Samual Dean Menue

Samual Dean Menue is the only son of Sky Rhiannon and Shawchert Menue. He was born into Vinátta on February 13th, 2013, and resided there throughout his childhood. Once he reached adulthood, he chose to leave pack life and become a traveling storyteller.

Samual Dean Menue

Samual Dean, by Sky
Name MeaningHis Name is God, From the Valley
Name Originnotsupernatural
Name OriginHebrew, English
Date of Birth13 Feb 2013
Subspecies75% Canis lupus lupus
25% Canis lupus familiaris
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeVinátta
Current packLoners

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Joining date13 February 2013
Previous Rank(s)none

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1.  Appearance

Samual's fur is a brilliant copper color, highlighted with Whiskey and draped with Quincy as a saddle and mask. The Quincy fur starts at the very tip of his nose, travels along the bridge to his eyes, where it spreads like a mask to his ears and continues down his back, over his shoulders and rump and colors his entire tail dark. His paws are tipped in Whiskey, his muzzle colored below the mask the same with inner ears matching.

Samual Dean's optime form is a combination of his parents' best traits- tall and strong built like his father with streamlined muscles and the thick, sleek fur of his mother. Something else he's retained from mum would be his platinum blonde mane, almost the color of white gold, which contrasts sharply against his coppery pelt.

His eyes are a rich Matisse Blue, however they tend to lighten or darken depending on mood and setting.

When he is full grown he will be about 7' much shorter than his father, and not as bulky.

2.  Personality

As a puppy: Sammy is rambunctious, and troublesome. He is in no way an evil child but his curiosity gets the better of him. ALWAYS. He is quite the handful and though he does his best to listen to his parents. He loves playing in the mud and getting into tight spaces. In a way is also fearless as well.

As an Adolescent: He never had that period of sulkiness, nor did he hate everything, in fact he went straight from puppy craziness to adult in a matter of days after leaving his birth home.

As an Adult: Sam lost much of his puppy ways, though he is still very curious and still gets into lots of things, including trouble. He is kind, considerate, and enjoys being with others, but he does not like being tied down. He enjoys the traveling, the story telling and the gossip from all around. He loves telling stories and enjoys learning new things. He listens as well as tells and can work well with others.

2.1  Skills

As he is young he will have few skills but he is sure to learn more as he grows

  • Sign Language- growing up with a father with no tongue he was taught sign language from almost birth
  • Reading- His mother and father taught him to read at a very young age, though he's not the best at it he can still pick up a book and understand what it's about
  • Self defense- He is still a novice but is wanting to learn how to defend himself if necessary.
  • Flute- Sam learned how to play the flute from his father, he is still a journeyman, but his skill grows by the day
  • Carving- Another thing that Sam learned from his father. He is not as good, and needs more practice, but there's lots of time for that!
  • singing- He has the voice of his mother and can sing well. Without even trying

2.2  Strengths

As he is still growing up this will be short, but lengthened as he grows and experiences new things and learns even more.

  • Hunting bugs
  • His kindness
  • Trustworthy
  • Reading

2.3  Weaknesses

As he is still young and few negative things has happened and his experiences are short, this too shall be and added as he grows

  • His Ego
  • Leatherwork
  • Dancing- this boy can't dance!
  • Archery- Having tried it, he finds it a harder task than to hunt on four legs.

3.  NPC

Icon Owner Gender DOB About


Samual Dean Menue Stallion 2012

A 15 hand high paint with a dark brown and white coat. Is saddle trained and pack trained.

4.  History

Born in Vinatta, Samual has had no lack of friendly faces. Born to a father with no tongue he learned sign language at an extremely young age, though at the moment is unable to use it himself. His mother has been actively teaching him how to be a wolf and the ideas of Vinatta life ever since he was born, not to mention plants and healing, though much of it is still confusing the the boy and will be until he's older.

He has not lived a long life and not much has happened to him since his birth, a few confusing things have been moving around him but he is in his own little world at the moment.

