Dagr Soul

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Dagr Soul is the only son of Palaydrian Soul of Vinátta and Aedan de Valence of Salsola, following a long inter-pack romance that ended in the violent miscarriage of his littermates. Dagr was born dysplastic in Vinátta and is limited to walking with a crutch; as such, he is on the pudgy side with a sunny, optimistic personality, albeit a little awkward.

After the late 2016 departure of his longtime mentor and protector Farina vin Haki from Vinátta to see the outside world, Dagr became restless with his station in life. After much consideration and the approval of his family, in May 2017 Dagr set out from Vinátta for the first time in his life with a quest: to see and learn as much of Nova Scotia as possible—and understand the lives and cultures of the other packs.

Dagr joined Krokar in late June 2017, and after a few months' stay and learning, headed west towards central Canada to continue his cultural journey. With Vinátta disbanded, Dagr intends to return to his family in Nova Scotia when the time is right.






  • Date of Birth: 31 December 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3 years
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • cNPC: —
  • mNPC: Niruin (falcon)



  • Nothing at the moment.
  • Dagr is always in optime form and walks with a crutch.
  • Several hidden traps can be found within a half-mile of Dagr's given sleeping area at any time, with or without trapped prey.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Nearly fully wolf in build and shape, Dagr is a man of bright and sunny colors true to his name and a pair of dual-colored eyes almost as if to represent sky and earth. Born with hip dyplasia, Dagr walks with a limp and must use a crutch to help with the pain; as he cannot run or effectively exercise as a result he is noticeably pudgy around his middle and face. Traditionally handsome with a contagious smile, he boasts a masculine figure and wide shoulders, but as he is unconcerned with appearances Dagr can commonly be found with muddy paws, tangled or clumped fur or even a few twigs somewhere in his wild, unkempt pelt. Bright, pudgy and limping, he is rather hard to miss. He wears the chipped and dirty Frithr necklace of Vinátta at all times and uses an old crutch, but has no other scars or markings. He wears a white button-up and denim jacket (reference) and black jeans.


 Sea Green (#28814F)
 Neptune (#8BB9BE)
 White Linen (#F9F5EB)
 Zombie (#E7D1A6)
 Vis Vis (#FFECA3)
 Indian Khaki (#C3B88D)
 Coffee (#766551)


  • Fur: Dagr's pelt is a variation of sunny golden colors inherited from his father and a few darker patterns from his mother.
  • Markings:
    • Darker limbs, head, and neck. Coffee-tipped ears.
    • White underbelly and brow dots.
    • Zombie and Indian Khaki ticks in the upper saddle, resulting in a smooth blend of color to gold.
  • Optime Hair: Unknown — not yet shifted.
  • Eyes: Sea Green left, Neptune right.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Coffee.



70 lbs (32 kg)30 in (76 cm)

Fully wolf in appearance with a crippled hind leg. Painfully average build, and visibly pudgy. Covered in dirt, sticks, etc.


150 lbs (68 kg)37 in (93 cm)

Pudge still visible, Dagr does not have any muscle mass due to a lack of exercise. This form is not used.

Optime (Preferred)

180 lbs (82 kg)6ft 3in (191 cm)

Tending to the tall side, Dagr's pudge remains but spreads out well. Endearing over intimidating, and walks with a crutch. Dirty feet, messy pelt, wild hair. Due to terrible pain in shifting, he is more or less permanently in Optime form.

2.  Personality



Sunny, bold, idealistic; a magnetic personality. Painfully likable. Intelligent and occasionally obsessive. Self-motivating, but clumsy and messy. Somewhat socially awkward and prone to fits and verbal tics. Determined to rise above his station. Bit of a hero syndrome with gratitude to many fiction books. Well-read, he enjoys stationary work and is good with his hands. Has big dreams, and refuses to be held back by his disability, though this may come off as naive. Heterosexual and daft to advances. Fears heavy snow and deep water.


  • Scent: Dirt, pine, Vinátta, Soul, and a heavy resemblance to his Salsolan father in natural scent.
  • Speech: Mid- to deep tones and scratchy, with a contagious laugh. Monotone, despite being expressive. Occasional Echolalia.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Always in optime, walks with a crutch. Tendency to obsess. Common to have things stuck in his hair or fur.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Completely ignorant to appearances and personal space, Dagr is warm and inviting in body language. He is unable to run or walk unassisted without severe pain.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Soul, Sadira, de Valence

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Palaydrian Soul: Palaydrian was Dagr's world as a youth, and a model for him as an adult. The two have always been close.
  • Farina vin Haki: Dagr's mentor and guardian growing up. Passionate yet rough around the edges, Dagr modeled himself after Farina and spent his first couple years ever in her shadow. Farina taught him various survival and social skills, including falcon-training and basic diplomacy. Like Dagr, she grew up in Vinatta and never left; she set off to see the outer world in late 2016, which motivated Dagr by mid-2017 to do the very same.

Positive Relations

  • Shiloh Dawnbringer: Oftentimes his babysitter growing up. Like Palaydrian, Shiloh is very patient with him.
  • Bran Stormbringer: Dagr's stepfather of sorts and the first father figure in his life. Dagr looks up to Bran and tries to emulate his strength as a pup, often growing frustrated when he can't seem to pull off even the simple things Bran can due to his handicap. He makes for a decent Bran impression, accent and all.


