Jordheim Residences

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  • Communal residences of Vinátta
  • Pronounced ˈjɔrð haɪ̯m
  • Members of Vinátta can claim their house by posting in the VN Maintenance thread, or in their initial joining thread!
  • There are no requirements to claiming a house; additionally, characters can choose to live elsewhere such as the abandoned dwellings in Amherst or Hallet's Cove, or a natural den in the forest.


Numbered map of Jordheim village
Map created by Kitty
Discovered bySaul Stormbringer
Named byMiskunn Stormbringer
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Jordheim, literally meaning Earth House, is the village of partially-submerged domed houses in the Commune of the Salmon. The first territory discovered by Saul Stormbringer, the houses have become an essential part of the packs culture. Despite the years of neglect, the human houses were well built and stout, allowing minimal damage from the weather. There appears to be very little organization to the houses and they nestle in the valley and into the slight hills around the valleys in a chaotic manner. Most of the houses were fitted with strong wooden doors and thick glass windows, although a handful of houses towards the south of the village do not have doors or windows and appear to be in the worst states of disrepair. Pine trees form natural screens for the more secluded houses, and it is a quiet and tranquil clearing in the forest.

Now that the area has been settled for more than a year, the signs of Luperci civilization are more obvious. Well-trodden paths lead between many of the hillocks, and wildflowers have been planted as decoration. An unmarked storage house toward the center of the village serves as a drop-off for leftover food, pelts, tools, and anything else donated by helpful packmates. Cats are a common sight, as strays are often fed and adopted in the village to keep the mice out of the hill homes.

1.  Houses

  • So you've claimed a house in Jordheim? Excellent! If you wanted to let everyone know a little bit about the house, please feel free to add a house description here and in our VN Maintenance thread for the website!
  • Descriptions should be no more than 150 words, but can link to images to demonstrate if applicable.

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of Vinátta’s territory, Jordheim is the residential area for the pack. In times of humanity, a group of eco-warriors retreated to the woods and built a community of earth houses into the hills and valley. The houses themselves are built with little organization and sit hickledy-pickledy in the valley that creates the majority of Jordheim. The houses are actually stone and brick underneath- perhaps not the most environmentally friendly but necessary to support the substrate covering them. The earthen houses themselves blend well into the scenery due to the large amount of earth and grass that mold them into the hill and valley. With a small porch area (showing the building materials beneath the earth), the beautiful wooden doors and thick glass windows, it is not difficult to understand how these structures have withstood all nature can throw at them.

  • Note: The four houses all the way south-east are pretty shabby in comparison to the other houses. Most are windowless and very small.
ROOM Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

