Fiora vin Vahn

Fiora vin Vahn is the daughter of Colibri Haki and Toby. She was born in Vinátta's first litter, and has resided there all her life. She is ranked in the Eljun skilled tier, as a healer.

Fiora vin Haki

Timid Fiora by the 'mazing Miyu

Profile'Souls Profile
Name Meaning"little flower" in Latin.
Name OriginFire Emblem character. "vin" derives from Vinátta. "Haki" derives from Haku and their mother's surname.
Date of Birth14 Sept 2012
Subspecies50% German Shepherd Dog
31.25% Eastern Timber Wolf
18.75% Arctic Wolf
Birth placeVinátta
Old ProfileArchive

Current Pack


Joining date14 Sept 2012
Previous Rank(s)Aeska, Hollr

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1.  Appearance

  • Base color ranges from Nutmeg (#7F4724) to Shingle Fawn (#6A4934)
  • Markings range from Mineshaft (#333333) to Cod Grey (#1F1E1E)
  • Accents are Drover (#FDEFAB)
  • Eyes are Malibu (#4CBEFA)

This little girl may have been the first born of her litter but she remains and always will be the smallest of the girls, the runt. Just by looking at her you can tell she is her mother’s daughter, taking after the Soul and Sadira part of the family. Her eyes will not fade from their baby blue, copying her mother. Other contribute of her mother’s family is her chocolate-brown fur, soft cream cheeks, throat, and even the tip of her tail. However she has colors that is from an unknown father, showing a domesticated canine runs in her blood. The markings are black, mimicking markings of a German Shepherd. GSD saddle across her back, black stockings on her legs, and even a small mast over her muzzle, eyes, ear tips, and small beauty points on her cheeks.

Optime appearance will appear at five or so months due to a traumatic induced shift. She can be seen wearing a carved Frithr necklace, as is the custom for Vinátta members.

1.1  Forms




38½ lbs
19 in

105 lbs
27 in

112 lbs
5ft 3in

Her frame is more of a wolfish appearance though she almost looks malnourished due to her dog blood, in her lupus form she is smaller than most female wolves. Even smaller than her mother, showing that she is the runt of her litter. Like a German shepherd her fur will grow thick and have a soft woolly appearance, coarse guard hairs keeping her warm in the winter. Though that is when she gets older, as a child she is overly fluffy and her fur seems to matte too easily and needs constant brushing. Another unique look of the girl is her ears; they are taller than a wolf’s so they flop over due to a structure failure thanks to her dog blood.

This form will be rarely used but will be seen some time in her life, has the same pattern at her lupus form but in this form the saddle on her back begins to climb up her neck and slightly down her tail. The hair on her neck thickens and makes it very hard to even bite down. This form is muscular and very awkward for her, still looking malnourished.

Like all of her forms she is short, only just over five feet. Though she holds a very elegant frame, one would call her body type the cello. This is because her hips are wider than her circumference for her chest size, they give her step an extra swing. Her tail curls up slightly but that is usually hidden by the nervous habit of tucking it. She has little to no body fat, so she is very easy to harm. Her main grows very long and has a slight wave to it, it is black in appearance. It often falls over her eyes and is usually styled with tiny braids with beads and feathers. Her fur softens and thins out in this form.

2.  Personality

Though this child’s personality is still developing, she is different for a puppy of her age. Unlike her siblings that seemed to rush into the face of danger, even laugh at it, she is the more cautious child. She finds danger to be something, well, dangerous. She tries to avoid anything new at all costs because the familiar is just fine with her. The poor little girl is even afraid of the dark. She is quiet, reserved, keeping her thoughts mainly to herself and watching at the grownups talk or the other children play. She is rather submissive, always being the brunt of jokes or ending up pinned in a dog pile her sisters dragged her into. With that she is often bullied by her sister Farina vin Haki, usually ending in her crying to her mother or just a simple yelp to a touch she did not like. Fiora hates conflict and anything that can be associated with it. She is eager to please both her sisters and her mother, and is loyal to her birth pack and its moral values. All around she is a painfully shy scaredy cat er puppy.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Colibri Haki is her mother who she strives to impress and emulate, though ever since she moved out of their house. Fiora has seen little of her beloved mother and misses her deeply.
  • Ascher Stormbringer is one of her closest friends, even after her horse breaks his daughter's tail they remain friends. Though Fiora feels deeply responsible for the incident, they are also their go to friends when needing comforting. For some reson she still feels shy around him, but she cannot pick out why that is..
  • Florina Soul is her sister who ran away from home. Despite the bullying nature of their relationship, Fiora keeps trying to bring her back home again.
  • Farina vin Haki is the sister who used to push her around and bully her when they were little. As adults, they've grown more civil toward each other, though there is an awkwardness to their interactions.
  • Joondalup is one of her trusted friends, someone who has taught her how to sing and read. He is much more pateint with her than his brother and tend to spend more time with her when he has free time.
  • Jindabyne is another trusted friend, he has also taught her how to read and tends to find books for her to practice with. He is the person that has taught her how to cook and tends to be less patient with her when it comes to her messing up. He is more likely to lash out and yell but she does not seem to mind.

