Leaf Darkfire

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art by Mel

Leaf is a red fox that was orphaned in the wild and found and adopted as a son by Palaydrian Soul and Jiva Takekuro. He acts as an older (if smaller) brother to Palaydrian's many offspring.

A full-fledged member of Vinátta, Leaf is looking to become a Vald like his mother. He is especially stealthy, incredibly curious animal.








  • Leaf is trying to become a spy; maybe he can spy on you!
  • Are you a puppy in Vinátta? Leaf could play with you!

Vinátta members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Leaf around Vinátta, esp. with Ivy.
  • General conversations (e.g., meet and greets). Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP, should be PMed before posting.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Leaf is a typical red fox. His main fur color is a warm red/orange, while his paws and lower legs are covered by sooty black. This color is found again in his facial markings, and his ears are black as well. He has a white mask over his face, which trails down his chest, ending before his belly. His nose is a dark contrast to his mask, being a deep black. Leaf has large slitted eyes which are a hazel color, mixed with some green and blue. He has thin black whiskers, spraying out from a narrow muzzle. His tail is a long brush, about the size of his body, with a bright white tip.

  • Humanization: Extremely minimal; Leaf only wears a wooden Frithr charm as means of his pack identification.


  • Scent: Salt, pine needles, wood shavings, earth, musk
  • Speech: Leaf talks fast and speaks with a faint accent. He is fluent in Low Speech.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Smiles a lot, tends to "flick" his tail when emotional.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Friendly, playful.

art by Miyu


  • Markings:
    • Largely Brandy Punch all over with peaks of Piper, Leaf has otherwise standard "fox" markings.
    • His stockings are Acadia, as are the darkest of his markings.
    • The lighter parts of his fur are Parchment.
  • Eyes: Olive with splashes of Cinnamon and Kashmir blue.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Acadia


Olive (#808000)
Cinnamon (#7B3F00)
Kashmir Blue (#507096)
Parchment (#F1E9D2)
Brandy Punch (#CD8429)
Piper (#C96323)
Acadia (#1B1404)


by Nat

by Nat

by Courtney

by Nat

by Sky

by Raze

by Chris

by Miyu

by Raze

by Rat

by Mel

2.  Personality

Leaf is a bold and very curious fox. He loves going on little adventures, as they seem to cleanse his curiosity, or at least for a short while. He is very playful, and can never sit still, the same can be said for his mouth. He talks a lot, and is always eager to show off.

2.1  Ideals


  • Expression: Happy, outgoing
  • Sociability: Very social while within his pack, Leaf has become highly cautious of strange canines.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • Obeys all personal contracts.
    • Considers public service in a leadership role an honor.
    • Will not want to disappoint his family.
    • Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly.


  • Vinátta
  • His family
  • Exploring
  • Having fun


  • Injury
  • Death
  • The ocean, large bodies of water.


  • Polytheistic
    • Leaf is very interested in Vinátta's faith system. He has some knowledge of it, though obviously struggles with his own perceptions as an outsider looking in.


  • Due to a lot of bad experiences, Leaf believes stranger danger is real.


  • Kinsey 1 -- Leaf has only ever been around one other female fox, and is extremely devoted to her.


  • Likes: Exploring, playing, digging, hunting, sneaking around, chicken
  • Dislikes: Meanies, bad people, anyone who his ma dislikes


  • Nope

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family:

  • --

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • His mother Palaydrian Soul is the single most important person in Leaf's life. He is absurdly dedicated to her happiness, to the point he might overlook many things to do so.
  • Ivy Darkfire?, his mate, was the first other fox Leaf met. Though they began as friends and playmates, a romance blossomed between the pair. They are an extremely close couple, and often spend much time alone together.
  • Extremely conscious of his little brother Dagr Soul's ailment, Leaf is always eager to spend time with him...especially when they go exploring.

Positive Relations

  • Despite his odd-ball behavior, Gavroche Benoît? is one of the few strangers Leaf is warming up to. He thinks the dog is a gypsy and likely trouble, though not necessarily the bad kind.
  • --


  • --
  • --

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: --
  • Murders: --

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

Scouting and Stealth

  • Partially due to his small size and partially due to his own natural talent, Leaf excels acting as both eyes and ears while being unseen.
  • Having spent his entire life in the area, Leaf is extremely well-versed in the terrain of the Isthmus of Chignecto.
  • Leaf is also extremely intimate with Vinátta's territory.

4.2  Inventory


Leaf trades in information and physical work--he doesn't have much of a need for physical goods.