1.1  Jordheim Houses

01 Palaydrian, Dagr, Akara, Ahti -- Grace; Jiva; Leaf; Tyris, Taro; Sylven, Izrian
02 Lochlan Niernan's old house is large and well furnished. It boasts a fireplace, bookshelves, and multiple bedrooms. Grace; Lochlan; Niernan, Colibri, Teagan, Russano, Fionna, Ninian
03 Bran -- --
04 Izrian A medium-sized house nestled against the trees, with a back window opened to the forest. It has a main room, mostly unfurnished other than a wooden table, and a bedroom tucked privately away with thick layers of furs on the floor for a bed. There are various weapons and hunting equipment set against walls and upon the table for easy collection when the Sannindi leaves to go about her duties. Luella; Boomer, Jack; Abigail, Dreyma, Alessan, Jérôme; Shiloh, Myrkr, Thyri;
05 -- -- Taro; Csillig; Artemis; Tyris
06 Dreyma A medium-sized house with two little windows and a small yard flanked by a stretch of forest. It is divided unevenly into two rooms, a larger main room and a smaller bedroom near the back. Due to Dreyma's more feral lifestyle the house is only lightly furnished with a table, chair, bookshelves, and the like, but it still looks quite lived-in and cozy. Lynx; Jade
07 This house belonged to the previous leader and his family, and sits in a relative clearing with a yard. The larger house has three bedrooms and a large, relatively open plan communal area once used for all manners of gatherings. It is kept clean and well maintained by well-wishers who hope to see the family return someday, and in the meantime, has been opened to a new family. Temeraire; Lilin, Lund, Sólieri; Saul, Rúni; Sigurd, Yngvi
08 Carya Carya's chosen house looks small at first glance but is actually fairly large inside, with a much smaller front yard, and larger back yard. With two smaller bedrooms by her living room, and a larger bedroom tucked way into the back of her home, it gives Carya room to move about freely with her falcon. Within the larger room there is a dresser and an old mattress(covered in furs) that Carya chooses to sleep on as well as a window that opens into the open field that is her back yard. In her living room, lies a smaller table, a few broken wood shelves, and a book shelf, which Carya has assorted her knick-knacks on as well as books. Andara
09 Edraia Centered in a clearing, this tiny earth house is huddled between two pathways that skirt around the large yard. Though one of the smaller buildings, its rustic interior is immaculately maintained and every available bit of soil(including the roof) is covered in hardy perennial plants that bloom in the warmer months. Except for in bad weather, the arched windows and small door are thrown open in a welcoming manner to reveal a single central room dominated by a square fire pit in the center. A hand-sewn straw mattress is tucked into the single small alcove that juts off the main room, a bowl for washing resting nearby. Drying plants are suspended from most of the exposed rafters, lending a fragrance of must and herbs to mingle with the scent of wood smoke. Liam, Caroline; Fritz, Selene; Cody; Kyros; Aura
10 Fenris Remmington? Tucked in the northeastern corner of Jordheim is this quaint residence. The exterior is decorated with an abundance of daisy flowers that the previous occupant had planted, and three large sunflowers grow by the front door. The small earthen home is comprised of one large room, and two smaller rooms that jut out at the back of the home. The large front room is used most often, and is furnished with a small writing desk and a low coffee table crafted from a thick wooden slab. The larger of the back rooms was used as a bedroom and contains an old mattress draped in furs and several shelves that were built into the walls. The smaller of the back rooms is used for storage and remains rather empty. Nahyt, Sura, Hael; Couram; Faust; Vesle; Aeon; Ekaterina; Iris
11 Cody, Fionna This house is well furnished, reclaimed and self built furniture litters the inside. The hill is warm, pelts are spread across the floor and over the windows and a fire is usually on the go. The inside structure is open plan, split up with large wooden structures fashioned into walls. You're likely to find furnishings such as tables, chairs and shelving within the hill. The outside is covered in flowers. It also has a small garden behind it. Axle, Grit; Alessan; Solveig; Tobias
12 Aspen, Ode, Shore Since Aspen has very few belongings, her house hardly looks lived in. The front room is mostly empty, except for an old cast iron pan she found, which hangs on a hook, and the various spices she has collected, which sit on a shelf. The smaller of the windowless bedrooms has a pile of furs on the floor to sleep on, and the other she uses to dry fish. The front door has a cloth tied to the handle so she can pull the door shut while in any form. Outside is a fire pit surrounded by rocks with the grass around it pulled away. Ink, Sura, Roland; Lena
13 Lila, Orvar -- Lanya
14 Ascher -- Ezra, Elias; Reveille; Bel; Orvar
15 Oak, Cypress -- --
16 -- -- Thorn, Chatory'a; Saturn, Kyros
17 Chloé, Taro, Bjorn, Juno, Robin The house looks mainly like a long hill, hardly noticeable except from the front, where there is a small porch, a front door, and an oval window. The house is at a lower elevation that others and therefor remains rather cool all year. There is one main living room and kitchen area, with three rooms branching off from that. Two of the rooms are directly to the left of the door upon entering, and are equally sized. The third room is very small with a low ceiling and a small window. Temeraire; Finch; Lila;
18 Auguste Auguste's home is simple and sparse, the floor covered in furs. Eydiss; Dreyrugr; Kelda
19 Anu, Tayui A few furs and a blanket are laid out in a corner and used as a bed. The entrance to their home is covered with a few hanging furs. Valérian; Carya; Andira; Auguste
20 Andira -- Amaury, Luuk; Caboose
21 -- -- Cody; Sky, Shawchert, Sammy; Aimée, Arno
22 Miskunn -- --
23 -- -- Sierra
24 --


Adonis, Marcello; Valérian
25 Fiora, Ezra Fiora has inherited the small windowless house she grew up in, which is deeply submerged in a hill near the outskirts of the village. It is easily recognizable by the many flowers her mother has planted around the entrance and in the soil covering its dilapidated roof. The interior is more like a den than a house, one room with more furnishing than when her mother lived here. A large wool stuff mattress takes up one corner, littered with many furs, shelves now scatter across the walls with books and potions alike, a table sits in the center along with a “counter–like” cupboard next to that, and last but not least from the ceiling hangs all of her drying herbs.. As of late May, Ezra has taken up residence with Fiora Rin; Florina; Farina; Colibri
26 -- -- Nevada, Reykr, Emmanuelle; Alessandra; Miranda; Inara

2.  Significant Occurrences

Anyone is welcome to add significant threads taking place in Jordheim!

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