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By Kiri!

Florina Soul is the daughter of Colibri Haki (the product of an assault, though she has no knowledge of her sire or the nature of her conception). She was born in Vinátta's first litter in 2012, alongside two sisters. She was raised by her mother until a traumatic event in the spring of 2013 pushed her to run away to neighboring New Dawn.

She served them faithfully for a year as an Epsilon guardian, before she finally returned to Vinátta in 2014 and forcibly replaced her mother as the Sannindi subleader. Saul's subsequent departure left her solely in charge of the pack until June 2016, when she decided to trade places with her protege, Izrian Firebringer, and return to a more comfortable guardian role.

Besides her role in Vinátta, Florina is best known for her rare genetic condition called congenital analgesia[1], which renders her unable to distinguish temperatures or feel physical pain of any intensity. This isolation incidentally led to her unusual personality disorder[2].

In the 2013 'Souls Yearbook, Florina was aptly awarded the superlative "Least Likely To Be Like Their Parent(s)". Florina was also the Spotlight Soul for April 2014.






  • Date of Birth: 14 September 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: forest den, Vinátta
  • Pack: Vinátta (14 Sep 2012)
  • Rank: Sannindi (15 Mar 2014) Araedi Ríkr (Jun 2016)
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —



  • Does your loner/troublemaker need to get roughed up? Flori punches first and asks questions never! :D
  • Perhaps your VN character wishes to air a grievance or question her methods?
  • Florina has few allies and friends in VN. Perhaps your character wants to get to know her?

Vinátta members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Brief general conversations (e.g., reporting all is well).
  • Seeing Flori about VN: esp. patrolling borders, hunting, swimming alone, in woods around Farina's den, etc.

PM to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP (e.g., caught an identifiable trespasser, asking permission for something, etc).

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Her overall looks tend to favor her arctic/timber wolf ancestry, with superficial dog influence in her coat; as a typical mid-content wolfdog, Florina is somewhat leaner and longer in the legs than a pure wolf, and her ears are tall and thick like a GSD. She has wide paws, which become heavy hands when shifted.
  • Fur: Spring and fall are marked by heavy shedding. Regardless of the season, her double coat is generally heavy and plush. Her pelt colors change subtly with the seasons, with more shades of brown present during the warm months, and paler shades of cream visible during the cold months. There is always a splash of white on her throat and muzzle. Her pelt grew in long and wavy as she got older; as a puppy she was very fluffy and her fur matted easily.
    • Optime Hair: Her wavy white mane cascades over her shoulders and down her back. Her only vanity; she combs it with her fingers to keep the unruly hair from tangling, and she ties a pair of modified pigtails to frame her face. Her mane is snowy-white regardless of season.
  • Facial Features: Strong, heavy features, long muzzle; lacking expression. She shares the same German Shepherd beauty marks on her cheekbones as her sisters. Her silver eyes could be a diluted form of her father's black irises, or a throwback to her maternal great-grandmother. Sometimes there are glimmers of blue visible in her irises, other times they are a solid stormy grey.
  • Build and Size: Florina's size averages between that of her sisters, setting her as markedly tall for a female and of average size for a wolf. She is hard-muscled and heavy-boned, sheer strength replacing the subtlety of feminine grace. Florina has a pair of long scars running from her right hip down to her ankle, and is often seen with minor cuts and bruises on her paws and muzzle which she does not realize because of her condition.
  • Humanization: Low. She is not particularly hygienic, and thinks nothing of having mud, sticks, or mats in her fur. She wears her wooden pendant around her throat in all her forms, and it is battered from a lifetime of wear and tear. Recently she has been seen with a pair of blue jay feathers tied to the necklace cord for sentimental reasons.


Pipi (#FEF3CF)
Putty (#E1CC89)
Domino (#908259)
Chamois (#E8D0A1)
Husk (#B89755)
Tobacco (#685A3F)
Sanguine (#963D3D)
Gimblet (#B7A670)
Silver (#BFBFBF)
Desert Storm (#F8F8F7)
  • Fur: Her pelt is a soft blend of diluted cream (Pipi/Chamois). Her cold-weather coat is lighter and more tawny; her warm-weather coat is earthy brown.
  • Markings:
    • A faded tan (Putty/Husk) saddle envelops her hindquarters and tail, marks ear tips, cheeks, eyebrows.
    • Darkest hue (Domino/Tobacco) as "beauty marks", foreleg sleeves, "cap" between ears.
    • Throat, muzzle, and toes are white (Desert Storm).
  • Eyes: Silver (occasional shades of blue visible)
  • Optime Hair: Desert Storm
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Gimblet
  • Scars: Sanguine

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Feb 2014, parallel pair of long curving scars from her right hip down to her ankle, caused by bear claws.
    • Often minor cuts/bruises she does not notice (usually around her paws and muzzle).


  • Always wears her Frithr necklace, the symbol of her loyalty to Vinátta.
  • Various ribbons/beads used to tie her Optime hair; typically blue.
  • Recently added pair of blue jay feathers to the necklace cord; will tie them in her pigtails in Optime form.


115 lbs (52 kg)
32 in (82 cm)


Sleek and leggy, she is physically strong and appears fit. She is fearless in posture, often with her tail and head held high. Does not bother with much personal hygiene, so it is common to see her with twigs or leaves in her fur, and small cuts and bruises from exploration. Her fur is long and wavier than a wolf's pelt, betraying her dog heritage.

220 lbs (100 kg)
40 in (102 cm)


A powerful beast. Her fur hangs in thick ropes off her body. Visibly muscular and proud of it, she dares anyone to challenge her in this form. This is her most wolfish form, only her tall ears hint that she is a wolfdog.

235 lbs (107 kg)
6 ft 5 in (193 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Surprisingly heavy/solid. She stands tall and dominant with broad shoulders, often appearing unfriendly or cold. Relies more on body language than facial expressions. Her dog ears are especially evident in this form, standing much taller than a wolf's.


  • Scent: Strongly Vináttan; wolf scent markers, mountain air, stone, evergreen. Blends with her bold personal perfume of earthy musk, sage, sea salt, river mud. Very outdoorsy, more pungent when wet. Barely recognizable as Soul family.
  • Speech: She speaks quickly and impatiently, often with sentence fragments when she is not reverting to grunts/barks/whines. Has no discernible accent. Often loud, with a lower alto voice.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Stares openly and unblinkingly when something interests her, like a scar. When disinterested, will completely ignore the one addressing her. Fidgets when stuck in one place for too long. Does not respect personal boundaries well, ie: poking someone to see if they are awake.
  • General Posture and Body Language: She stands tall and dominant, often appearing unfriendly or cold. Relies more on body language than facial expressions. Rarely smiles, except for during physical activity (playing, hunting, fighting, etc). When impressed by authority, is stand-offish so as not to risk offense.


