I, Jazzy the Hippo, have a dream.

  • Gender: Male (He/Him)
  • Location: England
  • Birthday: 25th January 1997

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  • Respond best to DM on Discord!


  • My Discord is JazzytheHippo #1273



Name's Jazzy, been on and off of 'Souls for a few years now! My primary character is Cedric Stryder and I'm a co-leader for Casa! Please don't hesitate to contact me via PM or DM on Discord if you need any help :) More about the Jazzy hobbies and such:

  • I love drawing, some days I suck others I don't. I tend to enjoy drawing simple things like doodles or avatars, but in the past I've drawn full on comic-book style pages and full arts.
  • My life outside of work is Dungeons and Dragons, literally at one point I was playing it 3+ times a week. It's a bit calmer now, but safe to say I still love the game like a religion. It's helped open me up a bit more and has influenced how I act as characters. If you're into D&D, or curious about it, feel free to ask me, I love to blabber on about it!
  • As said, I love to chat, about anything and everything. If you want to just talk randomly, I'm always open for that as well.
  • Oh boy do I love anime, and I love talking about anime, it's such a wonderful thing. I have plenty of recommendations and love to hear what shows others enjoy. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite, there's just so many out there with compelling stories, amazing art-styles, beautiful music. What's that, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? ... Yeah, I'd say that's my favorite.
  • I try to remain optimistic and outgoing all the time, so I apologies if my silliness gets annoying for some, but know I try to do and say things with the best intentions of keeping others happy and comfortable.
  • Other than pop, I'm a fan of all music, including Jazz, wouldn't ya know it!



Active Characters

Inactive Characters

Cedric Stryder

Fredrick Knight

Yuki Tanaka





Borya Hushhowl

Arius de le Ulrich


Posting Information

Reply Times

  • Depending on how busy I am with real life, I should be able to reply at at least a medium speed. Some days I'm speedy, others I'm not, just depends on how inspired I am.
  • Note that my slowness doesn't mean I don't want to reply to threads, don't let it damage your confidence in writing, it's just me being a slow bum, promise :)

Ending Threads

  • Ending threads when we reach a point where a stop is comfortable is my preferred choice.
  • However if you want to bring it to a sooner stop, just ask and I'll usually be fine in ending it for us!

Requesting Threads

  • Send me a PM if you're looking to request a thread, I'm usually always open to RP so don't be shy :D


  • Plotting is just lovely, and I love to co-operate a good plot that can lead to more down the line. If you want to plot, again don't be shy.
  • I do tend to think up ideas quite fast, but I'll always confirm with others before going through with them.

General Roleplay Information

IC Interaction

  • So long as it makes sense, and is at least run-by me, I'm fine with powerplaying :)

Mature Material

  • Gore is fine with me, I can handle it and write it to some degree.
  • Language is fine.
  • Sexual details, well... I do kinda suck at them. I'm open for mature threads, but just know I'm not the best, and much prefer fade outs.


  • If it's for unactive characters or other such plots, I don't mind using Lasky :)


  • Be nice to me, and I be nice to you, simple :) Love to chat, love to role-play. I can be a little sensitive to critics, but I promise to accept any complains others have towards me or my writing and work on them :)




  • Jazzy is a sweetheart and plays my Tris-baby. Leave her some lovins!!! --Stormie
  • *throws object at Jazzy* ... Have that! :P -- Laura
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