Thorn Hazeheart

Thorn Hazeheart

by Alley
Name MeaningSpiky thing on a branch
Name Origin-----
Date of Birth26/7/2010
Subspecies100% canis lupus lupus
Birth placeNorthern Nova Scotia
Current packCasa Di Cavalieri
'Souls Profile


Casa di Cavalieri

Joining date4/11/2012
Joining RankProva
Most Recent RankFamiglia
SignificanceAh got skillz
Co-RankHunter (Cilo)

Jazzy's first character, and probably her favorite :3

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1.  History

Thorn was born to be the "heir" to his father's trade business. His mother, one of three wives to his father was a slave, and was only a method to make children to carry on the trade. His father, Sharl, was a successful wolf of the trade. He had many carts of trading goods, which made him a very popular trading choice. However he was also well known for his cruelty to his family, and anyone who wasn't around to buy his goods. Naturally, this gifted him with many enemies. Thorn was the only male wolf to be born from Sharl's wives, and this made him the clear line to carrying on the trade. When he was old enough to change in and out of Optime form, his father gave him a bow and quiver, for the bow and arrow was a tradition that travelled down the family lines. Thorn showed a natural gift, and when his father wasn't filling his head full of trading knowledge, he was practising with his bow. But Sharl's enemies increased in numbers, and a peaceful life was soon destroyed. On the 2nd July 2011, only a week after his first birthday, these enemies took action. Thorn and Sharl were sleeping after travelling with a cart of alcohol, which his father had planned to trade with a small pack outside of Souls. Two older males, around 5 years, sneaked passed the sleeping wolves, and placed a rope they soaked in alcohol into the cart. They dragged the length of the rope to a safe distance- and lit it with flint and steel. 5 minutes later, covered by the deep night sky, the cart burst into flames. Sharl, being closer to the cart, was washed completely in boiling alcohol, which soon ignited on his body and set him alight. He died seconds later. Thorn was splashed with alcohol too, but it only covered half of his face and over his arm. The flames soon came, and the fur on his face and arm was instantly burned off, allowing the heat to eat into his skin. In pain and confusion, Thorn ran into the dark forest. He ran for around 2 minutes before the pain caused him to faint.

He woke up to find his vision in the eye that got covered had gone, and his hand and shoulder had been burned down into a pink, fleshy form. In less pain as the previous night, Thorn searched for water, and a plan of survival.

Since that day, Thorn has never returned to his family, he is afraid of showing himself to them. However, he looted some of the other carts his father owned, and took a hooded cloak, his beloved bow and quiver and one leather glove to cover his burnt hand. Now he travels Souls, looking for a new family and a new start.

[1] Thorn is attacked by a young wolf, losing his damaged eye and breaking Thorn. Luckily, the kind words and help from his pack has restored Thorn's confidence.

2.  Personality

Thorn has always been a quiet, solitary wolf who always keeps most thought to himself. Since the attack, he has become even more quiet and shy, mostly due to his appearance. He greatly respects nature, as for the first few days of recovery, rivers and natural shelters were the only things keeping him alive. He is a master hunter, but will never kill without respect for the prey he hunts. If he can, he always tries to kill his prey in the most painless possible way. He head is full of trading knowledge that his father forced into him, although after Sharl's death, that knowledge all but been forgotten. He shows kindness, but helpful acts that don't contain him using his bow are usually out of Thorn ability. Thorn has never been in a fight, and never plans to end up in one. If someone acts towards attacking him, he’ll run, knowing his chances of winning will be slim at close combat. But if he’s at a distance from an attacker, it should be the attacker running and not Thorn. His injuries have healed as much as they ever will, but they still cause spasms of pain on Thorn randomly. Many who have met Thorn claim to “see” the pain in his eyes, as his scars act as a constant reminder of the pain he was caused. Upon meeting Thorn, expect a shy, cautious wolf that will rarely speak.

Thorn has also realized that he had Agliophobia, a fear of pain. He has this fear for himself, but mostly for the pain of others, he doesn't like the idea of conflicting pain. Since now it hasn't effected him much, but he now finds himself choking up before firing an arrow at prey. This state has gotten worse after an attack by loner, Elysian Thavatora. He now also experiences hallucinations triggered by stress of strong changes in emotion. The hallucination is similar each time, of a shadowy figure taunting Thorn, with knives or just with words. This experiences are much more rare now, as Thorn had found distractions in his friends and new skills.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Father- Sharl Hazeheart
  • Mother- Rose Hazeheart

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

4.  Skills

  • Master archer
  • Guitar and singing
  • Carving wooden animals
  • Climbing

5.  Appearance

Thorn is best recognized by his scarred, burned face. Like a mask, the left side of his face is covered by pink flesh with no fur. He also has similar scars on his left shoulder and hand. The flames also burnt off half of his left ear. He is almost always seen in Optime form, because this form causes the least pain on his hand and shoulder. But if he is seen in Lupus form, he shows a feeling of pain when he walks. He wears dark green hooded cloak, which covers most of his body, except his underbelly. His burnt hand is usually covered by the dark brown leather glove, which protects it from getting cut by the thin rope of his bow. His bow is kept diagonally across his body, alongside his quiver. His good eye is minty green in colour, and his burnt eyes has turned white from the damage. His main fur colour is a grey-brown, with a strip of darker grey-brown across his back. His figure is thin and small, but also nimble. He doesn't have much muscle, but is quick at climbing and running. Also, such a small form gives him an edge when stalking prey. Due to a recent attack by Elysian, Thorn is now missing his left eye, and now wears a leather eye-patch at all times.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Prefers Optime


Second to Optime, Thorn finds discomfort in this form due to his scarred paw. His mane is slightly raised, in a darker tone to his body.


Very rare form, simliar to Lupus. Rather than being more muscular, Thorn is viewed more leggy and thin.


Most used form.

6.  Notable Threads