2.  Personality

The Stoic . Dumb Muscle . Feel No Pain . Bruiser with a Soft Center . Female Misogynist . Innocently Insensitive . No Social Skills

Best described as a schizoid personality (possibly extending into the autistic spectrum), with internalized elitist narcissistic features. Florina often comes across as gruff or cold in her interactions, though she has a tendency to purposely test how others react, and may soften her words once someone has gained her trust or admiration. Her facial cues are often lacking -- she does not smile often, unless enjoying a simple physical pleasure such as running. She expresses herself physically, such as nipping when annoyed, or a punch on the arm to someone she likes. She does not handle criticism well, especially from leader figures. She is hardheaded, both figuratively and literally, and relies more on primal instincts than intelligent reasoning. She lives by routines she sets for herself, and shuns most comforts and possessions as they are nothing but distractions. She values physical strength and prowess as the most valuable skillset available, and regards pacifists/artists/healers with thinly veiled disdain (and occasionally envy as she lacks creativity).

Florina is a tomboy in every sense of the word (and tends to view her gender with derision). She typically believes herself superior to "normal" Luperci due to her genetic condition, and seeks praise from authority figures to validate this. Occasionally this may lead to her acting arrogant or even cruel (esp. toward handicapped or elderly individuals), but she ultimately follows a strict moral code and chooses to protect her packmates from outside threats. She tends to be self-sacrificing should the situation call for it, since she feels she can handle any aftermath. Florina shows aromantic tendencies, and is uninterested in pursuing traditional mateship or procreation at this stage in her life. This is due in part to her difficulty processing emotions, which she prefers to push down and ignore. An emotional bond is hard for her to accept or explain, but expressing herself physically through sex may prove easier for her. She would rather be disliked for her coldness than reveal her vulnerability about the few she holds dear. Her lack of empathy also extends to her black-and-white view of pack law -- she feels zero regret for having killed those who threaten her home, and is even proud to fulfill her duty and put them down. She is likely to brag about her exploits when she is in a good mood, though remains silent and brooding when in a bad mood.

Florina remains devoted to her sisters and mother, but not openly affectionate, as she struggles to display any kind of honest emotion other than anger. Causing physical pain to her loved ones is her greatest fear, but she discounts their emotional pain as unimportant. She has a marked difficulty empathizing with others, and is annoyed by most displays of emotion such as crying, causing her to be snappy or get physical. She maintains a strong interest in her birthpack's values and Ásatrú religion, particularly her matron goddess Freya and the Valkyries. She pictures herself as a warrior like one of them. She does not care who her father was, believing herself to be blessed by the gods and therefore more influenced by them than her heritage. She also believes herself to be invincible, which gives her a narcissistic attitude. She endeavors to explore her inability to feel pain, due to her "congenital analgesia"[3].

Growing up, Florina was odd; with different fur colors and a different surname, she was set apart from her sisters and seemed to relish being an outsider. She was inquisitive and fearless, was never fazed by the bullying of her larger sibling Farina, and delighted in bullying her smaller sibling Fiora. Sometimes she was purposely antagonistic to other pups her age, trying to goad and provoke others around her just to see their reactions. Her boldness stemmed from her inability to feel pain -- there was never any negative repercussion from her actions. She has a fondness for birds and water.

2.1  Ideals


Stubborn, Curious, Impatient, Arrogant, Judgmental, Unsympathetic, Fiercely Loyal

  • Themesong: Warriors, Imagine Dragons
  • Personality Type: MBTI - ISTJ, Keirsey - Inspector
  • Outlook: Pragmatic, she takes things as they come and rarely thinks about the future.
  • Expression: Blunt when she speaks her mind, private with feelings. Dominant expressions and superior attitude.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • "Will give her life in defense of her community."
    • "Respects the authority figures in her family and obeys their mandates."
    • "Feels guilt when she commits a wrongdoing and will seek to right her wrong."
    • "Will not want to disappoint her family."
    • "Considers public service in a leadership role an honor."


  • Likes: Physical training, esp. fighting, hunting, exploring, swimming. Birds. Water. Norse mythology. She works out.
  • Dislikes: Sitting still, lectures, waiting for anything. Emotional displays. Pregnancy. Companion animals that she doesn't get to eat.


  • Weakness and loss of control, hurting those she loves, being handicapped, rejection from pack community, losing her invincibility/blessing and becoming normal, pregnancy.


  • Power, physical strength, respect, being the best and making others jealous for it, being important to the pack, fulfilling the intentions of her matron goddess.


  • Packs: Strongly favors Vinátta and New Dawn; suspicious of Anathema.
  • Species: None so far; grew up with various hybrids and even a fox, so she is open-minded in this aspect.
  • Non-Luperci: Not really a bias, but shifting was her greatest goal as a puppy. Might believe Non-Luperci are missing out.
  • Gender: Could be considered a misogynist; possibly some misplaced gender dysphoria regarding her own body. Grew up in an all-female household, but often relates to males more easily and wants to be seen as one of the guys. Quick to dismiss maternal females as weak, no matter how untrue this could be.
  • Sexuality: Tends to ignore this sort of thing; to each his own. Judgmental of those who allow lust to control them, however.
  • Age: Only respects those fit enough to fight, so young pups and the elderly are useless unless they have interesting personalities. Sometimes warms up to certain puppies, but not as a rule.


  • Kinsey 1: "Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual"
  • Aromantic tendencies, is possessive rather than loving

She is poor at empathizing with others and is uninterested in pursuing traditional mateship. She is however drawn to strong masculine figures, and may be physically attracted to them if they can prove their dominance. An emotional bond is hard for her to accept or explain, but expressing herself physically through sex may prove easier for her. Finds the notion of pregnancy repulsive and does not want offspring, though she does not fully understand the mechanics of reproduction (even after a miscarriage).


On her own, Florina is unlikely to experiment with anything that could weaken her reflexes or dull her senses. However, others can (and have) goaded her into trying new things that she does not fully understand. She becomes especially detached when under the influence.


