Shawchert Menue

Shawchert Menue

Shawchert, by Nat
Name MeaningBig Feet
Name OriginUnknown
Date of BirthJanuary 14, 2007
Subspecies100% Canis Lupus Lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth place
Current packloner

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Current Pack


Joining dateNovember 28, 2012

Previous Pack

New Dawn

Joining dateAugust 30, 2012

Cercatori D'Arte

Joining dateOctober 27, 2010

Muted by a lack of tongue and crippled to the point of being unable to shift, Shawchert has retired in New Dawn beside Sky Rhiannon as an elder. He later followed her into Vinátta, where they have a son together.

He is a cNPC, played by Shawchert. He is the father of Titania Moonsong, Juliet Moonsong, and Samual Dean Menue.


Before d'Arte

Shawchert came into Souls as a loner, trying to find his way. His time as a rogue didn't last long, for once he met Skye Collins, the two of them started the process of forming a pack, which would come to be called Cercatori d'Arte.

Cercatori d'Arte

Being the leader of a pack is hard work, but being the center of affections from multiple women is even harder. His children Titania Moonsong, Juliet Moonsong, and Demetrius Takekuro are born here. Many events pushed him to his limits, from the loss of his son with Orin Takekuro, to the love of his life, Sky Rhiannon, and with pups dying all around him, it's easy to say his time as leader was stressful and hard. Eventually, a war in his homelands called him away.

Upon his return, he rejoined d'Arte but not as a leader. He'd lost his chance with Sky but found his new role in life with Orin. He took it upon himself to protect the pack at all costs and yadda yadda yadda, this is getting boring.

Slavery in Salsola

Despite his strength and bravery, Shawchert eventually found himself captured and enslaved by members of Salsola. During his time there, he was tortured, his tongue removed completely and his hip broken. Eventually, he managed to get away, but without the ability to shift or speak, the life he faced would be a difficult one at best.

A New Dawn

Surprisingly enough, it wasn't Orin who found Shawchert upon his escape. It was Sky. The wolfdog had joined his daughter's pack, New Dawn, and made quick work of dragging the old, broken male there. He joined as an elder, unable to do much otherwise, and settled in to stay at Sky's Tree Clinic there. (Blah blah blah, after this, Shawchert was dropped and Sky took him as a NPC.)


Sky's attitude leads to dissent in New Dawn, and she decides it would be best for her to leave for a new pack. She follows her daughter Lena to Vinátta, and Shawchert never leaves her side. In just a few month's time, Sky reveals that she is pregnant, and Shawchert is to be a father again. They have one son together, Samual Dean Menue.


Shaw followed his son into exploration, only to learn he was more of a burden than a help when the onset of hip displasia set in. Sam rarely complained about it, and was happy to have his father with him, though resented having to stay in one spot to find suitable transportation for his father. After many months of haggling and trading, Sam finally got an older draft horse named fran and a trusty wagon to help carry Shawchert around. Ever since Shaw has been a companion with Sam, who decided to take his stories into Souls where Shaw asks to see Cercatori d' arte one last time.


He's lost that care-free attitude, replaced with cautious actions and careful planning behind everything. He becomes frustrated easily when trying to communicate and though his heart is in the right place, his torment of being a slave still lingers. He's naturally dominant but having been forced into submission in Salsola, he comes off as an even middle ground. He puts family before all else and is protective of his own. He still finds joy in the simple things, such as music and art, and thrives to be helpful whenever he can. He's a very high strung wolf. He has a hard time with drama, and finds himself beating himself up over small things. He is a brave individual, and he keeps his head calm when there's trouble afoot. He enjoys making others laugh. He is a very protective individual and would protect his family and pack with all his life

Also his daughters have him wrapped around their paws. :)




  • Sky Rhiannon - Currently his closest friend and love interest. Once engaged to the girl, he's found solace and understanding where no one else can provide the same connection.
  • Orin Takekuro - Once upon a time, they had something more than friendship. Now estranged from the woman, their children together are what keeps them close as friends.
  • Skye Collins - His old partner in crime and second in command. Estranged.
  • Cody Rhiannon - Essentially his stepson, since Cody and Lena grew up separated from their biological father. The two are close.



  • Argul Rakezael - His first son, Demetrius, was murdered by Argul, causing Orin and his daughters to go into hiding.[1]
  • Hurricane - He was once attacked by this volatile personality of Mars's.
  • Taliesin dir Rhiannon - His romantic rival, whom he first lost Sky to. The father of Sky's children: Cody, Lena, and Myrddin.
  • Salsola - He was enslaved and crippled here.


Shawchert has a natural dark crimson color, which he dyes to make into a maroon color, something he says to all who ask about it, that is good luck. The rest of him is all brown and tan, and he has dark blue eyes

Shawchert is also a pretty big boy, he's 8' 2" though with his wrongly set leg he seems shorter as he tries to keep what weight he can on his stronger leg and his once well built form is diminished now by inability to exercise regularly, while his upper body is well formed the build makes him look meeker and because of his leg that was set wrong he cannot run. This makes his lower body lose all the muscles he once had leaving with little fat and lots of skin and fur. He is a pretty slow wolf considering his size, but he's graceful. He carries a many scars, most notable ones are over his right eye, another over his mouth and one on his shoulder. He has many more scars over his face and body from fights and is missing his right ear.


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