Titania Moonsong

Titania Moonsong (née Titania Takekuro) was born illegitimately to Shawchert Menue and Orin Takekuro, alongside a sister and a brother on March 9, 2011. After her infant brother's murder, she grew up in Phoenix Valley and Cercatori d’Arte?, eventually falling passionately in love with Zalen Damaichu and forming the pack New Dawn at his side in January 2012.

Unfortunately, tragedy befell the young couple that year; their first litter was miscarried, and the shock pushed Titania into a fugue state in which she could not remember who she was. She wandered to Sangi'lak seeking refuge in September 2012, but vanished shortly after, and her current whereabouts are unknown.


Titania by Nat

Name Meaning'of the Titans'
Name OriginLatin
Date of BirthMarch 9, 2011
Subspecies50% Tundra Wolf
50% Common Gray Wolf
Birth placeCercatori d'Arte
Current packLoners

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Current Pack


Joining date

Previous Packs


Joining date6Sep2012[1]
Leaving date~Sep2012

New Dawn

Joining date14Dec2011[2]
Leaving date28Aug2012
SignificanceFounding Leader

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining date03Aug2011[3]
Leaving date30Nov2011[4]

Phoenix Valley

Joining date26Mar2011[5]
Leaving date??

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining date09Mar2011
Leaving date12Mar2011

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1.  History

1.1  2011

Titania was born in Cercatori d'Arte to Shawchert Menue and Orin Takekuro. While others suspected Orin would only have two pups, it was found that a third was born alongside her two little girls; a brother, Demetrius Takekuro. Only a few days after their birth, a new pack member by the name of Argul Rakezael broke into Orin's store and kidnapped Demetrius. The white mother followed the male, only to find him and watch him kill the newborn. This prompted her to gather her two girls and flee Cercatori d'Arte. Two weeks later, Orin was found outside of Phoenix Valley, by one Tala Djose; Titania's mother, now calling herself Desdemona Moonsong, had found a new home.

Later, after Tala disappeared Orin moved with the girls again, too frightened to remain in one place for long. They were constantly on the move, never settling in one place. Titania felt like they were always walking and she hated never being able to grow attached to a place. Finally after several months her mother seemed to come out of her delirium, became Orin again, and showed back up in the aptly named Cour des Miracles. Soon after the family returned to their first home in Cercatori d’Arte?.

Growing up under an overprotective mother was hard on Titania. For a long time she was patient with her mother, but now that she is older she came upon some difficulties agreeing with her mother’s ways. The spirit of adventure hit her one day and she took off, wanting to explore, and met Zalen Damaichu in the Halcyon Mountains. The two were drawn to each other in a divine way, quickly growing close. Zalen told Titania of his desire to start a pack… a pack that lived like traditional wolves, like they were meant to, and Titania’s wild spirit yearned to join him.

After several months of planning, Zalen and Titania claimed the territory to the north of Ichika no Ho-en and founded New Dawn along with six other like-minded wolves. The first several months of New Dawn's existence were uneventful, save for Zalen and Titania's cousin Jiva Takekuro chasing off a cougar. In the spring, however, a dog named Amy Sunders begins to cause trouble for New Dawn by attacking its members and kidnapping one of Kiara Amarok's pups. It is not long before Zalen and Titania declared Amy an enemy, but she continued to harass New Dawn with attacks. See: New Dawn Conflict.

In the heat of summer, Titania finally becomes pregnant. Zalen and all of New Dawn were overjoyed at this. However, after holing herself up in the birthing den for longer than normal, Zalen went to investigate only to find that Titania was missing and that she had miscarried. Titania fled the pack, her shock and grief pushing her into a fugue state in which she could not remember who she was. She comes across her father, Shawchert Menue, and he tries to tell her about her past life. She does not believe him, though, as she cannot even recall her name. She wandered instead to Sangi'lak seeking refuge in September 2012, finding a friend in X'yrin Exultare. She does not remain long enough to start a new life, however, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

2.  Relationships

  • Former MateZalen
  • OffspringDemetrius, Lysander, Ophelia

2.1  Family

See the Takekuro family for more information.

3.  Personality

With the help of her mother's fantasy stories, Titania has become quite the dreamer. While it isn't rare to see her chatting aimlessly with others, it's much more common to catch her chatting aimlessly with nothing; she often claims to be keeping the fairies company and tends dutifully to trees and flowers she feels they would prefer to inhabit and deal with. In her young age, she's begun to craft personalities that are common in different flower types — ivy is haughty and daisies love to talk — but she doesn't openly speak about her perceptions of the flowers to adults, fearing someone will prohibit her from seeing her 'friends'.

Socializing with other children proves easier than talking to adults, and despite appearing withdrawn, Titania enjoys chatter with children around her own age. More often than not, she speaks with a dreamy, lazy drawl about various fanciful critters found in the world in the hopes that other children will find the same interest as she does.

4.  Appearance

Juliet (left) and Titania (right)

Titania has a base of creamy white, much like her sister Juliet, upon which color has been painted. Her back, as well as her ears and portions of her face and chest, are colored a soft silver-grey; this is echoed as a sock on her front right paw.

Drawing from her father's blood, the scruff of her neck, shoulders and tail are colored a rich maroon. These markings are natural, and aide to a more unique appearance in the young female.

Considered the 'runt' of the litter, Titania is far smaller than her sister. Her fur is short, with longer bits found at a few key locations: her scruff, the underside of her tail, and the backs of her elbows and heels.