Jin by Miyu
PlayerPack NPC
Name Meaningname of city, lake; "valley"
Name OriginAboriginal Australian word
Date of Birth27 May 2011
Subspecies50% Canis lupus dingo
50% Canis lupus familiaris
AlignmentChaotic Good
Birth placeoverseas, Indian Ocean

Current Pack


Joining date06 Nov 2012[1]
Joining RankStarfa, formerly Frjáls
SignificanceNPC in charge of horses and stable maintenance

Jindabyne is the son of Yindi and Jacquez Trouillefou. He was born overseas and grew up sailing, eventually finding his way to Vinátta alongside his twin brother, Joondalup.


Lines by iluvwrath
Colored by Miyu


  • Eyes: Tamarind (#291010).
  • Fur: Predominantly Burnt Sienna (#E76B35).
    • Tuscany (#BB582F) hood over his ears, down his spine, ending on his tail. Edges trimmed with Piper (#C25524).
    • Macaroni (#FCB67A) & Apricot (#FACCAA) eyebrows, cheeks, underbelly, lower half of tail.
    • White (#FFFFFF) paws, chin, tail tip.

Kiritar colored by Miyu

Jin and Joon are identical twins, the main difference being the set of their ears. Jin has erect dingo ears, Joon has folded dog ears. They have a shorter, stockier build compared to wolves or coyotes.

Their thin fur sports a brilliant creamsicle mixture of russet hues, a blend of their mother's tawny dingo pelt and their father's magnificent Sable Collie and Irish Setter tones. They sport symmetrical white accents on their paws, muzzles, and tail tips, and a faded apricot color on their cheeks, throats, and undersides. Eyes are shiny black.

They have difficulty with the Canadian winters, as their short fur was designed for desert climates. They tend to bundle themselves in many furs or wools to combat the cold, and complain endlessly until spring comes around.





55 lbs (25 kg)
26 in (65 cm)

185 lbs (84 kg)
40 in (101.5 cm)

190 lbs (86 kg)
6 ft, 1 in (182.5 cm)

Visibly dingo look, with short glossy fur and a bushy tail. Dense, athletic build.

Fur becomes unruly and spiky in this form. Flat, broad skull. Arched tail.

Short, stocky build. Orange mane is spiky and stands up in messy points.


Of the two, Jin is the dominant one. He is always first to introduce himself, and often speaks for his brother as well, though Joon protests this. Jin is most often seen in his Optime form. He is more skilled with horse care and training than his littermate, though he has no horse of his own. He admired the captain of the ship they grew up on, and sometimes uses nautical terms like "aye, aye" instead of "yes", and "belay" instead of "stop". He also uses the most colorful language, cursing unabashedly in every language and religion.

Jin and Joon fall under the label Chaotic Good: "a good heart with a free spirit". They are cheerful and friendly, happy to help anyone who comes to the stables. They love to share their knowledge as well as their outlandish tall tales, and have been known to play mild pranks. They are happy with each other's company, and don't appear to have an interest in romantic relationships, content instead with their flock and their intense sibling bond. They seem slightly unsettled around very young pups, perhaps because they have never spent time around them, or are reminded of their own unconventional origins. Their most prized possession is a tattered journal their mother gave them, filled with her descriptions and sketches of Australia and their king father. They will proudly share this with anyone who asks to look at it.

Both brothers refuse to eat the meat of animals with hooves (with the exception of lamb tail stew, made from the humanely docked tails of newborn lambs). They are adept fisherman, and supplement this protein with rabbits, bird eggs and poultry, but they feel too attached to their sheep to butcher anything similar. However, they are easygoing enough that they do not mind being around others that do, provided the slaughter is not completed in front of them. They are still willing to trade their lambs to those who would raise them for meat, but are unwilling to do so themselves. Other than that, the twins have relatively loose morals thanks to growing up with sailors, and it takes a lot to surprise them. They do not worship any religion specifically, and tend to be accepting of all faiths without questioning them.


The brothers Jin and Joon opted out of a traditional house setting, mostly due to their upbringing in ship quarters. They sleep in the stables, having claimed a hay loft as their shared bedroom. On warmer nights, they occasionally can be found outdoors with the herd of sheep, sleeping underneath the stars. Anyone seeking them after-hours can easily find them, since they are never far from their livestock.


  • animal care
    • capturing and taming wild livestock
    • basic feed, grooming, breeding
    • sheep herding and shearing
    • horseback riding and training
  • reading and writing
  • storytelling
  • cooking basic stews
  • sailing, esp. navigation
  • fishing with lines
  • bargaining and trading


Jin and Joon were given a breeding pair of Cormo sheep when they made landfall on the northeast. They named the ram "Jolly Jumbuck" and the ewe "Waltzing Matilda", after one of the many rollicking songs the sailors would belt out while working. While in Freetown, Matilda birthed twins, and the brothers expanded their flock by trading for several more ewes. When they arrive in VN, they have eight sheep and three lambs, and are always ready for more. Joon in particular spends all his time with the sheep, and is finely in tune with their needs.

Jolly Jumbuck is the only ram in the flock, and therefore sires all the lambs. Waltzing Matilda is the oldest and largest ewe. They are both quite friendly, and enjoy the company of Aniki the donkey. Jumbuck only gets territorial when the ewes are in estrus, at which time only Joondalup can handle him without being headbutted.

  • A mature Ewe weighs 120-160 pounds. A mature Ram weighs 160-200 pounds.
  • Cormo sheep are an easy going, quiet group with strong flocking instincts.
  • They are a polled breed, meaning they naturally do not have horns.
  • Cormo sheep produce an exceptional amount of soft, dense white wool.
  • Joondalup handles all the shearing, herding, lambing, and docking of tails.