  • Offering: Guidance, babysitting, spying
  • Accepting: Information, food, favors

5.  History

5.1  Overview

Previous Packs and Ranks

Vinátta (02 Oct 2012 - 01 May 2013)
New Dawn (Sept 2012 - 02 Oct 2012)

Leaf's life started of in a dark forest in the cold. He lay there, abandoned by his mother and left for dead. but some sort of luck granted him a new, more caring mother. He was found by Palaydrian Soul, who took him in after losing her first litter. Right there, in the dark forest, she decided to adopt him. She called him Leaf Darkfire, the last name in memory of her old last name, and in respect to Palaydrian's great grandmother, Syliat Darkfire.

She took him back to her pack, New Dawn, to show her mate Jiva Takekuro. He accepted him, along with their pack leader, Zalen -- but the rest of New Dawn was slower to accept a fox as an equal. He and his parents soon moved to a new pack of Vinátta. There, his mother became pregnant once more, and gifted him with two younger brothers, Tyris and Taro. Sadly, Jiva was lost at sea, leaving Leaf and his puppy brothers without a father.

He grew up to the role of an older brother, and was happy to have two new playmates. Together he helped the twins to get into trouble, as well as showing off to them, and teaching them how to hunt. He began to wonder why he looked different from everyone else, and why he couldn't change forms. But as a child, these thoughts were just mere noise in the back of his head, the world was too full of wonder for them to bother him.

It was through another fox that he discovered his full identity. Ivy was a red fox kit with bright blue eyes around his age, born wild on Vináttan territory. She was bold and assertive, albeit wary of wolves, and become a playmate to Leaf. Through Ivy's friendship and mischief, Leaf gradually learned the difference between foxes and wolves, and eased his transition to adulthood. In the autumn of 2013, he came to realize his attachment to her went beyond friendship, and he proposed mateship to her. She happily accepted, and Leaf moved out of his mother's home to dig a den for himself and his new mate.

