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Hey there this is Shaw, I have been here for many years now though i did take a year off due to all the lovely rl stuff going on! I'm 33 years young! I have been role playing since 1998. I started with one liners and gradually made things longer throughout the years, but if it wasn't for Souls I wouldn't be where I am. My threads have never been long back before souls came to be but now they are better all thanks to this forum. I have enjoyed myself here for so long and hope to in the future as well. It's a great place for me to learn and grow in my creative writing. I like to read, write, and sometimes doodle, but I tend to be playing a game or two (atm it's Witcher 3)

I am the creator of Cercatori d' Arte with Sunny right beside me (who was the mind of the great beautiful pack that it is today). I was also once a moderator but due to stresses in life I stepped down. I am still willing to help out with any information that I can give and gather so any questions can be asked and I can certainly direct you in the right direction. I hope to continue to enjoy souls and hope that I can make interesting stuff happen so people will enjoy reading what I write more. :)

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I am always reachable through Private Message; this is the preferred method of reaching me. If you have a specific plot for a specific character please feel free to pm that character, i check mail on all of them. I'd be glad to receive messages regarding threads, questions, tables, and small talk! I swear I don't bite!

I am also always on AIM (screenname:Shawchert). I do not log out, so if you don't get a response there's a chance I'm not ignoring you and I will still certainly get your aim message when I do get back. Your first time contacting me on AIM, tell me up front who you are.

1.2  Posting Info

  • Reply Times:
    • Vary from an hour to a week and a half, it all depends on how I am feeling, stress levels and any other RL thing that may happen.
    • Please poke me if I take longer than a week (or you can poke me sooner if it's an important thread for you).
    • When attempting to catch up on threads, I reply to mandatory threads that are important. Plots also come first over meet and greets, but generally do the older ones first.
  • Ending Threads:
    • OOC endings are usually fine if it's near the end of the thread, or if there needs to be a clean-up.
    • Reviving recently dead threads is fine.
  • Requesting Threads:
    • You can always ask for a thread with me! I don't normally say no unless I have too many for a certain character
    • I might spree with you; feel free to ask!
    • I will do Preybot threads. :)
    • I don't do LASKY threads in most cases. If it's a special case (establishing canon history), I may.

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  • Joined Souls in January 2010 with Niro Takekuro.

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  • SHAW IS MADE OF SHERBET, CANDY, AND SPARKLES AND IS AWESOME. She also received a shiny mod key February 2011, yay~
  • Shaw is the most amazing Shaw evar. <3 <3
  • shaw's lonely guestbook needs moar signature ♥! sie December 28, 2012, at 07:11 PM EST
  • Shaw is amazing and also the best! LOVE, MIYU
  • shaw is an awesome possum <33 - Sunny