3.2  Family: Soul + Sadira + Nasphrite

3.3  Other Relations


  • Ezra Vahn is her mate.
  • Saul Stormbringer is referred to as her uncle, though they share no biological relation. He was her teacher in her youth, and played the role of father figure.
  • Niernan Stormbringer is Colibri's mate, making him Fiora's stepfather. She still believes that there may be a chance that he is her real father but she is too afraid to ask.
  • Eugene Sadira is the helpful friend she made from Cour des Miracles.
  • Taro Kurosoul is a friend in the pack.

Family Relations

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: Anu, Shiloh, Finch, Bran
  • Unfriendly: None atm.
  • Sex: Virgin
  • Fights: (won) None atm.
  • Fights: (lost) Florina?.
  • Murders: None ever?.

Former Relations

4.  History


  • September: Fiora was the first puppy born in Vinátta, followed by two littermates, Farina and Florina.[1] It is a closely guarded secret that their conception was non-consensual, and that their father would be attacked on sight if he attempts to see them. Endured the hurricane with family and friends, and moved in with the Virdings afterward.[2]
  • October: Fiora was introduced to the pack in a public ceremony, along with her sisters and cousins.[3] Her mother is promoted to Sannindi, and grows busy with leader duties; Fiora is often left with Uncle Saul and Auntie Lilin, and plays with her cousins Lund, Rúni, and Sólieri.
  • Nov-December: Fiora moves back into her mother's house, and is taken exploring around Jordheim to meet her packmates. [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] She remains smaller and more timid than her sisters, and is often the brunt of their roughhousing.


  • Jan: Fiora is given more freedom to explore Jordheim by herself, but unlike her sisters, remains in her mother's shadow.[10] Her littermates push her into sneaking outside of the borders, where they wander close to Salsola before getting caught. [11]
  • Feb: A feral horse traumatizes Fiora into shifting early, and Colibri and Farina "rescue" her.[12] While she is assured that the change is natural, Fiora becomes more self-conscious and withdrawn than ever. Florina is particularly jealous, and begins ignoring her. Fiora is later found drunk with a bottle of alcohol, and is talked down by Bran Stormbringer.[13]
  • Mar: Pack festivals draw Fiora out of her shell, and she begins to recover from her depression.[14] She is no longer the only puppy that can shift, but neither of her sisters have caught up yet. Farina remains distant and uninterested, but Florina is confrontational about it.[15]
  • Apr-May: Fiora receives her adult rank and decides to go on a short journey by herself to sort out her fragile emotional state. She is followed by the same horse that triggered her first shift, and gets advice on taming him from a southern wolf named Eugene Sadira.[16] When she returns home, she is shocked to find that Colibri has been injured that day and Florina is about to leave. She begs her sister to stay, but Florina orders her to forget about her.[17] In the aftermath Fiora finds purpose in tending to Colibri, acting as her hands while her mother recovered physically and emotionally.[18] Eugene surprises her by visiting and giving her a crystal necklace, although Colibri arrives on the scene and is less than welcoming.[19]
  • Jun: Fiora adopts a kitten from Shiloh Dawnbringer, gaining some measure of confidence from the responsibility. The Ironside Conflict comes to Vinátta, and Farina is caught by the borders and wounded. Fiora assists her mother with the gathering of medicinal herbs, and discovers a serious interest in the healing arts.[20]
  • Jul: Fiora finally learns where Florina ran off to: New Dawn. She (and her kitten) travel there to confront her sister and ask her to come home, but Florina ultimately rejects her again.[21] Fiora returns home and embarks on a personal project, creating healing salves for her mother's damaged wrist. Colibri is impressed and suggests she follow the healer's path.[22]

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