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  1.   1.  Notable Features

Thornbury was a small, pleasant town that is overgrown by bushes trees and grass. Its name isn't because it's covered in thorns - though there are thorny bushes - but because nature refuses to let go of this town. Though it's covered in foliage, it still holds treasures unknown in the houses thickly covered in vines and bushes. Since the disbandment of Cercatori d'Arte, it lies abandoned, slowly being reclaimed by nature.


A map of Thornbury by Sunny

Claimed By

Cercatori d'Arte
'Souls Forum

First discovered by Skye Collins and Shawchert Menue, this town is now the central hub of the pack Cercatori d'Arte.

1.  Notable Features

  • The Stables: The stables are quite large, having been put together by various members of d'Arte. They house various animals such as horses, sheep, goats, and chickens, as well as many tools and other kinds of things. Next to the stables lays the caravan, free for anyone to use along with two horses.
  • The Gardens: The garden has many plants that are useful and can be used for dying, eating, or other uses such a bug repellent. It's surrounded by a small wooden fence so that weeds don't get in.
  • The Corral: The corral is mainly for training horses, allowing them to run in a safe, enclosed area.
  • Town Hall: This relatively new building was used for pack meetings, and can be used as a refuge during a storm or a time of hardship.
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