Raised with Vinátta's Norse mythology, Florina privately views herself as a devotee of Freya[4], her matron deity and fultrui. She is fascinated by the notion of Valkyries and as a puppy, yearned to join them. She attributes her inability to feel pain to be Freya's blessing, and a sign that she is destined to be a great warrior. (This could be seen as her response to the Stormbringer family claiming to be descendants of Fenrir, and her desire to be one of them.) She does not regularly pray or practice rituals, believing that using her talents is the best way to pay tribute for them. She does, however, utter prayers or invocations during times of great duress, and has had several spiritual experiences and "visions" (due to extenuating circumstances such as high fever and smoke inhalation).

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Colibri Haki: Florina's biggest complex. Her mother is someone she wants to protect but often treats coldly. Flori feels indebted to Coli for having caused her pain in the past, and is generally conflicted regarding her weak-willed and neglectful single parent. Wants Coli's forgiveness, and is trying to earn this by shouldering her duties and being a better leader. Feels abandoned now that Colibri left the pack? But can never admit this? IT'S COMPLICATED.
  • Kerrian Demos: Her closest friend and secret lover in New Dawn; not so secret when he follows her to Vinátta and keeps proposing. Florina claims he is just a nuisance but does harbor feelings for him, which is a sore spot and makes her possessive and surly if questioned about it. The end result is a somewhat abusive/unhealthy relationship. They started as rivals of sorts, and still get physical and challenge each other for dominance.
  • Auguste Aston: Her childhood friend, just recently reconnected as adults. Has a soft spot for him since they ran away together as kids; still trusts him more than most, since he's proven his loyalty to her. (Low-key resented his parents Anu and Tayui for separating them, but that's ancient history now.)

3.2  Family: Soul & Sadira-Nasphrite

3.3  Other Relations


  • Izrian, despite being the daughter of disapproving council members Bran and Palaydrian, seems quite promising to Florina. She has taken an interest in the aspiring Araedi, however aloof she may act to hide this.
  • Thyri is, to Florina, a young Shiloh-in-the-making. She is fond of the ambitious scout and warrior-in-training, though she doesn't show it.
  • Veyra was a hunting partner when they were packmates, still considered a friend. They bonded over being the outsiders in New Dawn, but are now leading different lives.
  • Lyris was a packmate and kindred spirit - not exactly a friend in Florina's eyes, but someone she likes to know exists, wherever their divergent paths lead them.
  • Leaf the fox cub was someone she teased when they were kids; now they are snarky at each other as adults.
  • Krys was a friendly rival (who secretly reminds her of Sóli). Rescued from abduction.
  • Keylo, Altair, Fayne, Athena, Ciara, Lucia, Kiara, X'yrin -- acquaintances from New Dawn/Sangi'lak.
  • Acquainted with all of Vinátta and most of the Stormbringer family!

Family Relations

  • Fiora vin Haki is a source of aggravation/jealousy, since Fio shifted far sooner than her sisters, and Florina thinks everyone likes Fiora more than her (which is sometimes true due to their dispositions). She still wants to protect her fragile sibling, but wants to hurt her as well (especially when she gets close to Kerrian).
  • Farina vin Haki used to fill the role of rival but their relationship is (slowly) maturing. They're similarly headstrong and short-tempered which is why sometimes they clash, though occasionally they share an unspoken understanding. Florina feels like Farina "gets" her, which is rare and therefore valued (not that she expresses this well as her roommate).
  • Niernan Stormbringer is her mom's mate. They tend to bicker; she feels like he judges her, though she honestly doesn't dislike him.
  • Ninian Stormbringer is her half-sister who took an interest in her. Florina allows the strangely silent youth to follow and mimic her, mostly since she finds her hunting and scouting talents useful, though there is a slight fondness because of memories of Sóli.
  • Sólieri Stormbringer is Florina's favorite cousin; they grew up together like littermates and often got into mischief together. They were very close until the day Florina ran away from home, when they parted on poor terms and did not reconcile until their first birthday. Now Sóli is missing, and it weighs heavily on Florina that she wasn't there to protect her.
  • Russano Stormbringer & Fionna vin Haki are her other half-siblings. She doesn't have much contact with them, and therefore doesn't concern herself with their development.
  • Lilin Soulstorm is her aunt, and something of a second mother due to all the time she spent at Saul and Lilin's home. They both went their separate ways in April 2013, and lost contact.
  • Toby: The father she never met. Only Colibri, Saul, and Lilin know his name, and it's a secret. (Or is it??)

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Saul Stormbringer was the closest thing to a father in Florina's life. "Uncle" Saul taught her much and treated her like one of his own. She admired him and wanted his respect, but he left the pack in her hands. She wants to surpass his memory, but lacks his compassion.
  • Shiloh Dawnbringer was once her babysitter, then a political adviser and guide. Trusts Shi more than most due to her honesty and ferocity. Quietly misses having her around since her retirement to Cour des Miracles, but views her daughter as an acceptable replacement.
  • Zalen Damaichu was a beloved leader and role model during Florina's time in New Dawn; she later came to see him as a father due to her relationship with Kerrian, and his passing hurt her. She gained some closure after she spoke to his "spirit" from the afterlife, though this was actually Kerrian during a fevered hallucination.
  • Raeka Rain was her alpha, someone whom she deeply admired. Wanted to earn her respect once she reached the same level, but never reconnected before the woman's illness and subsequent death.
  • Lund & Rúni were like the brothers she never had. She left them behind in April 2013, and they each left before her homecoming.

4.  History

Previous Packs and Ranks

Vinátta (Mar 2014 - current)
New Dawn (Apr 2013 - Mar 2014)
Subord, Epsilon
Vinátta (Sep 2012 - Apr 2013)

4.1  Year One

Florina was born in Vinátta's first litter, late at night on September 14, 2012. There were complications that nearly claimed their mother's life, but Colibri Haki recovered to raise her daughters by herself. It was a closely guarded secret that their conception was non-consensual, and that their dog father would be attacked on sight if he attempted to see them. Florina spent much of her early childhood living with her cousins Lund, Rúni, and Sólieri, and extended family Auntie Lilin and Uncle Saul. They weather the Hurricane in safety, though Florina was unresponsive to the cold rain nor the warm fire she was dried off in front of. This planted a seed of doubt that something could be wrong with her. She is given her Frithr pendant and blessed by the Godja in the Norse tradition, when she is about five weeks old. When they reach two months of age, the sisters officially move back into Coli's house and are given more freedom to wander about the pack. In December, a girl from Anathema named Rin moves in with them, and though she soon leaves Florina is interested in her surly attitude and learned a few choice swear words. Flori explored all over Jordheim and was insatiably curious as a puppy. Her childhood is largely uneventful until an incident occurs in January 2013. Uncle Saul's gyrfalcon attempts to carry her away as prey -- but her reaction is anything but fearful. Florina is overjoyed to fly on wings of white, completely misinterpreting the situation. It finally reveals the condition she was born with: "congenital analgesia"[7], which renders her unable to distinguish temperatures or feel (and has never felt) physical pain. Flying in the falcon's talons is a vivid memory of pure joy.

