Ekaterina Voronovna

Ekaterina Voronovna is the daughter of Mikhail Voronovna and Brynhild Njord, born near Moscow. She is currently a Risna of Vinátta. She can usually be found doing some type of work as she likes to keep her hands busy. Even her free time is spent practicing with her sword or bow.

Ekaterina Voronovna

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Date of Birth

August 5th, 2011




Birth place



Wolf/Dog Hybrid


75% Common Gray Wolf
25% Dog



Current Pack


Joining date12 Sept 2013
Previous Rank(s)--



  • Optime Hair: Dark Ebony (#341703) fading slowly to Indian Tan (#522100).
  • Eyes: Brandy Punch (#d68228).
  • Tongue: Bulgarian Rose (#460b08).
  • Nose: Cape Palliser (#9b6e4e).
  • Pawpads: Copper Rose (#9e6d6b).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Indian Tan (#522100).
    • Dark Ebony (#341703) & Pueblo (#723411) comprise her dark points and brindle markings.
    • Lighter Potters Clay (#9b5e34) marks her chest, tail tip, and two feet.

Art by CallyCat

Ekaterina possesses a unique blend of genes to say the least. Her base coat isn't too odd, a deep shade of Indian Tan (#522100), but she has many markings in both lighter and darker shades of her coat. Her legs, face, and tail are dipped in a rich Dark Ebony (#341703), though two paws & her tail tip have Potters Clay (#9b5e34) fur. She has some brindled markings as well, almost giving the appearance of stripes, though in her long fur they are fairly broken up. The back of her neck and her rump both have Dark Ebony (#341703) patches of fur that fade into the rest of her coat with brindle. Her ears are also tipped in Dark Ebony (#341703) and her chest is Potters Clay (#9b5e34). All of these are clearly visible in all three forms. Her eyes are rimmed with both a darker and a lighter shade of fur, highlighting the brilliant Brandy Punch (#d68228) color of her gaze. Pueblo (#723411) colored brindling is scattered through her fur as well, highlighting her darker markings.

Build and Species

While compared to many females Ekaterina is quite large, she was actually quite dwarfed by her father who stood at over 7 feet due to his Great Dane heritage. She took more from her wolf mother's height but not her build. She is quite slender and more athletic than feminine with particularly long legs making it fairly clear that she is more than wolf.





85 lbs (38.5 kg)
32 in (81 cm)

165 lbs (75 kg)
40 in (101 cm)

190 lbs (86 kg)
6ft 4in (193 cm)

Slender and tall, she is built for speed rather than brute strength. She prefers to travel in this form when alone. Her fur is very thick with a slight curl, especially around her neck, chest, and tail. She usually looks unkempt but it is merely the texture of her fur since no amount of grooming makes any difference. The fur along her spine sticks up slightly in this form, hinting at the length of her mane in Optime form.

Even taller with slightly more muscle in this form, she uses her secui form to hunt occasionally, though she prefers the clean kill of a bow. She is even fluffier and wild-looking in this form with her fur taking on more of a curl. This form is fairly useless for her when she carries a bow and sword, and she rarely uses it for anything, preferring to avoid the bad hair day.

The form Ekaterina uses 95% of the time since it it fairly difficult to operate a bow or hold a sword without thumbs. Tall and wiry, her slenderness might be mistaken for weakness, but she is actually very strong. She has very little body fat and her strength comes from the long, lean muscles of her build. Her thick, slightly curly fur appears to give her some mass, though the thick coat is good with her lack of fat to keep her warm. She stands tall and human-like and tyically has a naturally dominant posture, something she has to actively hide when around superiors. Her mane is very long with dark fur at the roots fading lighter to the tips. It lays naturally in waves and soft curls but can be tamed somewhat with a braid. She typically wears it loose and wild down her back unless she is doing something that might make it get in the way. In that case she would braid it into one simple braid. The two feathers she wears on the left side are present regardless of the style.



  • Piercings: Two golden studs in her left ear.
  • Tattoos: None yet.
  • Scars: Many small ones from various accidents that she can't be bothered to remember. Most are hidden by her thick coat but her hands have several visible scars from her bowstring and sword.
    • Hands, slices on both hands from accidents with her sword, scar tissue from calluses on her right hand from bowstring.
    • Location, description, how it was obtained.
    • Location, description, how it was obtained.


  • Two feathers that fade from white to black are held into the left side of her mane at all times by one red and one blue bead. She began wearing them after her bringing down her first prey.
  • Two golden studs in her left ear are worn purely because she likes gold and the way it contrasts against her fur.
  • She wears the customary Frithr Necklace, a miniature wooden Hammer of Thor polished smooth, given to her when she joined Vinátta though it hangs alone for now on the string since she has yet to earn any beads to place beside it.


  • She is almost always seen wearing a black tank top and old-fashioned army green breeches that tie around her knees.
  • If it is particularly cold she will get out her father's cloak. It it dyed dark green and lined with black fur on one side. The way it was made makes it reversible but she usually wears it with the furs facing her body for warmth. The hood is large enough to put most of her face in shadow.


She is an individualist first and last, but as an instinctual pack animal she struggles with the need to belong and the want to separate herself from others. Due to her solitary upbringing with only her father who was nowhere near strict, she tends to avoid authority figures and resents restrictions, therefore in a pack setting she would likely find herself a useful place that would not involve too much direct contact with those in power. Her fondness for animals would allow her to spend her time in useful ways without disrupting her independence.

