Sierra Bianchi

Sierra Bianchi is the daughter of Elena Bianchi and Sven Adorno-Bianchi and was born in Southern Italy. She came to join Vinátta in the summer of 2013 after escaping slavery and sustaining serious injuries that required a healer.

Sierra Bianchi

by Haley



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Date of Birth

30th September 2012




Birth place

Naples - Italy



75% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
25% Canis lupus (Wolf)


50% Golden Retriever
25% Borzoi
25% Italian Wolf




Pack Vinátta
Rank Risna

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Detailed Appearance

Sierra is a mix of two different breeds of dog –Golden Retriever and Borzoi - and Italian Wolf. Despite the generally large size of both her parent’s species and her parents themselves she is very small and has a rather slender build, to the point where in this form she can sometimes look unhealthily thin except by absence of visible ribs. She is covered with pale gold fur that has a tendency to catch the light and sometimes appear a more vivid gold than it actually is. In Lupus form this fur is thin and smooth against her skin for the most part, though on her back it is thicker and matted and her tail is fluffy; both holdovers from the different breeds of dog she descends from. She has a long and slender muzzle, folded ears and a slightly longer neck than the norm.

Despite having over twice the mass of her Lupus form, Sierra’s Secui is unimpressive; putting her at just below the average size and weight for the Lupus form of a wolf. In this form her features – aside from her ears which remain folded – are more wolf like and if not for her colouring she could almost pass for a small wolf. Her fur in this form is longer and thicker, reminiscent of her back fur in Lupus, and her tail loses some of it’s fluffiness to this thicker fur. Her mouth holds long fangs but she still lacks the strength to really use it in a fight, though this form affords her enough strength to hunt large game at least with good technique.

Optime form is Sierra’s favoured, partially because of the necessity that hands are for her favoured activities and partially because she likes how it looks. Sierra is proud of her appearance and generally makes an effort to keep herself well groomed and it shows in this form the most. Her fur is almost entirely the thin fur of her Lupus form and her mane – coloured the gold her fur tries to be and presenting a clear reminder of the sheltered life she lived before – flows down to her mid back in a well presented, impractically-lengthed wave which also peeks over her shoulders and down her front; though it is kept much shorter here and stops somewhere north of her breasts.

For the most part Sierra's Optime form is extremely thin; to the point of seeming unhealthiness, though genetics have gifted her with a large bust and a healthy diet will keep enough flesh on her to hide her ribs. Back in Italy it would be rare to see Sierra in this form without some form of decoration – generally jewellery rather than clothes – but since arriving in America she has lost all this, though will likely acquire more. When she has them, Sierra tends to wear her accessories around her arms and thighs where her thinness is most prevalent in an attempt to distract from it.

1.2  Coloration

Most of Sierra’s fur is coloured Golden Glow (#FCED9C) though it tends to appear a richer gold than it actually does in the right light. She has patches of Cream (#FFFDD0) on the tip of her muzzle and her stomach, with her tail gradually darkening to Saffron (#F3C030) before its end. Her hair in Optime form is coloured Sunglow (#FFCC33) and her eyes are a warm Buddha Gold (#C1A004).

1.3  Forms


  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Height: 18 in
  • Thin and delicate, doglike in appearance with thin fur except on her back, which is matted, and her tail which is fluffy.
  • Sierra generally uses this form to travel long distances or to hide when she feels scared.


  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Height: 30 in
  • Much larger than her Lupus form. Has thicker, matted fur and more wolflike features.
  • Sierra uses this form for hunting, moving quickly and on the rare occasions that she fights.


  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Height: 5ft 8in
  • Taller than the proportions of Sierra’s other forms would suggest. Slight but shapely build with very little muscle, thin fur like her Lupus.
  • Sierra’s preferred form due to the use she gets out of her hands.

1.4  Other


Sierra has lived a sheltered existence for most of her life and does not have many scars, though being whipped has left her with a couple.

  • Three large, long, ropey scars going down her back.
  • Several less clear and/or smaller scars accompanying the above ones.


