The Tears Family

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    1.   2.1  First Generation
    2.   2.2  Second Generation
    3.   2.3  Third Generation
    4.   2.4  Fourth Generation
    5.   2.5  Fifth Generation
    6.   2.6  Sixth Generation
    7.   2.7  Seventh Generation
    8.   2.8  Non-Blood Family

Tears Family Statistics

Total Members—104
Surviving Members—81
Active Members—~10
Location—EVERYWHERE. No, seriously.

Tears Family Foundation

First Member Location—Clouded Tears
First Member Date—~ 2002
First Member Name—Kiriska
First Birth Location—Clouded Tears
Founding Parents—Kiriska x Arlo Xyl
Founding Birth Children—Laruku Tears
Founding Birth Date—?

1.  Summary

Tears, Nasphrite, and Asylum are all the same family.

Technically, the most accurate family name is either "Nasphrite" or "Einkar," the surnames of first generation siblings Kiriska and Daituki's parents.

Kiriska and her family mutually disowned each other, and she named her only son Laruku Tears after her pack, Clouded Tears. Kiriska's descendants through Laruku make up a majority of what's commonly considered the "Tears" family. However, because Laruku's only union was with Kaena Lykoi, all his descendants are subsequently "absorbed" by the much more prominent Lykoi family. More recently, "Asylum" was introduced as a surname as a result of Arkham Lykoi disowning his Lykoi heritage, adopting a new name, and attempting to distance himself from his family's madness.

Daituki's descendants, meanwhile, are entirely set within the Sadira family, as his only union was with Ceres.

2.  Members

For generations after the first, the parent that contributes the Tears genes is bolded.

2.1  First Generation

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

2.4  Fourth Generation

2.5  Fifth Generation

2.6  Sixth Generation

2.7  Seventh Generation

2.8  Non-Blood Family