Oliver Smith is the adopted son of Copper Smith and a member of Cour des Miracles.

From Copper's Profile:

A orphan pup Copper rescued at Rabbit Lake. He is a jet black wolf with a white, facing down, triangle on his chest. He is blind from birth, so has no idea what the world looks like. In the future, Copper will try to teaching him things, such as medic stuff, in which Oliver will find boring. (Shh..Don't tell Copper!)
Birthday: 1/8/13
Oliver now is discovering words, he enjoys talking to Copper, (whom he called Papa Copper), and also finds enjoyments out of sniffing out new things. Oliver's whole life is by nose and by sound, he is constantly smelling new things, often pulling Velvet or Copper along to explain what it is or looks like. He has an adventurous heart, and in his adult life, charisma and truthworthyness will bring him many friends.