Cedric Stryder

Cedric is the youngest son of Luca Knight and Lyris Stryder, part of the litter leading to the matriarch's death. He was born alongside his littermate Nora Knight. Racing through his youth with a passion to do his best and live by the code of the Cavaliers, Cedric jumped through ranks quickly. He became one of the youngest to ever join the Brotherhood, and served a short term as the pack’s War Lord before claiming the leadership role of Lune to rule alongside Aldora Knight following a Plot to take over the pack.

He is father to many children, both by blood and by adoption.





E T C .


  • Nickname: Ced, Ceddy (rarely)
  • Pronunciation: Sed-rik
  • Meaning: Kindly and Loved or Bounty
  • Origin: Celtic
Wolf 82%
Dog 18%: Irish Setter + Rough Collie

P A C K ∙ I N F O R M A T I O N

O O C ∙ A S S U M P T I O N S !

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing him...
    • ... patrolling the pack or ordering other guards
    • ... training in the fort
    • ... checking in on members




  • Build and Size: Due to his mothers illness during his birth, Cedric doesn’t carry the usual height associated with the Knight gene. He is however still well-built and works his body every day to make sure it is strong.
  • Fur: Thick from his wolf heritage.
  • Humanization: Embraces this with his use of weapons and wearing a cloak, however finds clothing to be uncomfortable unless it’s fitted with armour or for fancy gatherings
  • Optime Hair: Kept short, reaches near his brow, very similar to his mother’s hair.
  • Scars and other Modifications:
  • Four jagged claw marks along his right cheek.
  • Smaller claw marks across his shoulder blades and collar bone.
  • Bite marks around his ankles and lower legs.
  • Large scar on the left side of his neck, staring just before the centre of the throat and ending just before his spine.
  • Long, straight scar diagonally over his back, starting from the right shoulder blade and ending before the left hip.
  • A long scar running the length of his left forearm, usually under bandages, his left hand now shakes when in use.


  • Preference: Optime
  • Height: 30 in (76.2 cm) in Lupus, 6ft 7in (79 in / 200 cm) in Optime
  • Weight: 83 lbs (38 kg) in Lupus, 254 lbs (115 kg) in Optime


  • Primarily Mystic, with Mystic brow spots as well. Over his back and saddle is Geyser and Submarine runs along his dorsal side. The lighter hue seeps in beneath his eyes, and overall acts as a blender between the other two colors. The darker hue covers the top of his snout and moves up atop his head, following along his spine and stops a little past the base of his tail; it briefly reaches out around where his neck and shoulders meet.
  • Eyes: Golden Bell
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Abbey


Submarine (#bdc7ca)
Geyser (#d2dadd)
Mystic (#dde5e9)
Golden Bell (#dd8315)
Abbey (#505557)


Family: Knight Stryder

Key Relationships

  • Luca Knight Cedric always looked up to his father as both the pack leader and a man Cedric wanted to make proud. The man had always believed in Cedric, even up until his death, and now Cedric hopes every day to be even half the man Luca was.
  • Fredrick Knight Cedric’s ward and adopted son, the boy remains ever in Cedric’s mind even after he ran away. All Cedric wants is to meet his son once more to make sure he is alright, and to tell Freddy how much he is loved.

Positive Relationships

  • Minerva Griffith Willing to mother his children and take care of them, Cedric considers Minerva an ear he can always talk to, and a trusted friend.
  • Aldora Knight Cedric is glad to stand at his cousin’s side to protect Casa. Before they stood side by side, Cedric looked to Aldora for advice and counsel, something that hasn’t changed even as Lune and Sola.
  • Armani Catori Cedric finds Armani to be a strong-willed woman but also a good listener and strong warrior.
  • Guinevere Callow-Knight With Guin being his mentor when Cedric was young, the man owes her greatly for helping him become who he is now.
  • All of Cedric’s Siblings Having a strong bond with his family, Cedric values all of his siblings and loves them dearly, hoping to do them proud in his position in Casa.

Neutral Relationships

  • Eros Damaichu Having drugged Cedric to try and understand what made the Stryder be who he is, Cedric continues to struggle to understand Eros. He trusts the man completely, but isn’t sure if Eros feels the same way.

Notable Associations


Lawful • Kind • Stubborn • Brave


Cedric wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks his words with the confidence of a man who almost always refuses to lie. His honesty comes with compassion, as the man tends to see the good in everyone and is especially kind to those in his pack. He is courageous to his core, refusing to back down even from fights that might endanger his life just to protect those he loves, and he stubbornly refuses to let anyone else down.

