Russano is the son of Niernan Stormbringer and Colibri Haki, brother of Fionna Vin Haki and Ninian Stormbringer. Half brother to Lochlan Stormbringer and Teagan Stormbringer.





Art by Nat

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  • Date of Birth: 25th November 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: None
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: N/A
    • Co-Rank: N/A

Note: Percentages rounded to the nearest whole number

  • cNPC: None
  • yNPC: None
  • Companion Animals:

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Characters may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Russano be tall and doofy.
    • Seeing Russ with his cat Kari




  • Species: A super wolfy wolf, with wolf like features, from his wolfy face to his wolfy tail and wolfy toes.
  • Fur: His pelt is thick and lustrous with a dense and downy undercoat that is protected by longer, coarser guard hairs. Rough and slightly waxy to the touch, sheds water easily, never lies completely flat creating 'spiky' look.
    • Optime Hair: The majority of his long hair is swept back from a widows peak into a chunky braid that starts at the back of his head and rests between his shoulder blades. The rest of his long hair hangs loose about his shoulders, though is always pushed away from his face. Two long hanks of hair bound with thin leather straps hang from behind his left ear.
  • Facial Features: His facial features are distinctly masculine; his jawline is strong and heavy with slightly longer fur that runs all along the underside. His muzzle is blunt and slightly broader than the average wolfs, though it looks in perfect proportion to the rest of his face, which is also broad. His brow slopes to meet his muzzle with a typical canine stop. He has three scars on the left side of his muzzle, two of which have taken notches from his lip. He also has a scar that bisects his left eyebrow.
  • Build and Size: Russano is large of stature; he is tall and broad. He stands a head over his father and dwarfs his mother and sisters. He is broad of shoulder and chest with a waist that only tapers slightly in to then sweep out again into sturdy hips and well-muscled legs. His thick fur makes him look thicker than he is; he has not an ounce of fat on him and is in fact trim and fit with defined musculature.
  • Humanization: Russano is relatively humanised, he is most often found in Optime form, though will also use Secui and Lupus for more primal purposes. When in Optime will almost always be found wearing Clothes and Accessories.


  • Fur:
    • Primary coat color: Grey
    • Secondary coat color: Black
    • Tertiary coat colour: White
  • Markings:
    • Black Badger stripes from top of head to either side of muzzle
    • Central white stripe that runs from top of nose to the back of his head.
    • White cheeks and underbelly.
    • Dark grey saddle marking.
    • Medium grey main coat
    • Light grey border between main coat and belly which extends to the backs of the legs.
    • Black half leg socks.
  • Eyes: Pale, icy blue.
  • Optime Hair: Central white stripe, the rest is black at the roots which fades to a lighter grey at the tips.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Perano (#B4D6F2)
White (#FDFDFD)
Dove Grey (#6B6A6A)
Tundora (#454444)
Mine Shaft (#282828)
Cod Grey (#1B1B1B)
Black (#000000)


120 lbs (54 kg)
39 in (99 cm)


In Lupus he is a larger than average wolf, heavily built and thickly furred, but a wolf nonetheless.

210 lbs (95 kg)
43 in (109 cm)


In Secui he becomes a gargantuan beast with hulking shoulders and long, heavily muscled hind legs. His coat fills out more and becomes very harsh to the touch.

270 lbs (122 kg)
7 ft, 3 in (221 cm)


Is most often in this form. He towers over most others, he is tall and broad, well muscled but hidden beneath thick, 'poofy' fur. His hair is long and mostly braided, with the rest hanging loose about his shoulders. Usually bare-chested with a pair of mostly intact tan/brown cargo trousers.



  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Three slightly curved scars on left side of muzzle, two notch the lip.
    • Vertical eyebrow scar bisecting left eyebrow.
    • Long, thin scar down outside edge of right elbow.
    • Two claw scars across right hip, angled towards groin.


  • Necklaces:
    • Battered Frithr pendant on leather thong.
    • Carved Badger totem on leather thong.
    • Robust chain with dark metal dual snakes (Loki's symbol) pendant.


  • Well used tan or brown cargo trousers, modified to be calf length shorts.