4.1  Timeline


  • February: Sammy is born! He is the only puppy in the litter, and the birth was difficult for his mother who needed the assistance of medic Jiva.[1]
  • March Sammy is growing up and learning his body parts and what the world is like. He is still too young to venture far from his mother and though many things happen around him his only worries are for what's going on in his small circle.
  • April Sammy is starting to explore. He meets some of his pack mates, but gets in trouble and is punished for leaving so far away from the packlands
  • May Sammy is learning from his mother, and taking his life and his family more seriously, though still a pup he misses his friends, though he got to see Drin's twins at times
  • June Sammy is starting to try to learn to hunt and fight/defend himself! He's meeting more pack members now that his confinement is over with. He has already had one scrap with a Porcupine.[2]

4.2  2014

  • In the beginning of the year Sam left his mother and pack to wander the great world with his father behind him, which turned out to me more trouble on the young man himself, but it became a blessing as he started hearing stories and was memorizing them to tell others.
  • September Sam returns to the land of souls with new stories and excitement to hear more from others all around him.

5.  Relationships

5.1  Key Relations

  • Carya Aston: One of the first puppy friends to give an impression on Sammy. He has a nickname for her which is "Trinket Queen". He looks up to her as she's a bit older than him, but still being playful and not bossy he likes her quite a bit. (at around ages 2 months to possibly 5 more to possibly come after)

5.2  Family: Katruk & Menue

5.3  Minor Relations

  • Valérian Coeur First puppy he met and learned games from him, but no strong lasting relationship as of yet as they are quite different in their ideals

5.4  Former Relations

  • Dead and inactive characters should go here.

Drawn by Sie

Colored by Sky - Reference

Drawn by Aly - Avatar

Manip'd by Sky - Avatar

Sammy Dean by Aly

Sammy Dean by Aly

Drawn by Nat - Family Portrait

Adult Sammy by Sky

6.  Threads

6.1  2013

  1. This little nose of mine (14 Apr)
    Sammy finds Valérian Coeur in the garden and tries to sneak up on him. He then proceeds to make friends and learns a few new games.
  2. Needs a little Spice (15 Apr)
    Shiloh Dawnbringer catches Sammy eating a worm and soon they become friendly enough that he shows shiloh's companion how he finds his meals
  3. Purple People Eater (24 Apr)
    Sammy sneaks up on Carya Aston and pretends to be a bush, soon they make a game of it and become fast friends
  4. That's not Right (05 May)
    Sammy is taught a lesson by his mother and is taught a few things about defending himself.
  5. [[NSoulsThread:6539|Just to Bless the Morning]
    A ceremony is held and Sammy is given his Frithr Necklace and becomes a permanent member of the pack
  6. All these Days (5 Jun))
    Sammy is learning to hunt and is defended against by a porcupine. He then runs home where his mom patches him up
  7. Then you really might Know what its like (8 Jun)
    Sammy meets up with Carya again and plays with her with an airplane she finds
  8. Down the Hatch (13 Jun)
    Sammy visits the soul/Kurosoul house and is sick and Palaydrian Soul gives him somethign for it and sends him home.
  9. What you really Need (14 Jun)
    Sammy meets Lochlan Stormbringer and they practice self defense though Sammy barely knows about what he is doing
  10. Everyday comes New (15 Jun)
    Sammy and his dad take a long walk out around the Grand Lake and meet with Ki'somma Na Nipahem and interest in him is ensued.
  11. Over Here (16 Jun)
    Sammy meets Auguste Aston and is saved by the boy from choking to death on a huge beetle.
  12. How to Train your Dragyn (17 Jun)
    As Sammy explores he meets Riot Stormwing a loner who is close to his pack, and is taught that he should always try to do something he fears to make himself stronger
  13. Its a wonderful day (18 Jun)
    Sammy is out and is quite bored and vocalizes it and is heard by Chloé Moineau who comes to help him relieve his said boredom.