Sierra is fond of accessories and tends to carry many with her, though upon arrival at Souls she has none.

  • Nada


  • Piercings: Remnants of a piercing in the left ear; the earring has been removed.
  • Tattoos: None


  • None

2.  Personality

Sierra can be described as a soft girl wearing the skin of a hard one. By nature she is kind and somewhat timid; slightly self centred at times but a good person overall. However she has been raised to show aggression and superiority towards others by her parents; both of them wealthy traders controlling many people under them. This conflict between nature and upbringing creates an interesting mix and occasionally leads to Sierra surprising herself with fits of braveness, but more often leads to her getting into bad situations and folding the instant her bravado is called out.

In the end Sierra’s primary desires in life are peace and companionship. She would be perfectly happy simply living out her days reading her books and drawing whatever took her fancy. Sierra is a much more balanced individual when she does not feel threatened or judged and she is around people she trusts and likes. In a calm situation such as that she is a quiet and passive girl who will spend much of her time just quietly reading and drawing. Despite how little interaction this brings her with the people around her Sierra needs and craves the company of others; living quietly by herself would drive her crazy while living quietly in a community – not quite interacting but aware of others being near her – would suit her just fine. Even so Sierra does enjoy the company of others but usually her shyness trumps her desire for conversation and she requires a push to get out there.

Sierra is not a canine who does well in conflict; to put it bluntly she is a coward. Part of this is due to her age, part due to a sheltered upbringing and part due to her enslavement – all of which will fade with time – but at the core of it Sierra is not a brave person, no matter how much she wishes to be. Despite this lack of bravery she is highly opinionated in situations where she feels safe and feels no need to change or fake her views to conform for someone unless they scare her..

2.1  Details


  • Appears confident and aggressive a lot of the time, particularly around strangers or if she feels threatened. Is very rarely as confident as she actually seems and her aggression is almost always a show.
  • Soft, caring and rather timid by nature. Has been taught to hide this and tends to fall apart if she fails at doing so.
  • Sierra is a very good liar and can think of usually believable stories to support these lies on the spot.
  • Sierra often lacks the motivation to do much with her time and often requires an outside push to partake of any large projects, particularly ones involving physical labour.
  • Sierra is extremely slow to warm up to and trust other canines, though once she does she is a very loyal friend.
  • Sierra is both an Optimist and a Pessimist; she likes to dream about and hope for the best but often assumes that the worst will happen.


  • Obtaining a comfortable home where she isn't alone is a powerful motivation for Sierra, though her mistrust of others works against her in this.
  • Can be somewhat self-centered; with the exception of friends puts her own goals far above those of others and can be hard to motivate to help strangers.


  • Dislikes people invading her personal space and/or touching her unless she is the one to initiate the contact.
  • Has a habit of subtly trying to make herself as small as possible without is being obvious she is doing so.
  • Tends to be quiet and distant; will often skirt around the edges of a social situation, present but not interacting or making her presence obvious.
  • Dislikes getting wet and cold in any way except' if she has been swimming; loves swimming despite her general dislike of wetness.


  • Likes: Mapmaking, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Warmth, Sour/Sharp Food, Looking at Snow, Interesting Human Things.
  • Dislikes: Rainy Weather, Being out in Snow, Fighting, Arrogant People.


  • Size: Apprehensive of those who are larger and stronger than herself, particularly of large males.
  • Gender: Sierra holds a natural fondness towards females and a slight mistrust of males.
  • Humanisation: Feels more at home with more humanised Luperci and awkward around less humanised ones. Not quite sure how to act around non-luperci canines.
  • Species: Is much fonder of smaller intelligent animals than she is of Luperci.
  • Reading: Pities those who are unable to read, dislikes those who dismiss it.


  • Bisexual.
  • Insecure about sexuality in general.
  • Is a romantic at heart.


  • Is fond of wine, has never had access to enough to get herself drunk.
  • Has a surprisingly high tolerance for alcohol.
  • Will be fond of marijuana when she is introduced to it.


