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Toby is a loner who spent years tormented by having two distinct personalities[1] in conflict with each other. He defeated his evil persona in 2012, becoming one personality again but filled with guilt. Unbeknownst to him, he is the father of Fiora vin Haki, Farina vin Haki, and Florina Soul. He disappeared briefly from souls October 2012 after an encounter with Colibri when his vision was failing him.[2] . He has since returned, fully blind and back to make amends.


Toby by Despi
PlayerMattie Beth
More Info'Souls Profile
Date of Birth8/2/2009
Subspecies100% Canis lupus familiaris
LuperciYes, Ortus.
Birth placeWestern Tangles.
Current packLoner.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Early On
    2.   1.2  The Battle of Two
    3.   1.3  Months of Solitude
    4.   1.4  Current Plots
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Originally
    2.   2.2  Post-Pack Enslavement
    3.   2.3  Post-Fang
    4.   2.4  Post Suicide Attempt
    5.   2.5  Return to 'Souls
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Key Relations
    2.   3.2  Family
    3.   3.3  Minor Relations
    4.   3.4  Former Relations
  4.   4.  Abilities, talents and skills
    1.   4.1  Strengths
    2.   4.2  Weaknesses
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   5.2  Stature
    3.   5.3  Eyes
    4.   5.4  Scars

1.  History

1.1  Early On

Toby was born and left in the western tangles. Mya's mother found him half-dead when she was pregnant. The pregnancy lasted the first few months of their lives together. Mya was born into the family along with two dead siblings. Toby took to Mya immediately. They became best friends, and he became her protector. All was well in the kingdom until one gruesome night. After making camp, the two faes fell asleep leaving Toby in charge of looking out for thieves. The German shepherd was caught off guard by an ambush. Toby was stolen from the night as a slave for the violent all-male pack. The male was held captive for a large portion of his early life, soon causing his brain to turn against him. He developed multi-personality disorder and produced a new tyrant into the world by the name of Fang. Fang had no tolerance for being a victim and soon forced his way out of the pack's territory and headed towards 'Souls. Toby had no control over his body for several days, leaving Fang the ability to enjoy his new found freedom through random violent crimes. Weeks later, Toby awoke with no memory of what had happened during Fang's reign and an all together hard time remembering anything from his past.

1.2  The Battle of Two

After fleeing the evil pack, Toby became a loner in the 'Souls area. He wished to never join a pack for fear Fang would react badly and get him thrown out or harm his friends. Slowly Toby was strengthened in achieving friendships such as Vesper, Insomnia, and Pia. It would be a while before he befriended another male due to his vague memories of the pack he was enslaved and raped by. Fang continued to make random appearances during this time. The evil persona found himself two women he was heavily attracted to, for more than just using them for sex. This was first discovered after raping the young coy-german shepherd named Selene. His attraction to her purity caused him to see his sins and regret some earlier decisions. After his meeting with Amy Sunders, however, he was heavily convinced she was one of the most perfect things in this world because of the imperfections highlighted within her. This not only gave him back his spark but matured him a bit from his previous rapist habits. Colibri was his final victim, the helpless female having wandered from her pack right into Fang's path.

As the days continued, Toby spent his time in control of the body at the beach. Finding inspiration through a few friends, the lovely sea, and the tragic sight of Coli's rape he grew stronger little by little. Soon he would take the body back and shove Fang away at any given time. As he did, Fang sort of faded within him to mix his confidence and temper problems back into Toby's brain as they were originally intended. He wanted to apologize to Colibri for Fang's assault, but he had been declared an enemy of Vinátta and could not get close to her. As such, he never learned that she was pregnant, and that he became a father. Around this time, Toby began to experience cataracts growing over his eyes. He was going blind and his depression grew greater every day. When he finally came across her, he broke down and pleaded her to kill him for all his sins. Colibri took pity on him, however, chasing him off instead of calling for help.

1.3  Months of Solitude

After Toby and Colibri's last encounter he sulked away, depressed and getting more and more blind with each step. Soon he was far from the packs and close to starvation, unable to hunt. Toby soon gave up on the world, raking his own claws into his chest over the rune scar to rid himself of his own evil memories. He was found passed out in a pool of blood by a sweet fae by the name of Vera who brought the dog back to her pack. With Vera's help, he was fed and healed, (yet he wasn't exactly grateful). He spent a month angry at his rescuer but forced to stay put while he mastered other ways of sensory. Right before he became fully blind he tied a piece of red cotton material around his eyes, spurring the effect. He spent another month in the company and care of Vera. She crafted a wooden staff for him to use to get around, but he soon became annoyed by it and began sticking to lupus form. Vera, still worried, had a black leather harness fashioned around the stubborn dog so he could carry the staff with him in case he decided to change. After his second month's stay the pack was attacked and scattered. Vera risked her life saving the dog who put up no fight in order to welcome death. It was then that Toby realized how precious life was and how he could try to rebuild his life once again and make things right. He stayed with Vera until she was united once more with her pack and then had another pack member escort him back in the direction of his past.