Minor Relations

  • Enemies: —
  • Murders: —

3.3  Inventory


  • Offering: —
  • Accepting: —

4.  History

Dagr was born to Palaydrian Soul in Vinatta on the last day of 2013. His birth was unexpected, for she had miscarried the three other members of his litter in some weeks previous and buried them after Dagr's father, Aedan de Valence, purposefully threw her into a hole. His birth was not reported to his father, and Aedan passed away (read: was murdered) before the two could ever meet. Dagr was born with hip dysplasia and grew up learning to endure it as normal; however, after his first shift, he has rarely if ever shifted back to four legs to the pain involved with skeletal and joint movement.

Dagr grew up content albeit somewhat sheltered in Vinatta, his meals provided for him with gratitude to his handicap. To pass the time, he took up reading—and became enamored with fiction of all kinds.

4.1  Post Log & Archives


Thought to be miscarried like his siblings, Dagr is born suddenly to Palaydrian Soul in Vinatta on the final day of 2013. As a pup, he struggles to keep up with his fellows due to his painful hip dysplasia, which he endures as normal. He idolizes the scouting tree of the Vinatta and dreams to become a Vald like his Aor Vald mother, but for obvious reasons this never comes to fruition. Once shifted to two legs, Dagr never shifts back due to the pain involved with his hip disfigurement.


  1. (NPC) [M] En nyttårsaften gave fra gudene (31 Dec 2013)
    After the trauma-induced miscarriage and premature birth of his three littermates just days before, Palaydrian Soul goes into labor suddenly and delivers one remaining child, Dagr, in Vinátta.
  2. (NPC) the night is darkest just before dawn (1 Jan)
    Fox Leaf Darkfire helps his adoptive mother in naming Dagr.
  3. (NPC) a new day (23 Jan)
    Packmate Aspen visits Palaydrian and three-week-old Dagr.
  4. (NPC) we built this city (24 Jan)
    Palaydrian walks her son around Jordheim, and play with Ascher and his children Orvar and Bel.
  5. (NPC) with the brightest of hopes (1 Feb)
    One-month-old Dagr celebrates his Ausa Vatni, the Vináttan puppy-naming ceremony, and receives his Frithr pendant alongside fellow youth Fionna, Ninian, Russano, Orvar and Bel.
  6. (NPC) dinner guests (21 Feb)
    Dagr visits uncle Bran with mama Palaydrian.
  7. (NPC) a feather fall of snow (7 Mar)
    Big brother Taro comes to chat with his mother about love.
  8. (NPC) it can only get better (early Apr)
    The little cripple spends some time with Palaydrian and half-brothers Taro and Tyris.
  9. (NPC) leave the valley to those of us who still care (18 May)
    Cody Rhiannon comes to inform his tier leader, Palaydrian, of his plans to leave Vinatta.
  10. the son of Delling urged on his horse (30 May)
    Palaydrian Soul spends time with her son and attempts to coax him out of a fit.
  11. little bird, little bird (30 May)
    Dagr spends the day with sitter Shiloh Dawnbringer.
  12. all children, except one, grow up (24 June)
    Leaf Darkfire takes Dagr for a stroll.
  13. a new generation springs forth (4 August)
    Palaydrian goes into labor alongside Dagr, who panics and runs.
  14. it's pulling me back (4 August)
    Triggered by seeing his mother go into sudden labor pain, Dagr shifts, very painfully, for the first time. He is found by Farina vin Haki.


Unable to effectively make himself useful, Dagr plateaus at the common rank of Hollr and spends the next two years following around his protector and mentor, Farina vin Haki, whom he idolizes and whose strength and sincerity he seeks to replicate. He reads often, becoming enamored with fiction texts, heroes, and adventure stories, and helps around his pack where able. Farina, tired of Vinattan pack life and eager to see the outside world, leaves in late 2016. Dagr, realizing himself to be in the same boat, is similarly inspired to see the world, and begins building the skills and resources he needs to survive on his own. With practice, he becomes remarkably skilled in trapping for food, fishing, basic scouting skills, and basic navigation and cartography. In early May of 2017, with the blessings of his friends and family, Dagr sets out north from Vinatta, taking with him Farina's falcon whom she had trained Dagr with, and left for him.

May-June 2017

Dagr sets out on his journey, meandering his way north and west from Vinatta en route to his first stop: Krokar. He tours the sights at his leisure as a loner, and survives off fish and animal traps. Unbeknownst to Dagr, Vinatta disbands shortly after his departure, and some of his family travels past him. Just as June turns to July, Dagr joins Krokar and strikes up a fast friendship with Salome de la Croix.


July 2017

Found often with Salome de la Croix or one of her cats, Dagr explores his new home in Krokar with unyielding excitement, though the amount of water gives him pause due to some phobias. He utilizes Farina's falcon, Niruin, to scout ahead an to make things easier. Dagr meets new packmates, but also reconnects with some ex-Vinattan friends and family... and learns both that Vinatta is no more, and that his half-sister Sannindi, Izrian Firebringer, has gone missing. Near the end of the month, he unexpectedly meets his half-sister and the ghost of his late father.


  1. my vision's clearer now
    Dagr catches up with his half-brother Sylven Firebringer, who informs him that Vinatta has disbanded.
  2. had to meet the devil just to know his name [M]
    With Syringa D'Angelo, Aedan de Valence (NPC).

August 2017

Dagr continues to assimilate himself into Krokaran culture slowly but surely, and spends most of the month taking in the pack. He finds the amount of water in Krokar both beautiful and exhausting, and continues to struggle with fears of deep water.


  1. settle down
    Dagr takes some time in a church.
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