As the siblings grow into adolescence, Fiora is the first to shift, something which sours her relationship with Florina. Flori is painfully jealous, already aware that Fiora is their mother's favorite and most of the pack seems to prefer her shy sister. Florina grows restless and resentful, throwing herself into tasks like hunting and scouting with the hopes that it will unlock her own potential to shift. In the springtime an incident unfolds where Colibri attempts to counsel Flori, and instead of calming her, Florina's frustration causes her to snap and injure her mother. She panics and calls Niernan for help, but quickly realizes she can't face her mother again and must leave the pack. One of her only friends, a younger boy named Auguste Aston, offers to go with her so that she does not have to be alone. She accepts his offer, remaining only long enough to say goodbye to Sólieri and Fiora, before she and Auggie run away from home. Florina endeavors to protect her young friend, and recalls stories her mother told her about the nearby pack, New Dawn. She leads Auguste to their borders where they are accepted by Zalen Damaichu. However, they are tracked by Tayui Aston and Anu, who ultimately bring Auggie back home with them. On her own, Florina slowly begins to branch out and find her place in New Dawn, though she continues to wear her Frithr pendant to remind her of Vinátta.

In May, she goes out in a thunderstorm and triggers her first shift, something she reacts to with mixed emotions given that it was the main reason she left home. She works hard over the summer, hunting, training, and working out every chance she gets. She is given a chance to prove herself in the form of the Ironside Conflict; one of Vinátta's enemies escapes them, and she intercepts the wounded loner, recognizes the scent of her family, and brutally kills the wolf. Florina feels no remorse, knowing that her family is now safer and that she is one step closer to redemption. Florina's hard work pays off when she earns the warrior rank of Epsilon. A conflict soon arises closer to home when Krys Sawtooth is kidnapped by trespassers in New Dawn, and Flori is quick to join the rescue party. During the resulting skirmish, Florina singles out a club-wielding male and is fiercely beaten, but still manages to kill him and prove her worth in front of her alphas. She develops a semi-abusive friendship with Kerrian Demos, and frequently spars with him to let off her restless energy.

Thoughts of her old home are set aside until Fiora pays her a surprise visit. Florina is thrown by seeing her sister so unexpectedly, and spills more emotions than she thought she had. Rankled and upset by her own apparent weakness, Flori agrees to travel with Kerrian for combat training. They return and take part in an ill-fated pack hunt led by Raeka Rain, during which lightning strikes and sets the field on fire. As her packmates scatter and one perishes, Florina is hypnotized by the flames and feels something spiritual calling to her, although the smoke inhalation soon makes her delirious and she is forced to flee.

4.2  Year Two

As summer turns to fall, Florina reaches her first birthday. She handles her inner turmoil with more maturity when she is visited by Niernan and then Sólieri, but it still shakes her to see old faces. Surprisingly it is Farina who affects her the most, as her sister convinces her that there is still a place for her in Vinátta. Meanwhile her friendly rival Kerrian continues to be her punching bag up until the end of October, when they had a wrestling match and he accidentally suffocated her. When she regained consciousness, she realizes unhappily that she is no longer in control of him because he can beat her. Needing some time away from obsessing over Kerrian, Florina accepts a diplomatic mission that sends her to visit her old pack for the first time since the incident, and sees her mother is pregnant. Colibri extracts a promise that Florina will return to see her new siblings, and though she is uncomfortable being around her family again, Florina no longer considers herself outcast. Shortly after her return to New Dawn, she finds herself irritable and unusually aggressive, and learns it is the beginning of her estrus cycle. As many of the pack's females cycle all at once, Florina is disgusted by the hormones and sulks away from the drama until it is over.

Come January, Raeka organizes an interpack celebration that is open to youths of their allies, Vinátta and Casa di Cavalieri, and Florina finds herself visiting her birthpack again. She meets her infant siblings Russano Stormbringer, Fionna vin Haki, and Ninian Stormbringer, but sees her mother is in poor health and is struggling to keep up with her Sannindi duties. Florina wants to ease her burden as a way to repay her debt, but Colibri urges her not to worry. Florina then goes to the celebration in a foul mood which leads to a heated argument with Kerrian. Alcohol is involved, and before she can wrap her mind around what happened, Florina and Kerrian lose their virginity together. It is strictly forbidden by pack law to copulate outside of mateship, and so their budding romance became an illicit affair when Florina stubbornly decides to continue informally hooking up with him. She takes a break by paying another visit to Vinátta, this time to view her siblings' baptismal ceremony, only to grow more frustrated upon seeing her mother is still unhealthy and distracted. The morning of her return, New Dawn rallies a call to arms as the killer bear was spotted in their territory again. Florina jumps at the opportunity to blow off steam and helps bring down the beast, though she takes a severe injury that dislocates her hip. While she is forced to rest and heal, Florina finally attempts to process her feelings and realizes if she is willing to risk her hard-earned rank over Kerrian, she should consider the possibility of making him her official mate. However, she balks at the concept of bearing puppies, something strongly encouraged in their pack - and when her second heat cycle kicks in, she avoided him completely.

Florina was then conflicted over both Vinátta and New Dawn, and was unsure how to resolve her conflict. The March news of Sólieri's disappearance is what finally tips the scales. In a rage, Florina trespasses into Vinátta and demands to know why her mother has not acted as a leader to rescue her. Colibri does not give a satisfactory response, and realizing where her true strength is needed, Florina challenges her for the rank of Sannindi. Her mother agrees to step down, and Florina returns to New Dawn to say her farewells. Inwardly she is sick at heart to lose all the friendships she cultivated and give up Kerrian, but she is resolute in what needs to be done for the greater good. She returns to her birthpack and makes the announcement, and as predicted, is faced with an uphill battle to earn the acceptance of her packmates. In her first month, she saw little of Saul, and it was not long after that he announced he was leaving the pack to search for Sólieri. Florina was left as the sole leader of Vinátta.