Though she feels the need to be part of a group, she will not actively seek out the company of others and sometimes seems cold and unapproachable. She spends most of her free time tending to Toska and practicing with her weapons, finding little use in more artistic skills. If her fatal flaw were to be named it would be her pride. She typically refuses to ask for help, even when she knows she needs it, and acts brashly in order to prove herself. She is also fairly easy to anger and has an explosive temper when set off, though she tends to curse in Russian rather than English.


She is a very dominant wolf, something she struggles to control in her current low-ranked position. Often just the way she stands makes this clear to other canines and she has to actively make herself appear more submissive. Her extreme pride makes this all the more difficult.



  • Likes: Horses, hunting, garden work, practicing her swordplay, archery, solitude, learning new things.
  • Dislikes: Overly cheerful beings, laziness, lying, large crowds.


Intelligent, quiet, hot-headed, prideful, brash, driven.

  • Outlook: Slightly Pessimistic
  • Expression: Introverted, Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


  • Powerlessness, unfair judgment, failure, being seen as weak.


  • Proving Herself


  • Packs: None.
  • Species: Has a fondness for felines and equines.
  • Non-Luperci: None, she understands the different intelligent levels of Non-Luperci.
  • Gender: None, was raised by only a man.
  • Color: None.
  • Sexuality: None.
  • Age: None.


She has so far only found men attractive, though none enough to pursue and has never experienced any kind of sexual act. She would be monogamous if she had a mate, though she has yet to do anything close to seeking one out. She is generally clueless when other drop hints to her, and if she is aware she usually ignores them.


She has no interest in any kind of mind-altering substance, at least not to the point where she would actively seek it out. She'll drink if others around her are drinking, though she usually keeps from getting too drunk.


While her father had no real spiritual views, he taught her about her mother's gods and she has come to believe in much of the Norse mythology.


  • Speech: She has a slight Russian accent though she speaks fluent, near-perfect English since her father was born in England, though his father was Russian. Her accent has been greatly reduced since leaving Russia.
  • Scent: A medley of different Conifers (pine, spruce, etc), very earthy.


Key Relations

Family: Voronovna & Njord

  • Mother: Brynhild Njord, moved from Norway to Russia after meeting Mikhail.
  • Father: Mikhail Voronovna, born in England but moved back to his father's home country after meeting Brynhild.
  • Siblings: None, her mother died shortly after giving birth to Ekaterina, who was the couple's first child.
  • Extended: She never met any of her extended family since they did not live in the same country as most of them.

Minor Relations

Former Relations

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  • Species: Horse, mare
  • Age and DOB: unknown age
  • Description: Black draft breed mare, likely of Percheron or Shire heritage due to sheer size. Mildly tempered with Ekaterina, distrustful of others. Toska was a birthday present from Ekaterina's father in Moscow, transported with her on her journey to Canada.
  • Personality:

Baba Yaga

  • Species: Housecat, male
  • Age and DOB: born 2012
  • Description: Rescued as a kitten in Moscow. A scruffy, scarred black tom cat with yellow-green eyes and a shredded ear. Speaks fluent high speech.
  • Personality:

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Ekaterina Voronovna, was born a shifter in the forests of Russia near Moscow on August 5th, 2011 to Mikhail Voronovna & Brynhild Njord. Her mother died shortly after she was delivered due to hemorrhaging, leaving her father to raise his only child alone. Her mother's family was from Norway, purebred Eurasian wolves. Her father's mother was a Russian Eurasian wolf, while his father was a Great Dane from England, though his father was also Russian. However her great-grandfather died when her grandfather was very young so he grew up speaking English, meaning that Ekaterina is fluent in both Russian and English though she prefers English like her father.

The lived in a small house relatively close to Moscow though outside the urbanized area, where they kept a small garden and a few livestock, including horses. For her first birthday, her father bought her a horse, a young black draft horse, likely of Percheron or Shire origin due to her size at 17 hands tall. Ekaterina named her Toska. Shortly after, she found a scraggly black kitten, half eaten by fleas. He became an excellent mouser for the house and stables and Ekaterina named him Baba Yaga. Baba has learned to speak high speech fluently, and Toska seems to understand most of what Ekaterina says to her.

From the time she could hold them, Mikhail trained his daughter to use both a sword and a bow, the latter used for purely hunting, while the sword was so she could defend herself if the need ever arose. She is decent with both weapons, though continues to practice regularly with her personal sword and bow. Mikhail never divulged where he learned to use a sword so skillfully and Ekaterina has always assumed he picked it up merely out of boredom. What she doesn't know is that Mikhail's history is much darker than that and he changed his name and moved into the woods as a loner to protect himself and his daughter. Voronovna is actually a Russian patronym rather than a proper surname. It means 'Daughter of Raven' which is why Mikhail never introduced himself as Mikhail Voronovna. To a native Russian it would make no sense. He named her that because his real name is Voron and it was the only way he could let his name be carried on.

When she was nearing her second birthday, she decided it was time to go off on her own. She knew of the large group of her kind that resided in Nova Scotia and chose that as her destination. A few months of travel finally landed her on the shores of Nova Scotia with her cat and her horse.



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