Argul Rakezael

Argul Rakezael was the older half-brother of Nuki Rakezael. After a spree of violence and cannibalism, he was killed and beheaded in Phoenix Valley by Jace Wolfe in 2011.[1]

Argul Rakezael

Date of BirthJan 22, 2006
Date of DeathApr 2, 2011
Subspecies50% Canis lupus lupus
50% Canis aureus anthus
Birth placeEnd-World

'Souls Profile


Hailing from End-World, along with his sister Nuki Rakezael. His purpose for coming was simple, his age, as it plays a huge negative factor to his survivability in End-World. Though he would never tell anyone that.

Although no proof has gathered, there was a lot of suspicion in End-World that Argul murdered. He managed to escape a lot of situations where victims families would hunt him down.

He spends most of his time hunting; for two reasons. For one, the eat. But he is also an experienced leather tanner/smith. Crafting some most excellent work and despite the suspicions of murders, he was often looked to for any leather work needed.


Quiet and sombre. He likes to be friendly with others but seems to lack an overall social skill to let him do well in large groups.

He has a silent rage and temper. He is able to keep it in check so most others do not know when the fuse has been lit.








Species is 50% Eurasion Wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus) and 50% Sengalese Jackal (Canis aureus anthus).

Standing about 6'1" (somewhat shorter than average height), his build is lean with long stringy like muscles. "His pelt of salted coal that seemed to have a purple-blue twinge to it in the light, a peculiar sheen that mirrored the deep violet of his eyes" - Orin Takekuro (copy pasted due to an accurate description of the pelt) He always wore a leather harness that was strapped to two leather shoulder pads. They had intricate swirly designs embossed into them.