The transition was rocky, but with the assistance of her mother, Shiloh, and Miskunn, Florina maintains control of the pack. Her relationships with Fiora and Farina improve a little, but most of the pack remains lukewarm toward her leadership, and she avoids them to minimize the chance of conflict. She reluctantly hosts the pack's second anniversary feast, and finally blows off some steam when Kerrian pays the borders a visit. The ensuing argument escalates into violence, which turns into angry sex; unbeknownst to either of them, Florina conceives a litter. She leaves to attend the leadership summit hosted in Casa di Cavalieri, and forgets about the rendezvous by the time she returns. During a shift, she suffers a miscarriage and then withdraws, not wanting anyone to realize she had been pregnant and that she unwittingly killed her first pups.

4.3  Year Three

Florina is drawn back into the public eye when the leaders of new pack Krokar pay a diplomatic visit. It goes well, and shortly thereafter, Florina hosts an Ausa Vatni for the newest generation of youth. Kerrian arrives on the borders again, this time with the intent to stay - he defects from New Dawn and swears loyalty to Florina, who accepts him as a subordinate, but when he proposes mateship, she flatly rejects him. She begins to forge a relationship with her half-sister Ninian, who shadows her on patrols and hunts. On one such winter hunt, her sister wanders off. Florina is reminded as always of Sólieri and how easily she disappeared forever, and when she finds Ninian with an unfamiliar male, she nearly kills him. In her anger, Florina bans Ninian from the promotion she had been working toward, and sends her back to her parents in shame.

Vinátta receives news in January that New Dawn is suffering from a curse and needs assistance, and Florina journeys there in person to help. Upon arrival, she learns Zalen succumbed to the fever and died days earlier. It is a heavy blow, though she doesn't show her mourning externally, choosing instead to pour herself into protecting her former pack and hunting to feed the sick. Ultimately she contracts the fever as well, and falls into an altered mental state rife with vivid and horrific hallucinations. She tries to return to Vinátta, but Miskunn won't allow her to spread the contagion; an attempt to quarantine her goes awry, and Florina flees into the woods. She falls into a river and would have drowned had Kerrian not followed her. He nurses her back to health, all the while playing along with her fever dreams - she believes he is the ghost of Zalen, and blurts out the truth about her miscarriage and all the misgivings she has about mateship. He soothes her, and when her fever breaks, she did not realize she had been talking aloud to Kerrian all the while.

Florina returns to Vinátta in time to bid Colibri, Ninian, and the rest of their extended Stormbringer family farewell before their journey to the Solbjorg Valley. Her mother assures Florina they will return, but Florina is more isolated than ever, and must convince herself it is safer that her relatives are far away. The weather turns harsh as heavy rains blow in, and the ensuing flood takes her mind away from her family. As the pack rebuilds, Florina is still distant and distracted by her perceived abandonment. Kerrian recognizes her inner turmoil and shows a softer side, finally asking her to not close off her heart to love and consider his proposal again, particularly since he has come to terms with not having children with her. She dismisses him, but is left with more figuring out to do.

A chance encounter with Lyris Stryder, a former packmate turned Cavalier, reminded her of how few souls she could call friends. She begins to take notice of some of the promising yearlings in her own pack, namely Thyri Dawnbringer, daughter of Shiloh, and Izrian Firebringer, daughter of Palaydrian. Florina remains solitary as the seasons turn to summer, falling into familiar routines. The illusion of peace is shattered by the startling news that New Dawn was disbanded overnight by a surprise attack, suspected to be Anathema. Florina opens the borders to shelter refugees (including her former comrades Veyra, Krys, Fayne, Altair, and others), but is unable to mobilize a retaliatory strike to avenge the fallen pack. She broods over this failure as the refugees choose to leave for new lives in other packs, unsatisfied and still longing for something she cannot name.

4.4  Year Four

In progress.

5.  Postlog

5.1  2012 Threads

yNPC Threads

  • Born in Vinátta, the youngest of her litter. [8]
  • Began displaying odd behavior, namely an indifference to cold. [9]
  • Endured the hurricane with family and friends. [10]
  • Introduced to the pack in a public ceremony, receives her Frithr pendant and a blessing. [11]
  • Taken exploring around town, met several packmates.
  • Present for the Winternights ceremony. [17]

Played Threads

  1. First Impressions (19 Nov 2012)
    Florina encounters Jiva Takekuro and Leaf the fox while playing at the Grand Lake by herself.
  2. Lock it in your pocket (22 Nov 2012)
    (Incomplete) Cousin Rúni pays a visit, and the two get into some mischief in Colibri's garden.
  3. salty sea dog (08 Dec 2012)
    Florina discovers the Wabanaki Coast and plays in the waves with cousin Sólieri.
  4. Maybe I'm a Lion (11 Dec 2012)
    Florina meets her next door neighbor, Alessandra Von Sin, and they spar together.