Where Cedric is a master in battle, he weakens in other more social situations. As a youth, Cedric struggled to talk to others, to remember words or figure out what to say without sounding blunt. Fortunately, adulthood has allowed the man to work around his difficulties and expand his vocabulary and understanding of others tenfold. The one thing Cedric still struggles with are his own emotions, as he can come across as emotionless often. Cedric loves to love, and he finds enjoyment in life, but he often doesn’t know what to do with such things and fails to show them. He has never cried due to his own need to be brave at all times, nor has he shown fear.


  • Speech: Low voice, sometimes almost monotone.
  • Scent: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Frowns a lot which can make him come off as annoyed, when in fact Cedric is used to putting on that face when focused or when deep in a conversation with someone.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Stands tall. Acts confident in his body language and is very focused.






  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • "Follows the laws of the pack"
    • "Protects the weak"
    • "Bring justice to those who have done wrong"
  • Protecting his pack
  • Serving his family
  • Becoming a Lune his father would be proud of
  • Death of family and friends
  • Breaking his oath
  • Dishonouring the family name
  • Asexual
  • Due to Cedric's social awkwardness and misunderstandings over a lot of complex emotions, he cannot fully grasp the idea of loving someone beyond a family bond. He feels no sexual desires, only joy and comfort when around certain individuals. He struggles to differentiate between the kinds of love and so will struggle when it comes to realising who he can fall in love with and how to express those feelings. It is likely that due to the discomfort of trying to understand his own emotions, Cedric will never fully embrace any sexuality or attraction, but will show his affections in his usual, comfortable manners of being protective and kind.



  • Worships Fenris, as well as fully believing in the spirits of his ancestors watching over him and guiding his actions.
  • Doesn't feel comfortable with the idea of drinking.
  • Was once drugged by Eros Damaichu, really wasn’t a fan.



  • Shield (Expert): From the moment he could choose a weapon Cedric picked a shield. He considers it an extension of himself, a tool to use to help him protect others. Cedric practices constantly with his shield, both in how to deflect, redirect and attack with it. He always carries it with him to get used to the weight of the 'weapon', and to ensure he always has an answer to anyone trying to infiltrate the pack.
  • Sword (Journeyman): Cedric's second weapon of choice, held in his off-hand, Cedric only relies on his sword to be a deterrent in combat. He has gotten used to wielding the sword and the technique behind it but doesn't always feel the need to draw the blade, relying more on his shield to do the work. Cedric does plan to master the sword just like his shield, to ensure the weapon is put to good use.
  • Tactics (Journeyman): Whilst lacking in book smarts, Cedric flourishes in the art of combat and tactics. He spends much of his time training and thinking up all sorts of scenarios and works on how to defeat them.
  • Endurance (Journeyman): Cedric fights with the attitude of taking one hit so he can dish out a better one. He doesn't mind taking blows, and has gotten used to soaking them in and ignoring pain. His style of battle relies on holding an impenetrable defence, and Cedric trains daily to maintain his endurance and stamina, to ensure he is a very hard wall to knock down.
  • Sailing (Apprentice): Learning from his father and Isaac, Cedric can run the Avalon ship fairly easily, though it is the only ship the man is confident in sailing.
  • Fishing (Apprentice): With what free time he has, Cedric will try to fish and bring in food for the pack or for himself so he doesn’t have to take from the pack’s stock.
  • Horse Handling (Apprentice): Helping out in the stables is a constant part of Cedric's schedule, and he takes his horse, Ulrich out for frequent trips or training.
  • Gardening (Novice): Since he had hands, Cedric was cleaning up the Fort. It isn't a regular chore of his, but one he does enjoy.
  • Long Ranged: Cedric has little to no experience with a bow, and his fighting style doesn't always fare well against long-ranged opponents with a good enough aim to get around his shield.
  • Negligence: Whilst Cedric's endurance is good, his attitude towards taking hits can lead to him neglecting his own health for the sake of winning a fight and protecting others. The man firmly believes that if it stops his loved ones from being hurt, he'll happily receive hit after hit.
  • Weak Left Hand: Thanks to a wound he suffered through his left arm, Cedric has nerve damage along the muscles in his hand. He works through them, but it prevents him from holding his sword for very long.
  • Reading: Due to his simple mind and possible dyslexia, Cedric really struggles to read, and often finds himself getting too frustrated or embarrassed to try and learn.
  • Socialising: Cedric has never been a talker. He speaks his mind and talks bluntly about everything which in some cases can be rude or misunderstood. However Cedric doesn't always know when he's done wrong or how to act in certain situations and can often become uncomfortable with talking further.
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