1  History

See our History page for more information.

Cercatori d'Arte was founded by leaders Shawchert Menue and Skye Collins on 27 October 2010, accompanied by fellow founders Lucia Marino, Ouija D'Angelo, and Orin Takekuro. Although it began as a pack fixated on the arts, it has since appeared to become focused on trading, craftsmanship, and maintaining good relations with other packs but has similarly adopted subtle, darker tactics to maintain its privacy and security as a whole.

1.2  Culture

On the surface, d'Arte's main focuses are clear - to establish bonds with the other packs around it through diplomacy and trading, as well as creating and spreading art through the land. D'Arte's borders are highly decorated, from the various, smaller painted trees to the enormous Border Tree in the forefront of the pack. Enemies beware, however - hanging caltrops, pitfall traps, and sections of barbed wire also line the borders of Cercatori d'Arte, making it a hazard to any trespassers who dare enter.

Cecatori d'Arte celebrates and values beauty in all it's forms. Whether it's a painting, a song, a poem, or even simply a beautiful sunrise, the d'Arte members appreciate it and embrace it in their lives. This can be seen throughout the pack in all forms, and the pack will frequently throw parties and bonfires to celebrate art and their lives. Hard work is also highly valued in d'Arte, whether it be working through labor, trading, painting, or guarding the pack. Invention and new ideas are valued, and new ways of doing things are never discouraged in the pack.

However, the pack is far from a pack of pushovers. Within d'Arte lies the Trader's Guild, which has dedicated itself to the likes of assassins, spies, and other darker professions in order to protect the pack at all costs. Within Cercatori d'Arte's creative and fun-loving exterior lies a fierce and formidable group of canines, determined to protect their own no matter what.

2.  Pack NPCs

These are the pack NPCs, available for any d'Artisan to use. If you'd like to know more, please check out our NPC Directory!

Miskunn Stormbringer
  • Jerome Gryphon (ADOPTABLE!)
    • Carpentry & masonry (woodwork)
    • Fighting & protection
  • Thomas Ryder (ADOPTABLE!)
    • Border patrol & protection
    • Entertainment (performing, storytelling)
  • Aowen Goldfield (ADOPTABLE!)
    • Livestock care (horses, sheep, etc.)
    • Reading & writing

3.  Pack Relationships

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.


  • Cercatori d'Arte and Inferni are generally friendly, but don't interact enough to have a true relationship.

  • Myrika Tears has sent a care package to CdA, indicating good will to the pack.
  • Nathaniel King, Skye's son, resides in the pack, and Skye visits him on occasion.


  • Cercatori d'Arte has helped AniWaya in the past, and have traded with the pack as well. They are on good terms.

  • Chief Dawali Amara visited the pack an met Ouija D'Angelo and Skye Collins and Liliana Vess traded a horse for reading lessons with Skye Collins.
  • Ulilohi and Skye have also spoken on friendly terms when CdA gave refuge to Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth.
  • Members of Cercatori d'Arte have helped AniWaya move to their new territory, and also lended the tribe the Caravan.

Cour des Miracles

  • Various members from Cercatori d'Arte have moved to Cour des Miracles, and Skye Collins and Silvano Sadira have spoken and traded; they are on friendly terms.


  • Cercatori d'Arte and Anathema are on extremely poor terms, and d'Artisans are permitted to attack and kill Anathemans on sight.


  • Cercatori d'Arte and Salsola have not had a lot of interaction yet, although future relations may occur.

  • Siv Helsi and Skye Collins trade.
  • Salvia Eternity and Skye Collins discuss the foundations of a trade-alliance.

Casa di Cavalieri

  • Casa di Cavalieri and Cercatori d'Arte are officially allied, and members of d'Arte are permitted to enter Casa's packlands, and vice versa.

  • Jazper Rhiannon-Knight and some of his members went on a trading trip with Skye Collins and some of her members to trade with CdM and AW.
  • The packs then decided to have an official alliance, and held a ball to celebrate the occasion.
  • Skye and Jazper also have had pups together, furthering the packs' bonds. Ares Knight and Esmeralda Collins currently reside in Cercatori d'Arte.

New Dawn

  • Due to their large distance, New Dawn and Cercatori d'Arte do not have much interaction.


  • Cercatori d'Arte and Vinátta have a good relationship with each other, although no official alliance has been reached.

  • Several CDA members trade with VN members during their travels in July 2012. Notably Levent Kartal trades a kitten for Grace D'Angelo's untrained horse, Mai. [1] [2]
  • Eclipse Soulstorm from d'Arte visited her relatives in VN in July 2012, preparing a feast for all its members as well as offering goodwill gifts. [3]
  • Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii helped Vinatta to build the Sveit Village Hall in July and August, as payment for the horse Saul gave to his mother. [4] [5]
  • Skye Collins lead a group of CDA members to visit VN for a week in July 2013. They then celebrated with a feast. [6]


  • Cercatori d'Arte and Krokar have not had a lot of interaction yet, although future relations may occur.


  • Cercatori d'Arte and Sapient have not had a lot of interaction yet, although future relations may occur.

4.  Territory

Cercatori d'Arte lays claim to a long stretch of territory in Ethereal Eclipse, filled with stretches of dense forests, rolling fields, and rocky beaches. The territory is surrounded by bright and colorfully painted trees, belying the nature of the various pitfall traps and barbed wire fencing sectioned around the borders, deterring trespassers.

In the forefront of the pack, there stands out an enormous tree, decorated with ornate and colorful art by d'Arte's own members - and in the center, carved with sweeping letters, spells out "Cercatori d'Arte", a reminder of what the pack stands for.

4.1  Subterritories

  • Ethereal Eclipse
    • Thornbury: A small, desolate town that is overgrown by bushes trees and grass. Its name isn't because it's covered in thorns - though there are thorny bushes - but because nature refuses to let go of this town. Though it's covered in foliage, it still holds treasures unknown in the houses thickly covered in vines and bushes.
    • Border Tree: This tree is the first marking of Cercatori d'Arte; the largest tree around, and right in front of the borders, it's decorated by the various members of the pack with paints, carvings, and drawings.
    • Hunting Lodge: This large cabin made of logs once served as a hunting lodge, but has long since been abandoned. There are multiple rooms in the three story building.
    • Flower Fields: These fields go on for a long time, covered in flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It's one of the most colorful places in the pack.
    • Luminescent Lagoon: A large lagoon near Thornbury that can be seen glowing an eerie yet beautiful blue at night.
  • Overgrowth Sunrise
    • Treetop Terrace?: A copse of tall, sturdy trees with bridges leading through them, interspersed with treehouses and an open terrace on the tallest tree.
    • Flanders Fields: An ancient, fertile cemetery littered with red poppies.
    • Paradise Pier: An old, decrepit carnival surrounding a small wooden pier that juts out into the ocean.