The Sadira Family

Sadira Family Tree.
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Sadira Family Statistics

Total Members—112+
Surviving Members—71+
Active Members—18+
Location—EVERYWHERE. No, seriously.

Sadira Family Foundation

First Member Location—Clouded Tears
First Member Date—~ 2003
First Member Name—Ceres Sadira
First Birth Location—Clouded Tears
Founding Parents—Ceres Sadira & Mars
Founding Birth Children—Jipurah Naal, Scarlette Eve, Acid, Azzia Tao,
Founding Birth Date—Feb 2 2003


The Sadira family is easily the largest family within 'Souls, encompassing over seventy-five members. The Sadira family is closely tied with the Soul family, having bred at least three litters between various family mates. The Sadira family also has a fair amount of coyote blood—the first litter of children conceived to the Sadiras was by the coyote Mars. The Sadiras are also marked by inbreeding—early on, Mars raped his daughter Scarlette Eve, fathering a litter of children, all of which perished. More recently, Haku Soul mated with his first cousins Firefly Sadira and Ember Phoenix, producing children with both.

They have been tied closely with Clouded Tears previously; Ceres Sadira was a leader in the pack for quite a long time, and several Sadira litters were also born there. More recently, they have been connected with Dahlia de Mai, Cour des Miracles, and Vinátta, though various family links place Sadiras in every pack in 'Souls, no seriously. They're everywhere, dude. The link to AniWaya is buried, as the mother of Haku Soul's children, Tayui Aston, has not publicized the litter's father.

Influence and Influences


For generations after the first, the parent that contributes the Sadira genes is bolded.

Original Sadira Family Tree

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation

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