5.2  2013 Threads

  1. call to your instincts (3 Jan 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina learns a lesson in hunting from Uncle Saul, along with her cousins Sólieri and Lund.
  2. a sharp cry of pain (4 Jan 2013)
    Florina encounters Eirias, Uncle Saul's falcon, and is flown through the air when the bird carries her off. Saul recovers her safely, and realizes that she does not register pain from the injuries.
  3. Þórs gnýreið! (1 Feb 2013)
    (Incomplete) After recovering from her wounds, Florina searches for Eirias, hoping to fly again. Instead she stumbles upon Cody Rhiannon, another falconer.
  4. Show me your teeth (2 Feb 2013)
    (Read Only) Florina wakes up in the middle of the night, needing to chew on everything in the house. Her mother explains that she has begun teething. She also learns that bleeding makes her weak, so she needs to avoid anything that makes her bleed if she wants to be strong.
  5. Been there and gone tomorrow (11 Feb 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina, Fiora, and Farina explore outside the borders, and encounter Violeta Rose Soul, a relative from Salsola. Florina takes charge and attempts to interrogate Violeta.
  6. i'll huff and i'll puff (23 Feb 2013)
    Sólieri invites all the puppies out to play! Florina happily obliges, along with Rúni and Leaf. They hunt monsters at the beach all day.
  7. Nature's first green is gold (24 Feb 2013)
    (Pack Thread) Ausa Vatni ceremony, blessing six puppies. Florina bears witness, then wanders off to play.
  8. painting in the sky (26 Feb 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina meets Auguste Aston the puppy at sunset.
  9. I'm just your problem (4 Mar 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina confronts Fiora about her first shift.
  10. keep your heart strong (8 Mar 2013)
    Saul teaches a lesson on hunting rabbits! Sólieri, Rúni, Carya, Valérian, Farina, and Florina join in.
  11. Throw open wide the gates of Spring! (31 Mar 2013)
    (Pack Thread) Florina joins in the Ostara festival, searching for painted eggs and chasing lambs.
  12. [M] some kind of madness has started to evolve (15 Apr 2013)
    (Mature Content) Coli and Florina try to talk, but Flori snaps and bites her mother, badly injuring her wrist and causing her to faint.
  13. Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones... (15 Apr 2013)
    Florina's cries for help are answered by Niernan, and he rescues Colibri and questions her as to what happened. Flori flees the scene.
  14. Our time is running out (15 Apr 2013)
    Florina is in a daze after attacking her mother, and runs into Auggie. He tried to convince her to stay and talk to her mother, then decides he will follow Flori into the unknown.
  15. and I'll feel my world crumbling (15 Apr 2013)
    With their minds made up, Florina and Auggie take a brief moment to say goodbye to Sólieri and Fiora. The confrontation is tense and narrowly avoids a fight.
  16. I will always keep you safe (15 Apr 2013)
    (Joining) Florina and Auggie arrive on the borders of New Dawn, and are accepted by Zalen Damaichu.
  17. You're coming with us (? Apr 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina and Auggie have settled in to their new life together, but Anu and Tayui discovered them. Auggie is convinced to return home, though Flori struggles to remain calm and pretend she doesn't care.
  18. Spring's bounty (22 Apr 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina meets Raeka Rain, Lucia Amarok, Ciara O'Callahan, and the puppies Conan, Athena, and Grizzer.
  19. kindred spirit (26 Apr 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina explores the territory, meeting young Kerrian Demos by the river.
  20. this chaos, it defies imagination (11 May 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina undergoes her first shift during a thunderstorm. Keylo Damaichu witnesses the change, and asks her what it was like.
  21. Stick 'em with the pointy end (4 Jun 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina hunts a porcupine, and though successful, ends up with a faceful of quills. Veyra Damaichu helps her, and strikes up a friendship.
  22. Every storm runs out of rain (26 Jun 2013)
    Florina ventures outside of the pack, and encounters a quirky loner named Riot Stormwing. They talk to sunflowers.
  23. [M] caught in the tornado, and it's too late to run (29 Jun 2013)
    (Read Only) Still outside of New Dawn, Flori encounters an injured loner. She intends to help the wolf, then realizes that she was injured by Vináttans and is therefore an enemy. Florina kills her without hesitation.
  1. turn around and you're caught up in the crossfire (16 Jul 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina practices rock climbing and runs into Krys Sawtooth, who teaches her about the pack's hierarchy.
  2. some rebels got to get it in their own time (17 Jul 2013)
    Florina attempts a border patrol by herself, but is intercepted by siblings Kerrian and Veyra. The girls amuse themselves by teasing Kerrian.
  3. maybe you don't want to see me (22 Jul 2013)
    Fiora shows up at the borders, and Florina reluctantly meets with her. Fiora's neediness gets under Florina's skin, and she has a minor breakdown before sending her home.
  4. [M] A Wild Mine Appears! (2 Aug 2013)
    (Dungeon Crawler) Krys is kidnapped by trespassers, and Florina joins the rescue party. She tries to be the first into the dungeon, but is chastised by X'yrin. She gets her chance when the fight breaks out, and Florina manages to kill one of the brigands herself.
  5. Let's take a trip to the other side! (7 Aug 2013)
    Kerrian wakes Florina to invite her on a trip, and she responds by wrestling him outside.
  6. Keep away (14 Aug 2013)
    Kiara Amarok instigates a game for her packmates, and Florina is quick to join in along with Athena, Krys, Veyra, and Crescent.
  7. Cut a path across the blue skies (17 Aug 2013)
    Lyris Stryder of Sangi'lak crosses the borders in pursuit of a bobcat, and Flori intercepts her to join the hunt.
  8. Wonders Await (18 Aug 2013)
    Florina explores the mountains outside of her pack, and has an encounter with X'yrin and her son Oy'vind.
  9. deer dance (29 Aug 2013)
    Flori scouts the valley for a herd of elk, and is joined by Veyra. In progress.
  10. see some geranium, cracked to the cranium (1 Sep 2013)
    (Read Only) Flori discovers the tree clinic, and meets the healer Fayne. Fayne diagnoses her with a fractured skull, but Florina gets upset with her sentimentality, and treats her rudely.
  11. Hunting Fever (4 Sep 2013)
    (Pack Thread) Raeka summons the pack to hunt the same herd of elk, and Florina jumps at the chance to show off in front of the Alphess. A lightning strike sets the field ablaze, and the smoke sends Flori on a strange trip that requires help from Keylo, Kerrian, and Kiara.
  12. Just another picture to burn (7 Sep 2013)
    (Incomplete) Niernan arrives on the borders, and Florina is quick to answer his call.
  13. staring shadows in the eye (14 Sep 2013)
    Sólieri remembers Florina's birthday, and comes to the borders with a homemade present. Florina is nostalgic.
  14. Need to feel the sickness in you (9 Oct 2013)
    (Incomplete) Florina is tense over Sóli's visit, and Lucia is tense over Tharin's death. The two dispute.
  15. selfish (16 Oct 2013)
    Flori receives a surprise visit from her sister Farina, who is not happy with her actions. The tension quickly dissipates, and they actually share a connection.
  16. come at me bro (31 Oct 2013)
    Florina issues an open challenge to anyone who will wrestle her, hoping to start a game on the beach. Fayne, Vidar, and Kerrian participate. Kerrian gets overexcited and accidentally knocks Florina unconscious, ending the match.
  17. Gather what is left (9 Nov 2013)
    (Pack Thread) Zalen calls the pack to discuss Sangi'lak's disbandment and what it means for them. Florina is concerned that Veyra will have reason to leave.
  18. Force centrifugal reaching up to your pinnacle (14 Nov 2013)
    Florina explores the former Sangi'lak territory and has an encounter with Salvia Eternity, though they do not exchange names.
  19. the doors to narnia and hogwarts (15 Nov 2013)
    In an attempt to apologize to Fayne, Florina instead meets the healer's daughter Yuna.
  20. Goodwill to All (24 Nov 2013)
    Zalen brings the livestock abandoned by Sangi'lak as a gift to Vinátta. Florina is among the emissaries, and sees her mom for the first time in months.
  21. I tried so hard to let you go (24 Nov 2013)
    Florina and Coli get a chance to talk after the livestock delivery. Though tense, Florina promises she will visit after the puppies are born.
  22. Feel its chords and its vibes atypical (27 Nov 2013)
    Annoyed by the pack females in heat and the beginning of her own cycle, Flori seeks entertainment away from the communal den. Ciara finds her and discusses what it means, much to her disgust.