1.4  Current Plots

Toby's return to 'Souls November 24, 2014 was greeted by Tolbin Milos Parhelio?. The two met in the Northern Tides area near Toblin's pack, Krokar. Toby left Toblin to journey closer to Vinatti where he found and accepted the company of his guide, Gauge Reese for the sake of his journey around the area. Together, the two set off in the direction of Sapient because Toby was over all curious about the new pack. He was met by Teirney Brádaigh?, who was at the time close to her due date, and reminded of Colibri. He then set forth towards Vinatti, wary of the last encounter he had with the fae from his past and hoping to put the ghosts haunting him to rest.

2.  Personality

2.1  Originally

Toby spent his childhood developing a very loyal, protective personality. He had extreme dedication and attachment to his family. The last thing he ever wanted to do was disappoint someone. He was known for making Mya laugh on rainy days and being an all around sweet guy.

2.2  Post-Pack Enslavement

As a slave, Toby developed a fear of males and became timid and cautious in all he did. When Fang arrived, the German shepherd's brain gave all acts of bravery, confidence and violence toward the stronger personality leaving Toby weaker and more submissive. Fang always enjoyed demonstrating dominance, especially during sexual acts. Toby was terrified of his second personality which lead him to many days of solitude and anxiety. He did not trust himself around packs or friends and was often uneasy around others whether he liked their company or not.

2.3  Post-Fang

Toby's brain mixed the personalities back after Toby fought Fang for control over the body during the attack on Colibri. This gave Toby back full control over his body and shut Fang away for good(hopefully). Toby's new found confidence and ability to come out of his shell may in fact be credited to Fang's personality. The victory was short lived when anxiety and depression began to plague the dog once again and even worse due to the ability to remember Fang's actions crystal clear. Full of guilt and sorrow for all he'd done, Toby made his way to find Colibri to apologize. At Colibri's fear of him, he broke down and became suicidal. Insecurities stacked upon his struggles as Toby began to be unable to see. When he could not even hunt for himself anymore he gave up, attempting suicide before being saved by Vera.

2.4  Post Suicide Attempt

Toby currently has a new view on things. Though his life darkened for a spell, he has now come to terms with his blindness and is ready to confront his past. He has returned to 'Souls to begin a new attempt at life and to set things right with the ghosts in his closet. Though he remains slightly grumpy, timid, and to himself, Toby is still pleased when given company by others(though he'd never tell them that) and seeks to make friends as he continues on his journey for a forever home. He can be quite quick-witted, enjoying clowning on others if he likes them. He still finds most of his peace beside the sea, though his hopes of sailing to distant lands has died with his eye sight being lost.

2.5  Return to 'Souls

Upon return to 'Souls, Toby gained friendships throughout the pack lands and one major change was taking on a "guide dog," the yippy southern cattle dog named Gauge. The two traveled along finding friendships all over. After so long Toby found he was much too impaired to be traveling and decided to settle down, returning back to the love of his life outside of 'Souls where he and Vera had a litter of pups before he retired from all things as a simple pack elder.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Mya: Mya was his adopted sister he grew very protective over. They lost touch when he was held captive after being kidnapped. She is now in Ireland.
  • Amy Sunders: Fang is nuts about Amy and was unaware that she was pregnant with Hurricane's daughter (when he finds out everyone should hide). Fang is secretly romantic when around her and always considers asking her to be his mate when they're together.
  • Colibri Haki: Coli was raped and impregnated by Fang on July 7th 2012. This gave him a powerful urge to prove he isn't a bad guy by trying to gain her forgiveness. He never learned that he fathered children by her, though.

3.2  Family

3.3  Minor Relations

3.4  Former Relations


  • Members of Vinátta will attack him on sight, though he has no grudge against them.
  • Members of the evil pack he was kidnapped into as a pack.
  • Toby considers Fang his worst enemy.