5.2  Threads

  1. ignorance is bliss (8 Nov 2012)
    Palaydrian Soul and Leaf are spending the day together, Leaf meets Shiloh Dawnbringer and her feline companion, Muddy for the first time.
  2. Please Let my Heart in (8 Nov 2012)
    Leaf tells Jiva Takekuro that his mom, Palaydrian Soul got sick earlier. Jiva assures the fox kit that he’ll check on her. The two make up.
  3. ripples in the water (19 Nov 2012)
    Meant to be a pleasant day spent at the lake, Leaf almost drowns! Thankfully, he’s rescued by his parents. Following the traumatizing event, Leaf learns that he’s becoming a big brother soon.
  4. King of Onyx, Queen of Soul (mid Nov 2012)
    While out hunting, Palaydrian Soul asks Leaf to temporarily hide while she greets X’ies Lambda?. Once she believes it’s safe, she calls him out of hiding and he meets the Sangi’lak for the first time.
  5. So Let’s Set the World on Fire (20 February 2012)
    Leaf’s family attend the SK/ND feast, he’s exposed to many new faces.
  6. precious love (1 Dec 2012)
    Leaf’s twin brothers are born.
  7. little killers (4 Jan 2013)
    The twins are out on their first hunt with Palaydrian Soul and Leaf when they come across X’yrin Exultare?, her pups, and Sequoia Exultare.
  8. let the light in (4 Jan 2013)
    Excited to spend the day adventuring with his mom, Sólieri Stormbringer joins in on the fun. She is one of his first viking friends.
  9. rookie mistake (mid Jan 2013)
    Out exploring on his own, Leaf chases after a vole only to be attacked by the territorial blue jays in the clearing. Bran Stormbringer is the hero of the day and rescues him from any serious injury. Leaf decides to keep the vole as a pet with his mother’s permission. A friendship with Bran begins.
  10. My Imaginary World (2 Feb 2013)
    Leaf’s first official post on the board. He spends the day playing with his Dad, Jiva Takekuro.
  11. Little vs Big (3 Feb 2013)
    Leaf gets into some trouble at the stables, but Shiloh Dawnbringer and her companion Wilson keep him from getting pitchforked by Jindabyne.
  12. Hunting at dawn (4 Feb 2013)
    Palaydrian joins her son on his first successful hunt.
  13. i’ll huff and i’ll puff (23 Feb 2013)
    Leaf spends the day playing with the full Aeska gang.
  14. Rules were made to be broken (1 Mar 2013)
    Sneaking out of VN, Leaf befriends Heroshe in the neutral territories.
  15. You tremble at the sound (2 Mar 2013)
    Growing more suspicious of the other Aeska becoming bigger than him, Leaf meets and befriends Lorelei Ulrich near the borders and learns about foxes, still not understanding that he is one himself.
  16. Nature’s first green is gold (24 Feb 2013)
    Leaf attends the naming ceremony for his brothers and welcomes them as the newest vikings.
  17. Who’s that in my Reflection? (10 Mar 2013)
    Still unsure why he’s so different, Leaf runs into another fox kit, Ivy, who tells him exactly what he is.
  18. Suddenly everything makes sense (13 Mar 2013)
    Leaf brings his new best friend (Ivy) home to meet his family. Drin and Jiva answer all the questions about him being different and explain to the twins that while he is a fox, he’s still a part of their family.
  19. Luna’s Request (18 Mar 2013)
    Following Jiva’s untimely death, Palaydrian takes her family back to New Dawn to seek the comfort of her old packmates. Leaf tries to keep his brothers’ spirits up.
  20. Fix You (28 Mar 2013)
    Not understanding that his father is dead, Leaf seeks out Ivy to play once he’s returned to Vinatta.
  21. Throw open wide the gates of Spring! (31 Mar 2013)
    Leaf attends his first Ostara festival with Ivy.
  22. Now all we need is a treasure map (6 Apr 2013)
    Leaf and Ivy meet, befriend, and go on a treasure hunt with Valérian Coeur.
  23. Real Estate (8 Apr 2013)
    Ivy shows Leaf the kind of home she lives in.
  24. Pouncing Pups (1 May 2013)
    To celebrate his new shiny adult rank, Leaf takes his brothers out for a hunt in hopes of teaching them something new. They meet Ascher Stormbringer, who helps out with the lesson.
  25. Outfox the fox (18 May 2013)
    Though warned to stay away from SK territory due to their hunting preferences, Ivy convinces Leaf to break the rules and shows him the chicken coop she’s found. Sequoia Exultare defends the livestock and let’s them go with a stern warning.
  26. A mother’s advice (29 May 2013)
    Leaf seeks his mother out to see if she has any input on his choice of Path, he also gets the birds and the bees talk now that his relationship with Ivy seems to be getting a little more serious. Palaydrian tells him how Jiva started courting her.
  27. Welcome to the new age. (30 May 2013)
    Leaf befriends the Aeska, Lochlan Stormbringer, bonding over the art of climbing trees.
  28. The bite is worse than the bark (21 Jun 2013)
    Leaf, Ivy, and Farina vin Haki are attacked by some Ironsiders.
  29. Mend my broken back (22 Jun 2013)
    Leaf and Ivy seek out Palaydrian’s friend Sky Rhiannon to get his back checked out.
  30. steeped in blackened holes (25 Jun 2013)
    After the initial Ironside attack, Saul calls all of VN together to discuss his plan. Leaf’s wounds are already healing.
  31. At last I can see you (1 Aug 2013)
    RO Having received his mother’s blessing, Leaf seeks out Ivy and asks her to become his mate.
  32. truly, we are specks in the universe (19 Aug 2013)
    Taro Kurosoul seeks out his brother for some advice on what he should do in the pack.
  33. life’s a game made for everyone (22 Jul 2013)
    Leaf and Ivy attend the welcoming feast for CdC and CdA, joining Palaydrian Soul and the twins at the celebration.
  34. The inspiration to face my fears (21 Aug 2013)
    Leaf faces his fear of water at the lake. Samual Dean Menue cheers him along with Ivy, and his brother, Tyris Kurosoul.
  35. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (29 Sep 2013)
    Leaf and Ivy attend another Ausa Vatni and Drin teasingly asks them when she should be expecting a litter from them.
  36. Culling the Herd (15 Nov 2013)
    Leaf and Ivy help out on a pack hunt by scouting ahead.
  37. home is where the heart is (2 Dec 2013)
    Drin organizes a family dinner where she tells her sons and daughter in law that she’s pregnant with Aedan’s pups.
  38. With the brightest of hopes (31 Jan 2014)
    Leaf attends Dagr’s naming ceremony and tries to banish Palaydrian’s worries about the pup’s gimpy leg.
  39. And I have finally realized what you need (15 Mar 2014)
    Leaf and Ivy are babysitting Dagr when Colibri calls for the pack. They arrive to hear the announcement of Florina becoming the new Sannindi and witness the outbursts of their pack mates and Palaydrian Soul.

5.3  Achievements


Basic Achievements

Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Became mates with Stannis de le Poer?.
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Had children with Stannis de le Poer?.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Win a Fight
Red: Win a Fight
Won against Characters.[1]
5 AW Threads
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Luperci Change
Burgundy: Luperci Change
Changed Characters into a Luperci on DD Month YYYY.[2]
Human City Threads
Rust: Human City Threads
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Foreign Diplomat
Olive Green: Foreign Diplomat
1, 2, 3
Playable Territory
Playable Subterritory
Light Green: Every Territory Forest Green: Every Subterritory
  • Excluded (Claimed): Whisper Beach, Commune of the Salmon, Dawn's Breath, The Sugarwoods, Musquodoboit Valley, Millstone Village, Phosphagos Foothills, Grandfather's Tears, Mersey Lagoon, Howling Caverns, Serene Sands, The Witch's Cauldron

Pack Membership

3 months
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Midnight Blue: 3 Years
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Cadet Blue: Pack Foundation

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Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
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Cadmium: Leader Special
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