  • Speech:
    • Has a deep, soft bass voice.
    • Keeps his tone low and gentle most of the time.
    • When angered his voice booms and holds dominance and power.
    • Slight Irish lilt
  • Scent:
    • Pack: Fading Vinátta
    • Families: Stormbringer.
    • Individual Traits: Earthy, green growing things, cats.
  • Body Language:
    • Usually carries himself erect and to his full height, open with his body language and free of movement.
    • When aware that others are uncomfortable with his height he will stoop to appear a little smaller.
    • Is confident and precise in his movements, always uses the necessary force, no more and no less.
    • Ears usually up and alert, tail held relaxed and comfortably.
  • Residence and NPC's:
    • Nowhere :(
    • NPC: Silver tabby queen Kari



Russano is a gentle giant. He is aware of his imposing height and breadth as it has been the subject of his siblings jokes many a time, but he can't fully understand how people could be scared of him. As far as he is aware he is a good guy and that shows through, despite his overall intimidating appearance, coupled with his determined stoic-ness and his somewhat terrifying resting 'bitch-face'.

He comes across as the strong, silent type that silently disapproves while in actuality he would like to join in with silliness and play, but he fears that he would hurt someone. He knows how strong he is, but he's scared that in the moment he would lose control and hurt others, so he restrains himself, which has resulted in his rather sere appearance.

While he would like to engage more with others he is mostly an introverted individual and enjoys time by himself or with one other person. As such he has a passion for animal husbandry and gardening that he inherited from both parents.

Underneath the top layer of gentle giant, stoic stern face and introverted weirdo lies a hidden and constantly burning pit of warriors spirit. This is something that Russano is terrified of; while in the Solbjorg he learned of his families proclivity for madness and fears that eventually his temper will conquer him and the madness will take over. He stamps down his temper anytime it begins to show, unbeknownst to him this is only making it worse and one day he is likely to just snap.

When truly angered he slips into a berserk state that he calls the 'Bloodwrath' for the red tinge that colours his sight when he is in it. When in this state anything is fair game, he can rarely tell the difference between friend and foe. Though when he exits the state he instantly regrets everything and is often incredibly saddened by anything that he has done, wanting nothing more than to leave the area and be alone before coming back later to make amends if possible.



  • Likes: Family, animals, plants, walking, sparring and weapons training.
  • Dislikes: Disloyalty, unnecessary violence, any violence towards animals, disrespect to the natural world.


Calm, quiet, underlying hot temper,

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Introverted
  • Alignment: neutral good


  • Loss of family, inheriting the family madness, going berserk, hurting others.


  • Thingssss


  • Packs: Vinátta is the best pack ever! VN allies are OK too, I guess...
  • Species: Non-biased.
  • Non-Luperci: Is somewhat biased towards Luperci due to being one himself, though doesn't judge non-Luperci, sometimes holds the belief that non-Luperci are closer to nature.
  • Gender: non-biased, respects all genders.
  • Color: non-biased.
  • Sexuality: Accepting and understanding of sexualities and relationships.
  • Age: Believes that the old and very young are to be cared for, is generous and charitable to both age groups.


  • Pansexual
    • Attraction is random.
    • Likes strong personalities.
    • Is hesitant to flirt to begin with but can become cheeky and a little dirty once opened up.
    • Isn't easily seduced.


  • Has drunk and will drink alcohol, but is wary due to his fathers warnings.
  • Has never smoked, unlikely to.
  • Has no desire to try any other substances but is not overly judgemental of those that do.


Believes in the Norse Gods.

  • Family deity is Loki - represented in his pendant.
  • Feels his personal Gods/Godesses are the twins Freyr and Freyja.


* Does not know this person by name.

Family: Stormbringer-Dawnrunner + Soul-Sadira


Key Relations

Positive Relations

  • Thyri Dawnbringer Cousin and friend. Thyri was one of the first Vináttans that Russano ran into when he returned from the Solbjorg. He enjoys his cousins company and is happy to spend time with her. They are hunting buddies!
  • Izrian Firebringer Another cousin and friend. Izzy manages to draw out Russano's more playful side. They are sparring buddies!

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations




  • Education and Learning: Has been taught all he knows from his mother and through his own experimentation.
  • Skill (Apprentice): Is a competent gardener but still has things to learn.

Animal Husbandry

  • Education and Learning: Is something he has a natural affinity for and what he has learned from his father. Learned most of what he knows of horses from caring for his fathers pair, Nanna and Darcy, on the trip to the Solbjorg.
  • Skill (Apprentice): While competent and confident in his abilities he does know that he has much to learn as he only really knows how to care for horses and cats.
  • Learning to work with other species of livestock.


Born in VN to Coli and Nier on 25th Nov 2013 at the Futhark falls in the hollow trunk of the old oak tree.