Love Interests

  • He has no current crush or love interest
  • Toby's love interests include a small ancient crush on both Pia and Alduin. He also seems feverntly set on proving himself to Colibri, yet it is unknown whether this is truly in a romantic way or not. purity caused him to see his sins and regret some earlier decisions.
  • Fang, prior to being "put to rest" by Toby, had an incredible interest in Amy Saunders that seemed borderline romantic.

4.  Abilities, talents and skills

  • He is skilled in fishing and swimming. He has a surprising talent with jewelry and color dyes.
  • He is known to use the wind to his advantage frequently.
  • He can use his hands in combat and uses his weight when fighting smaller animals, though Toby hardly ever uses violence.
  • He doesn't have many skills and will begin to sharpen his skills as he learns to control Fang.

4.1  Strengths

  • Swimming and fishing.
  • Not getting close to other canines allows him to not have extreme worry for others.
  • Domination over younger canines is common. Toby and Fang are both smart enough to not attack other canines that are bigger than them.

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Being blind is his biggest weakness and insecurity.
  • Not skilled with any weapons.
  • Toby's weakness comes when he realizes how terribly lonely he is without strong relationships with others.
  • Fang's weakness involves the line between he and Toby's mind. When the barrier weakens, he somewhat changes to match Toby's feelings. This makes him disoriented, confused, and otherwise easier to attack.

5.  Appearance

5.1  Luperci Forms

He is most often in lupus form unless stated he is in optime form. He will never be in secui form.


  • 26 in.
  • 88 lbs.
  • 1.4 m

Although he is a German shepherd, he is solid black. His gigantic body and muscles cause him to first appear like a wolf from afar. Only when you get close enough to view the differences can you really tell what his species is. This is his most used form because it is easiest for him to get around in, being closer to the ground. He also hates optime form because many only saw Fang in this form.


  • '35 in."'
  • 120 lbs.
  • 2 m.

In secui form he is still muscular. His neck has longer mane and he resembles more of a lion with the mane and muscular body type. He never uses this form, however, and wont ever be unless stated.


  • 6'9 ft.
  • 150 lbs.

For a german shepherd he is very tall and muscular, though he no longer is as strong as Fang once was. His shoulders are large and wide, with muscular arms and a narrow body. He has a strong core but it does not appear as "chiseled" as Fang had it to look. His legs feature thunder thighs and strong calfs. He has a long shaggy black mane he originally had dyed red but no longer keeps up with it. Due to his blindness he no longer keeps up with personal hygiene. His mane is matted in places, beginning to dred in the back where his head meets his neck and the top of his crown. He no longer wears clothes, aside from a harness, made to carry his walking staff for optime form, in both lupus and optime form. The harness is built like a quiver, having a black belt that goes across his abdominal section and then another strap that comes off his should, diagonally across his scarred chest, and down to connect to the belt on the opposite side. Toby also wears a red piece of cotton over his eyes at all times to hide his eyes.

5.2  Stature

Toby is a timid creature. Because he hates violence and the idea of ever committing crime against another canine he keeps his distance in conversations. He is most at ease near a beach, while any other times his shoulders are tense. He often times will make fists when uncomfortable. His tail hangs lower. He walks as though he is much more confident than he believes himself to be; a trait taken from Fang and never fading after his demise. His feet often will slide about to help him guide his steps due to blindness.

5.3  Eyes

Toby's eyes have suffered from a genetic trait that is incurable in German shepherds. It is believed to be passed from generation to generation but little is scientifically known about it, leaving it up in the air if Toby's pups will contract the same problem. In appearance, his eyes are a "soulless black" and now have a heavy gray cloud settled over the pupil and spreading across the entire span of the eye. It is rare that his eyes are seen because he wears a red cloth tied around his head to hide his eyes from view.

5.4  Scars

  • Toby was given a rune scar on his chest as a reminder that Fang and Amy were lovers and she had claimed him as her territory. This same scar was later distorted by Toby during his suicide attempt. The result is the rune, visible only by those looking for it, crossed diagonally by four claw marks starting from the top inner corner of his chest and going down to the outer corner of the same side of his chest.
  • He also has a claw mark over his left (our right) eye. It looks like that of Scar from The Lion King. This attack came early on during his enslavement. Details are blurry but he believes it was part of punishment for fighting a rape attempt. This scar is not visible from behind the red cloth blindfold that hides his eyes.
  • His left ear is also severely scarred, though the scar can sometimes be missed by unobservant eyes since it isn't very thick in width. The scar is a result of a spat between Mya and Toby as pups.
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