Fredrick Knight

Fredrick was found by Cedric Stryder and Cidro Amato de la Pena. He was found with his mother, both starving, freezing and on the verge of death. Whilst his mother perished, in her last breath asking Cedric to protect her son, Fredrick was taken back to Casa for sanctuary. He remained there until the Fall, slowly growing to love the pack but still stuck without a voice and feeling a bit too different from all the giants around him.

During an eventful Summer, Freddy ran from Casa, afraid of staying there any longer, eventually finding himself far north and in the hands of a new pack and hopefully a new life.

With Del Cenere Gang as his new home, Freddy worked hard to ensure he was worthy to be kept around by the coyotes. Flying up the ranks due to his hard-working nature that he'd learnt from Casa, Freddy found himself easing into a new life where he could feel happy and loved by others. However, the return of his father and an awful, cunning plan from the man threw things into dissary. Almost made to repeat his mistakes from Casa, Freddy managed to get over his past fears and come out on top, rewarded by the Gang with a title as their El Diente.

Now years into his service to the Ashen, Freddy has found himself a mate in Bisbee Whitesage and is now delving into the realm of fatherhood, with his two children Douglas Knight and Yuma Whitesage.





E T C .


  • Date of Birth: 8th October 2019
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Del Cenere Gang
  • Nickname: Freddy
  • Pronunciation: Fred-er-ick
  • Meaning: Peaceful Ruler
  • Origin: German
  • Family: Knight (adopted)
  • Birthplace: Amherst
  • Species: Coyote-Jackal
Mountain Coyote 50%
Jackal 50%: Algerian + European

P A C K ∙ I N F O R M A T I O N

O O C ∙ A S S U M P T I O N S !

Del Cenere Gang members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing him...
    • ... practising with his weapons or training someone
    • ... crafting things
    • ... patrolling around town and checking in with others




  • Build and Size: Freddy's size represents his lineage well. A pointed face, long snout and almost comically sized ears that frame the boy's face. His overall size is tiny from being a sick runt and his body has very little bulk on it. However due to his active lifestyle, Freddy is quite lean and muscular still.
  • Fur: His coat has some thickness granted by his coyote heritage but overall he takes after a lot of his jackal genes.
  • Humanization: Freddy enjoys wearing clothing but has only a few styles to choose from due to his tiny size. He is very humanized.
  • Optime Hair: Short but flares into spikes.
  • Scars and other Modifications:
  • Four claw marks across the width of Freddy's muzzle.
  • A long, thin line across his stomach from a knife wound.
  • Various burns on his body
  • A missing index finger on his left hand (or missing toe on left foot)
  • Large scars across right thigh


  • Preference: Optime
  • Height: 10 in (25.5 cm) in Lupus, 4ft 8in (56 in / 142 cm) in Optime
  • Weight: 12 lbs (5.5 kg) in Lupus, 110 lbs (50 kg) in Optime


  • Primarily White Smoke with patches of Black Magic, Raw Umber and Alpine all across his body. His ears are Black Magic on the outside and Raw Umber on the inside.
  • Eyes: Islamic Green
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


White Smoke (#F5F5F5)
Black Magic (#342A14)
Raw Umber (#785300)
Alpine (#AC8835)
Islamic Green (#00B000)


Family: Knight (adopted)

Key Relationships

  • Cedric Stryder During his terrifying youth of confusion, cold and fear, Freddy remembers vividly the love his adopted father had shown him. Freddy still remembers hiding in the silver furs of his guardian when he was cold or scared, and always thinks of the kindness Cedric showed him. Since running away, thoughts of the man fill Freddy with guilt, and he’s too afraid to see Cedric again.
  • Bisbee Whitesage Bisbee fixed Freddy in a way no other could; before she decided to love him the man was willing to see himself as expendable and only useful in his job. However Bisbee has taught Freddy to live for himself and for her, now even granting the man a family.
  • Deonach Carceri Deonach has been a close friend to Freddy for years now, refusing to leave even when dealing with Freddy at his worst. The man had his own demons, yet seems to set them aside to take care of the reckless El Diente, his advice always valued highly by Freddy.

Positive Relationships

  • Remy Debois Freddy’s first friend upon coming to Del Cenere, Remy is a gentle giant that Freddy always feels safe around. Remy did everything to make Freddy feel safe, so as the jackal’s confidence grows, he feels willing to do the same.
  • Rhodes Winthrop Freddy’s second friend that he made in the Gang. Freddy felt his friendship for Rhodes blossom when the other boy was so willing to learn how to understand Freddy’s hand signs, and further strengthened as Freddy realised that he wasn’t the only one tormented by inner fears. Knowing now what Rhodes struggles with, Freddy is fiercely loyal to his friend.
  • Many Gang members Although silent and hard to understand, Freddy tends to be relaxed around other members of Del Cenere, willing to go to great lengths to help them all understand and get to know the mute jackal.

