Riot Stormwing

Riot Stormwing

by Kat



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19 Jan 2012





50% Plains Coyote
50% Mexican Wolf




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Riot Stormwing (formerly Nike Silversang) is a coywolf loner.

1.  Appearance

Her base coat is primarily a rich shade of reddish brown with slight black ticking and copper highlights. The coloration fades to more muted shades on her underside. Thick white bands encircle her muzzle, wrists, ankles and the base of her tail. The tips of her ears, her toes and the end of her tail are also white. Her right eye is a deep blue, the left a vivid bottle green.

While in her Lupus form, she falls somewhere in the small to medium range, possessing a slim but athletic physique. She weighs about 80 pounds and measures 28 inches at the shoulder. Fine bones in her face give her a sharp but youthful look, which is further perpetuated by a long, slender muzzle and comically over-sized ears -- trademarks of her coyote heritage. Her tail is long and sleek, giving her nearly 6 feet in length.

She nearly never shifts into an Optime state, much preferring to go through life on all fours. When she does, she stands at about 5'4" and weighs 119 lbs. She has a slender, almost boyish figure, with small breasts and slight, subtly feminine curves. She wears a variety of clothing and accessories in this form.

2.  Personality

Riot lives up to her name. She is silly, adventurous, mischievous, quick-witted, silver-tongued and playfully upbeat. She does know when to take life seriously, yet somehow her lighthearted humor seems to pervade even the tensest situations. Sometimes, her chipper nature even seems inappropriate.

She makes friends extremely easily, sometimes instantly, though she only fosters a few truly close connections. When this happens, she exhibits a fierce loyalty; she would not hesitate to put her life on the line to protect someone she considers a friend. Since she doesn't have anyone she calls family, she actually makes no distinction between family and friends, considering the former to actually be the latter.

She is slow but not impossible to anger. When it happens -- and it typically only happens if someone affronts someone she considers a friend -- her claws come out; she can be fearsome. She learned to be tough at an early age and knows how to scrap with the best of them.

Having been terribly abused as a pup, she quite frankly won't -- possibly even can't -- put up with it for herself or for loved ones. She will most likely first attempt to diffuse the situation with a joke or two, then won't hesitate to respond with utmost savagery and deadly force.

3.  History

She doesn't remember this, but Riot was born under a different name: Nike Silversang. Her parents were the rulers of a large and prosperous commune of both wolves and coyotes. The ruling family was benevolent and very well-liked. However, this could not save them when an enemy dug up the family legend, which stated that the blood running through the Silversang family's veins was not only literally silver but that it also possessed extraordinarily powerful healing properties.

The rumor spread like wildfire and, suddenly, their blood was a precious commodity that came at an unthinkable price. The whole family was in gravest danger. They fled into the mountains above their homeland, hiding out in a barricaded lair there. Unfortunately, in just a matter of weeks, they were corned, captured and killed, slain for their lifeblood which was bottled for purchase on the black market.

Only one survived this massacre: the young heiress, Nike. Yet that wasn't to say she was lucky. One of the more cunning killers spirited her away to grow her up and bleed her gradually, under the pretense that she would provide more blood while alive and especially when fully-grown. Little Nike suffered great abuse at his hands -- all without really understanding why -- for several months. All the while, she learned to be tough, scrappy and, above all, clever. Eventually, she got the best of her captor. She killed him to save herself, and escaped.

Robbed of a childhood and subjected to unknowable cruelty, Riot could've succumbed to a dark and troubled life. Instead, she somehow suppressed memories of her captivity, drew upon the vague memories of her family and decided to find a fresh start for herself. She started by giving herself a name (she didn't have one, as far as she knew): Riot Stormwing. She's been on her own -- wonderfully free -- for nearly six months now, simply roaming and learning all that she can about how to live a normal life.

From there, the rest remains to be written...