Deonach Carceri

A runaway genius from a family of fanatic murderers. Where his disgraced family would sacrifice lives and delve into rituals and dark faiths to try and find the truth of death, Deo planned to do so without the loss of life. More than that, the intelligent Carceri plans to uncover as many truths as he can, to pull back the curtains of gods and spirits and see the world how it demands to be seen.






  • Date of Birth: 26 March 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: ---
  • Mate: --
  • Pack:
  • Rank:
    • ---
  • Family: Limbo?
  • Pronouncation: Deo-na-ch-ey
  • Nickname: Deo
  • Birthplace: London but raised in Naples?
  • Species: Wolf-Dog




Deo's coat is thick around all of his body, though in places such as his limbs and tail, the hair hangs in more silky curtains, much like that on a retriever. His ears are pointed and his face is has a more wolf-ish shape to it other than his jowls which hang slightly lower than a typical wolf's lips. He is tall and lanky, although his build combined with his silky coat give Deo a very elegant appearance, and he carries himself with a graceful touch.


Mostly stays in Optime form


Deo isn't shy to wear no clothes at all, but can rely on outfits should the occasion demand it. The one outfit he holds dear has been with him since his time in Naples, and was constructed by a local there. It consists of a long sleeved white shirt, coloured a deep blue around the torso like a vest-coat, with gold coloured threads lining the outfit and a deep collar. Both the button holding the shirt together and the buttons on the shirt's sleeves are made from small emerald coloured gemstones. The shirt was a gift, said to be one individual's life's work, given to Deo after he saved their life. Deo makes sure it is never damaged, and is cautious of others touching it. When wearing his shirt, he usually wears a pair of dark trousers.

Coloring and Markings

Deonach's coat is a mosaic made of two colours; gold and black. His coat looks as if it was once a pure, shining gold, only to be splashed by thick blank ink and marked with dark patterns. His face is dominated more by black fur than gold fur, but across his body it spreads out more evenly in patches.



Intelligent • Suspicious • Kind


Raised as a trophy, seen in the eye's of his adopted family like a lamb prepared for slaughter, Deo has gained a cautious and very realistic outlook on life. The man is incredibly intelligent, with a mind not only practiced in memory but in accepting more and more questions about the world around him. Deo was taught to always ask questions and always look for answers, although this often can lead to the man sounding narcissistic and stubborn when it comes to bouncing his ideas off of others. Under all of his distant attitude is a man who cares deeply for others. He's spent years trying to discover ways to preserves lives to the point where the idea of continuing his craft as a physician makes him sick. His close friendship with Jotun, learning from the kind northern man, has made Deo much more open to the idea of expressing his opinions to others and better yet teaching them all he knows.


  • Speech: Well-Spoken, his voice sounds practised, Italian accent.
  • Scent: Books, ink, blood, leather
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Uses his gaze to assess situations constantly.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Formal and confident.






  • Outlook: There is always an answer.
  • Sociability: Polite but closed-off.
  • Expression: Confident and thoughtful.
  • Alignment: True Neutral with some Neutral Good
    • "You shall avoid lies."
    • "You shall honor those who honor you."
    • "You shall not harm the innocent."
    • "You shall offer help to others."
  • Finding out truths
  • Learning everything he can
  • Sharing his findings with others
  • Losing a life he's tried to save
  • His family
  • Pain
  • Demisexual
  • Has never had lasting relationships
  • Is comfortable with flirting but doesn't feel anything unless it's long-term
  • Finds relationships fascinating, from a intellect's standpoint.





  • Atheist
  • Refuses to believe in a greater being, finds it foolish to rely on the use of a deity to explain the unknown. Whilst Deo can understand why others like to rely on a god or a religion to help them through life, he just finds it tragic, as if those who choose to devote themselves to a god are simply trying to hide from the truth. After being treated like a trophy of a fanatic religion, Deo detests the idea of thinking about gods or spirits in a good light. Everything can be explained without needing to rely on false gods.
  • Drinks on occasion, usually in the company of others. Loves a good wine or fruit-based alcohol, but never drinks too much to make his mind weaker.
  • Physician (Expert): Deo has spent much of his life trying to keep those around him from dying. Many times, this has failed, but Deo has always learnt from his mistakes. Each death gave him a chance to see the insides of a body, to judge from case to case what parts were important. Trial and error, as morbid as it sounded, made Deo an exceptional doctor. However, finally free from the place where his skills were demanded of him, Deo is far more unsure of his skills, despite being so adept, and will only perform his healing if completely necessary.
  • Language (Journeyman): Born in London and raised in Italy, Deo is fluent in both. Throughout his life he has also met individuals of different cultures, and the intelligent man learnt from them bits and pieces of their native tongue. He can hold conversations in German, Spanish and Russian.
  • Memory (Expert): Deo's mind is keen and his memory has never failed him. Where others would need to study a book or a view multiple times to keep it in their head, Deo would only need to focus on it once or twice to keep it locked in his head. This skill has helped greatly in research where, even without notes, Deo has managed to draw information from his memory to help.
  • Reading and Writing (Expert): With years of being left to write and read what literature was donated to him, Deo is very good with academics. With paper available, he will write and sketch out the thoughts in his head, and in the past has made full notebooks worth of collected research into both healing and into philosophy.
  • Fights: Deo has never held much battle prowess, he's never needed to when around his family. His strength is his mind, so he typically leaves the physical side of life up to his companions.
  • Pain: Almost ironic for a man who has spent so long fixing others to be scared of pain, but Deo has only had a small handful of injuries in his life, only one of them being dangerous. With such a distant relationship with pain, Deo finds the feeling very shocking, and hates the way it throws his mind into chaos and panic.