Neutral/Bad Relationships

  • Pirate Calloway Early memories told Freddy that his father was neglectful and evil, but upon meeting the man Freddy was conflicted. However after the man tricked and tortured him, Freddy felt nothing but resentment and anger. When the man tried to destroy his new home, Freddy wanted Pirate's life. However the man has escaped, barely, and Freddy tries to withhold his desire for vengence in order to move on.
  • Rex Calloway Finding his half-brother to be dangerous spawn of his late father, Freddy is wary about allowing Rex freedom, even if he is young. It will take time to see if Rex can change his ways and let go of his devotion to their father, hopefully realise what a scumbag the man had been.

Notable Associations

  • Sexual partners: Bisbee
  • Violent encounters: One loner sent by his father, various loners/bandits trying to steal from DCG


Protective • Cautious • Stubborn • Friendly


Having been born into a world of fear, cold and starvation, Freddy took a long time to recover. He was rescued from death and brought to a land of giants, nursed back to health by Cedric but never completely bouncing back. Freddy lost his voice, a part of his mind never repaired from the stress he’d gone through, but the boy grew to live with it. Even now Freddy tries not to get weighed down by his disability and works hard to move around it, which is made better when others take an interest in learning how the boy ‘speaks’.

Burying down his insecurities and refusing to return to the scared hermit Freddy had once been, the boy strives to work hard every day. He learns how to hunt and defend himself, so that he can protect the friends that helped him gain such confidence in his life. Freddy tries to act friendly and outgoing to anyone he thinks is safe, and will be willing to anything to help those who’ve helped him.

Despite how much love the Ashen have shown Freddy, the boy has grown to believe his worth is based on how hard he works, especially now that he feels responsible for some of the Gang almost dying. Although the young man has accepted his new responsibility as the guardian of Del Cenere, he also still sees his fate in the hands of the pack. Working hard is what Freddy aims to do to survive, and will fiercely perform his duties without any hesitation.


  • Speech: Freddy has been mute for the first year of his life. The mutiness was brought on by early-life trauma and is continued whenever Freddy is feeling nervous, scared or unsure. Only when he's feeling relaxed or confident can he attempt speech, but even then it is raspy, whispered and usually broken into single words.
  • Scent: Del Cenere Gang, Horses, Dirt, Grass
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Freddy is very expressive with his large ears and will be gesturing with his hands constantly when he uses sign language.
  • General Posture and Body Language: A mix between confidence around friends and wariness around strangers, though no matter how Freddy stands his tiny height makes it hard for him to ever look intimidating.






  • Outlook: Idealist
  • Sociability: Introverted but more Extroverted around friends
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • "Only lie to the evil"
    • "Never betray a friend"
    • "Help the needy and do not murder"
  • Protecting his friends
  • Enjoying life
  • Being strong
  • Getting others hurt
  • Being used or blackmailed
  • The cold
  • Demisexual
  • Freddy doesn’t have the confidence to pursue his feelings quickly, nor does he trust someone straight away. Freddy, if he found love, would find it slowly over the course of friendship; letting his protective nature turn into a desire to nurture and love. How he would do so, the boy doesn’t yet know.



  • Agnostic
  • Is willing to believe in some form of spirituality, but not strongly.
  • Doesn't feel comfortable with the idea of drinking, unless it’s around friends.



  • Crossbow (Master): Having used the ranged weapon for years now, Freddy could be considered a master of the crossbow; from his decent aim to his understanding of how to quickly reload the weapon to help counter the usual handicap of the slower loading weapon. His experience with the crossbow even goes as far as knowing how to construct one.
  • Close Combat (Master): Always in training, Freddy aims to be able to fight with teeth, daggers or his sword, knowing that he can exploit his tiny size to be a difficult target in a fight and take down opponents with speed and precise attacks.
  • Crafting (Journeyman): Close to mastering his crafting, Freddy can be seen often in the shop working to fixing up tools or making new ones. He specialises in repairing old equipment but also crafting with wood and bone. He's a master at making arrows and is getting better with making simple weapons such as bows and knives.
  • Stealth (Journeyman): More credited to Freddy’s tiny size and silent nature, but Fredrick is exceptional at remaining hidden.
  • Horse Handling (Journeyman): Getting use to the saddle now, Freddy can confidently guide Euphorus around when they're on a hunt or exploring. He knows well what his horse prefers to do, and is working on training Euphorus to compliment a mounted combat style.
  • Hunting (Apprentice): Used alongside his crossbow training, the more Freddy hunts, the more confident a hunter he becomes. So far he’s managed to take down a few deer with the help of someone else, but is getting there on his own as well.
  • Tiny: Fredrick is tiny, and it is easy for others to use this to paint a target on Freddy to exploit his small stature and over-power him.
  • Fairly weak: Although he’s quick and nimble, Freddy is a little stick when it comes to physical strength or strain, and could easily be pinned by someone who manages to catch the little guy.
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