Jiva Takekuro

Jiva Takekuro is the firstborn son of Niro Takekuro and Amaranth Catori, and was born in Cour des Miracles. Once he reached adulthood he moved out and joined New Dawn where he found his mate, Palaydrian Soul. After her miscarriage, the couple adopted a fox kit named Leaf Darkfire and moved to Vinátta. Their second litter is successful, giving Jiva two sons: Tyris Kurosoul and Taro Kurosoul.

As of March 2013, Jiva is missing and presumed dead, having been swept out to sea.[1]

Jiva Takekuro

Jiva and Drin by Nat
Date of BirthApril 2, 2011
Subspecies50% Tundra Wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Dog (Husky)
L Brothers
Birth placeCour des Miracles
Current packVinátta

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Current Pack


Joining dateOctober 1, 2012[2]
RanksRisna, Hollr
Co Rank---

Previous Pack

New Dawn

Joining dateJanuary 26, 2012[3]
Co Rank---

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateApril 2, 2011
Co Rank---

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1.  History

Jiva was born in his cave home in Cour des Miracles with his family surrounding him. He was a father's boy, and followed him around as a pup; learning all his father taught him. Over time Jiva became a fairly decent hunter when he was able to start, and to know how to be quiet. Soon after he is able to fend for himself, he decides to visit northern areas to see what other places were like; after the AniWaya Conflict, he decided it was best if he kept out of any of that.

He did return a short while later and soon became a member of the new pack New Dawn after helping Zalen chase off a cougar. He then laid low until he met with Palaydrian Soul whom he started courting after he found out he was not compatible with Emmanuelle Brenna. He soon learns that he loves teaching and healing and then after becomes Palaydrian's mate. His cousin Titania Moonsong told him she didn't approve and she would if he did a quest for her by getting her, New Dawn and Palaydrian a gift while they went to visit family in the southern packs. He agrees with a sad heart and in the process makes Drin quite unhappy with him for a little while.

Eventually Titania reveals her mischievous prank, and all is forgiven. Jiva asks his father, Niro to be present when he officially proposes to Drin. It is not long before the young couple is expecting their first litter. However, an accident befalls them -- Palaydrian falls down an abandoned well and miscarries the litter. After her miscarriage, the couple adopted a fox kit named Leaf Darkfire and moved to Vinátta. Their second litter is successful, giving Jiva two sons: Tyris Kurosoul and Taro Kurosoul.

Their life in Vinátta is peaceful and happy for months, but another accident in early spring tears their family apart. Jiva is currently missing and presumed dead, having been swept out to sea.[4]

2.  Personality

Jiva is a very calm young man. He takes the situations he's in as they come. He is spontaneous, but not extremely rambunctious. He tends to be quiet, but if he finds something that interests him, he's like his father and can't stop talking about it. He has a good heart and wants to do things for the best.

He's a quiet, inquisitive young man. He tries to do his best, and he likes others, and being around others. He is honorable, honest, loyal, and protective. He loves learning, loves teaching, and telling stories as well.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Takekuro, Catori, & L Brothers

4.  Friends —

5.  Enemies —

Xahria: Finds her very rude and unkind, not technically an enemy but not a friend

6.  Appearance

He is a normal sized Luperci of 6 foot 6 inches in optime, about 34 in in Lupus and 36 in in secui., a little shorter than his father and built for speed and endurance. He has the trademark husky look of his mother, with peppered light reddish fur. His hair is pulled up in a mohawk, though it's not natural like his fathers and is a darker red than his normal fur. His left eye is purple while his right is a bright green.

He has little to no scars and his build is that of a running athlete, his muscles are lean and well used, but not a body builders set. He has a confident gait and his tail curls like a huskies would.

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