See Trouillefou family page for his complete genealogy.


Their mother, Yindi, lived in the southern continent of Australia as part of an aboriginal tribe of dingoes. The tribes frequently warred over territory, and in her youth, she was taken as a slave by a victorious chieftain. At this point, she was physically mutilated -- her tongue was cut out, among other alterations, marking her as their possession for life. She grows accustomed to their tribe and does not question her fate. Their father, Jacquez Trouillefou, founder of the Cour des Miracles, sailed to Ireland with his lover Firefly Sadira when he left Nova Scotia. When their daughter Asota Sadira is born, he grows bored with staying in one place and sails off again without his family. Eventually the tides bring him to the continent of Australia where he is hailed as a king by the primitive natives. He enjoys the attention, especially the female slaves offered to him as concubines. One of these slaves is Yindi, who develops feelings for Jacquez since she sees him as the only one to treat her as an equal, despite the nature of their interactions. She listens to his tall tales and memorizes the names and places he has been, wishing she could see them someday.

Yindi becomes pregnant, and the tribe convenes to decide what should be done about it. The children of a slave are less than worthless, but the children of a king should be cherished and it would be bad luck to harm them. Finally, they decide to simply sell her to the crew of a trading vessel, and let them deal with her pregnancy. She does not resist, because even though she will never see Jacquez again, it will give her a chance to see the world he told her about. She is put to work cooking, cleaning, washing laundry, doing everything for the sailors in exchange for her unborn pups' safety. She endears herself to the traders, and they treat her well. In May 2011, she gives birth to twin boys, and names them after places in her native Australia.

Since she cannot speak, Yindi writes down everything, and asks the crew to read them aloud to her sons. As they grow older, they are taught how to read for themselves, and Yindi writes them all the stories Jacquez told her about Ireland, Nova Scotia, Florida, and everywhere else he has been. The traders are a motley bunch but largely goodhearted, and regale the boys with many stories of their own from all corners of the globe. They impart their knowledge of many practical things such as navigation, cartography, knot-tying, and fishing. With their herding dog instincts, though, their affinity is for the livestock the traders transported, and they spent much of their time below-deck learning to care for the sheep, goats, and horses.

After a year of sailing from port to port, the trading ship lands at Freetown, and Yindi asks her sons to leave her and explore their father's world, though she cannot leave the ship she is bound to. They are eager to step out and find their own story together, though they are sad to leave behind such a wonderful childhood. The sailors give them a pair of their favorite sheep as a parting gift, and promise to take them on as full crewmates if they ever cross paths again. Jin and Joon spend time around Freetown putting their novice skills to use and learning more about capturing the wild horses and other animals roaming the northeastern coast. When summer turns to fall, though, they begin to fear the might of the coastal winter, and herd their sheep inland to find a warmer place to stay. They reach the borders of Vinátta in November 2012, and begin working to pay for their stay.

Thread Appearances

  1. peas in a pod, birds of a feather (06 Nov 2012) Jin and Joon meet Colibri Haki and join Vinátta, bringing their herd of sheep.
  2. Little vs Big (03 Feb 2013) Leaf the fox riled up all the horses, and Jin attempts to pitchfork him before he is stopped by Shiloh Dawnbringer.
  3. Throw open wide the gates of Spring! (31 Mar 2013) Jin serves lamb tail stew at the Ostara Spring festival.
  4. [M] Lady of Virtue, Man of Honor (3 Apr 2013) King Silvano Sadira visits Shiloh, and Jin takes care of his stallion Heritage.
  5. counter balance this commotion (27 Jun 2013) Jin and Joon help Colibri harvest medicinal herbs during the Ironside Conflict.
  6. Adventure Time (9 Jul 2013) Jin and Joon talk to Carya Aston about traveling south, and agree to take her with them.
  7. This Adventure has been tiring (11 Jul 2013) Jin and Joon, along with Carya, arrive at AniWaya and meet her brothers Claudius Aston and Attila Aston.
  8. if all goes as planned (29 Jul 2013) Fiora vin Haki asks for Jin's assistance with reading a recipe and gathering ingredients.
  9. the building blocks to change your life (4 Aug 2013) Fiora comes to Jin with another project, this time building a clay oven along with Joon and Finch Moineau.
  10. Under Electrical Skies (9 Aug 2013) Jin enlists Aspen and Fiora to bring in the horses during a thunderstorm.
  11. fragile truth (20 Sep 2013) Jin and Joon help Fiora learn how to read music.
  12. Oh, the Places You'll Go! (29 Sep 2013) Jin serves sailor's stew at the Ausa Vatni for Alessan, Abigail, and Dreyma.
  13. Goodwill to All (24 Nov 2013) Jin and Joon supervise the delivery of livestock from New Dawn.
  14. [M] grow up and fly away (9 Jan 2014) Jin shows interest in Sólieri Stormbringer's first heat, but she leaves in a hurry.
  15. With the brightest of hopes (31 Jan 2014) At the Ausa Vatni for Orvar, Bel, Russano, Fionna, Ninian, and Dagr, Jin distributes drinks.
  16. Deep roots are not reached by the frost (15 Apr 2014) Jin and Joon serve lamb tail stew for the Ostara Spring festival.
  17. we'll stop the flames at dawn (18 May 2014) Jin and Joon join Aspen, Ascher, and others at Iris's bonfire.
  18. Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning (20 May 2014) Jin and the rest of Vinátta celebrate the second anniversary of the pack's foundation.
  19. [M] New Arrivals (4 Jun 2014) Jin finds Aspen going into labor in the barn, and hurriedly fetches her mate Ascher for the puppy delivery.
  20. Effort doesn’t lie, it makes a visible mark (28 Jun 2014) Florina assists Jin with fence repairs after a thunderstorm.