5.3  2014 Threads

  1. the screams all sound the same (10 Jan 2014)
    Lyris, now a packmate, encounters a rogue bear and reacts poorly due to her traumatic past. Florina is forced to drive it away to protect Lyris.
  2. And now I need to know is this real love (15 Jan 2014)
    Florina stops off in Vinátta to escort their youths to the interpack party, and Coli introduces her to her new half-siblings. Her mother is in poor health, and Florina equates motherhood with weakness.
  3. Mischief Night (15 Jan 2014)
    Florina attends the party night with New Dawn, Vinátta, and Casa di Cavalieri - though she is largely an antisocial grump, and hogs the food.
  4. [M] I am the Keymaster, are you the Gatekeeper? (15 Jan 2014)
    During the party, Florina pulls Kerrian out into the woods and they split some wine. A heated argument arises as they get tipsy, but their mutual attraction concludes in their first sexual experience.
  5. With the brightest of hopes (31 Jan 2014)
    Florina fulfills her promise to her mother by visiting Vinátta again, this time for the Ausa Vatni ceremony for her new half-siblings. She feels little toward most of her family, but a strong desire to reconnect with her spirituality and her sisters.
  6. The End of His Reign (1 Feb 2014)
    Upon returning to New Dawn, Florina joins the hunting party to bring down the wolf-killing bear once and for all. During the struggle, she takes a heavy blow that dislocates her hip.
  7. what you leave behind, what you choose to be (27 Feb 2014)
    (Read Only) Florina pushes herself to keep her injured leg from slowing her down, and realizes she has another weakness - Kerrian. She knows she is breaking pack law by continuing the illicit affair, but she is too stubborn to stop.
  8. And now I have finally seen the light (7 Mar 2014)
    Flori storms into Vinátta once she learns that Sólieri has been kidnapped. Ninian speaks up in her mother's defense, though ultimately Colibri accepts the criticism of her leadership. Florina then challenges Coli for the rank of Sannindi.
  9. And whatever they say, your soul's unbreakable (7 Mar 2014) *
    Florina returns to bid farewell to New Dawn. In progress.
  10. And I have finally realized what you need (15 Mar 2014)
    (Pack Thread) Colibri announces her retirement and names Florina her successor, despite dissenting opinions. Vinátta prepares for a month-long hunt to celebrate the changing seasons.
  11. queen of winter throned (15 Mar 2014)
    At the conclusion of the meeting, Shiloh requests a private audience with the new Sannindi and offers sage advice.
  12. maybe I'm too headstrong (15 Mar 2014)
    The night after the announcement, Flori runs off her energy in the woods and comes across Farina's den. Her sister offers her a place to stay.
  13. We All Grow Up (22 Mar 2014)
    Veyra visits Vinátta on diplomatic business, and also to catch up with her former packmate, though Florina doesn't share much.
  14. man is not a man but a wolf to those he does not know (2 Apr 2014)
    Aedan de Valence arrives at the borders with his pups Claire and Delphinium, and they pretend to be prospective joiners in order to glean information. Florina treats them accordingly.
  15. Grasping that independence (7 Apr 2014)
    (Joiner) Florina meets dingo-wolf Saturn Cosmos at the borders. After a brief interrogation, she decides to accept him.
  16. Deep roots are not reached by the frost (15 Apr 2014)
    (Pack Thread) The Ostara Spring festival takes place, and Florina oversees the various activities while remembering them from her childhood.
  1. We're one in the river and one again after the fall (20 Apr 2014)
    (Pack Thread) Saul Stormbringer leaves the pack, and grants full leadership to Florina. Flori must break the news to the rest of the pack.
  2. A request (28 Apr 2014)
    Florina entertains a visitor, Callum Knight, who wishes to board his horses in Vinátta.
  3. Trying too hard (7 May 2014)
    Lila Jordans struggles to trigger her first shift, something that strikes a familiar chord with Florina.
  4. Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning (20 May 2014)
    (Pack Thread) Vinátta celebrates their second anniversary.
  5. As the Seasons Change, Remember how I Used to be (21 May 2014)
    Cody Rhiannon and his ward Tobias leave the pack; Florina is among those to bid them farewell.
  6. [M] I'm not calling you a thief (27 May 2014)
    Anu gets into trouble with a lone coyote. Florina and Farina intercept; the coyote barely escapes, and Anu is brought to a healer.
  7. [M] Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive (27 May 2014)
    Kerrian Demos can wait no longer, and shows up at the borders to demand Florina's attention. The ensuing argument escalates into violence, which turns into angry sex.
  8. Feel the connectedness, energy, disprojected (14 Jun 2014)
    Florina goes for a swim, and encounters packmate Carya Aston.
  9. Join Around the Table (15 Jun 2014)
    Florina is invited to a leadership summit hosted in Casa di Cavalieri, and reluctantly attends.
  10. A lot on my mind, and so little time... (18 Jun 2014)
    Sky Rhiannon is troubled by a strange encounter; Florina crosses her path.
  11. Effort doesn’t lie, it makes a visible mark (28 Jun 2014)
    Florina assists Jindabyne with fence repairs.
  12. I just want to make it right... (7 Aug 2014) *
    Florina is visited by Fiora, who desires a better relationship with her sister.
  13. A scarred warrior finding a new home (1 Sep 2014)
    (Joiner) Florina and Niernan meet a foreigner named Tiborious and accept him into the pack.
  14. Meeting the Neighbors (2 Sep 2014)
    The leaders of new pack Krokar, Lucille and August, pay Florina a visit. They share gifts and information, and make a good impression.
  15. Wait 'til you're announced (20 Oct 2014)
    (Pack Thread) Florina and Miskunn lead the Ausa Vatni for the youngest generation of Aeska.
  16. [M]y childhood spat back out the monster that you see (7 Nov 2014)
    (Read Only) Florina acknowledges the miscarriage she hid over the summer due to mating with Kerrian.
  17. Abandon Chivalry, this will be by force (18 Nov 2014) *
    Kerrian appears on the borders after leaving New Dawn and seeks to join VN under Florina's terms. Once accepted, he proposes mateship, and is promptly rejected.
  18. And everyone's competing for a love they won't receive (4 Dec 2014)
    (Read Only) Florina is accompanied on patrol by her half-sister Ninian Stormbringer, and finds she does not mind the silent company.
  19. Leave their husks to be the prey of vultures and dogs (7 Dec 2014) *
    Florina wanders outside of the pack and crosses paths with Skoll Haskel.
  20. [M] The moods that take me and erase me (20 Dec 2014)
    Florina goes hunting with Ninian, but her sister wanders off. Flori is reminded as always of Sólieri, and when she finds Ninian with an unfamiliar male, she nearly kills him.

5.4  2015 Threads

  1. So loud inside my head (15 Jan 2015)
    (Read Only) Florina receives word that New Dawn is suffering from a "curse", and she goes to help them without a second thought.
  2. Didn't know time was of the essence (16 Jan 2015)
    (Read Only) Upon arrival in New Dawn, Florina learns that Zalen Damaichu has just died. She visits his remains and acknowledges him as a father to her.
  3. equivalent exchange (16 Jan 2015) *
    Florina hunts for the sick wolves of New Dawn. She meets Marius Damaichu and Vuk Amarok, who inadvertently infect her.
  4. There's nothing wrong with me (25 Jan 2015) *
    (Read Only) In the tail end of her sickness, Florina suffers severe hallucinations and runs all the way to VN. Colibri, Ninian, Fionna, Miskunn, and Axle attempt to help her, but she grows disoriented and runs off again.
  5. I will become your strength, if you allow it (25 Jan 2015) *
    Florina collapses in a stream and is rescued by Kerrian, who followed her. In her feverish state, she mistakes him for Zalen, and reveals the truth about her miscarriage.
  6. guard dog of all your fever dreams (17 Apr 2015) *
    (Read Only) Florina reflects on saying goodbye to her mother and extended family during the recuperation of her illness. She is more isolated than ever, but convinces herself it is better that her relatives are far away.
  7. my kingdom for your graces (4 May 2015) *
    A familiar face, Lyris Stryder, visits on official Casa di Cavalieri business and learns the basics of VN culture.
  8. I see right through you any hour (8 May 2015) *
    Kerrian makes another attempt to woo Florina; ultimately she begins to question her romantic orientation as a whole, since she is uncertain she reciprocates.
  1. Along the borders (30 Jun 2015) *
    Florina encounters a newcomer, Roman, who seeks to join VN. He is sent on his way with a rejection.
  2. My Walden (13 Jul 2015) *
    During a routine patrol, Florina meets a younger packmate, Ode Stormbringer.
  3. glitter phosphorus (20 Jul 2015) *
    Leaf Darkfire brings his acquaintance? to the borders for protection and meets Florina there.
  4. All work and no play never made me lose it (24 Jul 2015) *
    Florina considers the younger generation of Hollr, and spends some time with trainee Izrian Firebringer.
  5. not in vain nor in malice (31 July 2015) *
    Skye Collins and Janus Stormfall of Midnight Shores visit to discuss pack relations with Florina and Miskunn.
  6. Return of the Paperman (5 Aug 2015) *
    Ezra Vahn returns after a long journey away from the pack. Florina and Thyri Dawnbringer accept him.
  7. The Prodigal Son Returns (15 Aug 2015) *
    Russano comes to VN by himself, and Florina is less than pleased that he left their mother behind, but welcomes him back all the same.
  8. Acorns (14 Oct 2015) *
    Florina shares a brief encounter with Krokaran Eliza Cormier.
  9. set a course for the winds of fortune (14 Nov 2015) *
    Fionna, now Fionna Soulstorm, follows Russano's trail and rejoins VN with Florina's grudging acceptance.
  10. Hope Is All I Have Left (21 Nov 2015) *
    Thyri Dawnbringer befriends herbalist Aura Mei at the borders; Florina arrives to allow her to join.
  11. Wanderer (11 Dec 2015) *
    Newcomer Kota seeks acceptance from Thyri Dawnbringer and Florina; they permit him to join when he offers his talents as a smith.
  12. Does your heart still bleed like mine? (16 Dec 2015) *
    After a prolonged absence, Cody Rhiannon and Tobias decide to return. Shore and Florina accept them.

5.5  2016 Threads

  1. Like the sands of time (2 Jan 2016) *
    Florina joins Cody Rhiannon and Thyri Dawnbringer on a hunt.
  2. Wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee? (9 Jan 2016) *
    Florina is visited by Fiora regarding the disappearance of her new mate Ezra Vahn; Florina forbids her sister from searching for him, but promises she will dispatch scouts for news.
  3. Let me count the bruises (10 Jan 2016) *
    A patrol turns into an impromptu training session with Izrian; Florina takes her on as a protege.
  4. I never watch the stars, there’s so much down here (22 Jan 2016) *
    Florina goes for a run after having an unsettling dream and encounters Aspen; they discuss the meaning of leadership, with unsettling implications.
  5. I miss missing you now and then (22 Mar 2016) *
    Florina reconnects with her childhood friend Auguste; in progress.
  6. I feel it in my bones (1 Apr 2016) *
    (Pack Thread) The Red Star falls. Florina carries Miskunn to the village hall and rallies the rest of the pack to shelter. In progress.
  7. We're painted red to fit right in (2 Apr 2016) *
    (Pack Thread) In progress.
  8. And heaven in twain is rent (? Apr 2016) *
    An injured Russ meets Florina on the coast; incomplete.
  9. They used to shout my name, now they whisper it (? June 2016) *
    (Read Only) Florina is unable to process Grit's death, and opens up to Miskunn about her doubts. Miskunn points out that she is unhappy leading when she wants to be a guardian, and encourages her to let Izrian take her place. Florina learns some facts about her mother, and agrees to give up her title.

5.6  Graphics Log

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Blue Beach manip table

Forest Log & Reflection table

"Seen the Light" Silhouette table

Green Puppy table

"Follow Me" fog table by Nat

Antler photomanip table by Nat

Purple Fire by J

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Name goes hurr

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