  • Not religious.
  • Believes in Karma and in Rebirth; convinced she was a horrible person in a past life.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Andira is one of the first canines that Sierra met in Nova Scotia under friendly circumstances. Andira's presence in the pack was a major factor in Sierra's approaching them for help when she was injured and later joining of the pack.
  • Honrin saved Sierra's life when she fell through a floor while exploring in Amherst. Despite his actions Sierra is still wary around him due to his intimidating appearance, though she will warm up to him. Honrin was living with Sierra for a short while in Amherst, helping her recover but the two have been separated when Sierra was injured and took refuge in Vinatta while Honrin took a short trip home)

3.2  Family:

  • Mother: Elena Bianchi
  • Father: Sven Adorno-Bianchi
  • Siblings: None
  • Extended: None

3.3  Minor Relations

  • None

3.4  Former Relations

  • None

4.  Interaction


  • Smooth, pleasant voice with a heavy Italian accent.
  • Tends to speak formally around most people but often slips into informal speech accidentally.
  • Has a habit of slipping random words or small sentences of Italian into English speech. This becomes more pronounced when she is angry.
  • Rants when angry.

General Posture and Body Language

  • Generally Sierra is rather skittish and it shows in her movements. She moves about cautiously and scans her head around her environment a lot, ears always alert for sounds.
  • When she feels threatened Sierra will attempt to show dominant behaviour but is usually unable to prevent her fear from leaking through and making itself obvious.
  • When calm Sierra tends to move slowly and gracefully with deliberate movements, rarely moving quickly unless she has a pressing reason to do so.

Quirks, Habits & Ticks

  • Sierra hums a lot when she is distracted or concentrating on a task.
  • Sierra likes to squeeze things when she is stressed or scared: bits of leather or parchment, her own limbs, other Luperci; it doesn’t really matter what.


  • Spices, Paper, Ink, Graphite.

4.1  Residence

  • None

4.2  NPCs

  • None

4.3  Abilities


  • (Crafting | Apprentice) While not a skilled crafter Sierra knows how to make a few particular objects from raw materials including: quills, books, basic jewelry.
  • (Violinist | Apprentice) While she isn’t particularly fond of it Sierra was taught how to play a violin when she was young and is competent at doing so.
  • (Singing | Journeyman) Alongside her violin Sierra was taught to sing. She enjoys this much more and is more skilled as a result of additional practise.
  • (Drawing | Journeyman) Sierra is good at both sketching and creating detailed drawings with no colour.
  • (Mapmaking | Journeyman) Sierra is skilled at making maps and can make reasonably accurate ones without advanced equipment.
  • (Pathfinding | Journeyman) Making maps and finding ones way go hand in hand; Sierra is skilled at finding out where she is and travelling using human methods.
  • (Reading and Writing | Master) Sierra is proficient at reading and writing both English and Italian. Her handwriting is very neat and makes use of calligraphy.


  • Sierra has too little confidence in her abilities in physical activities and too much confidence in her abilities in other activities.
  • Sierra is extremely physically weak and has no fighting experience.
  • Sierra is scared by many things and bad at controlling her fear, letting it affect her more than it should.
  • Sierra is skittish and does not trust easily, turning away many who would help her because of distrust.

4.4  Belongings


Sierra has no belongings to trade.

  • Offering: -
  • Accepting: -



  • Sierra has no belongings.

5.  History

Sierra was born into a life of luxury. She was the only daughter of a pair of rich traders based in Southern Italy, living in a community situated in the ruins of the city Naples. Sierra’s parents were rich – the operators of a trading company comprised of several dozen Luperci – and as such Sierra grew up with no responsibilities and many luxuries provided to her.

While they still loved her as a firstborn, Sierra was a disappointment to her parents. She was small, weak and fearful; not good qualities for their heir. Over time as she grew they taught her to hide her fear from the world but it was a fragile disguise that; the guards that often escorted Sierra about were more to keep the girl from panicking about everyone she met than for fear of any real threat.

Where Sierra’s body and disposition disappointed her parents, her mind delighted them. She was intelligent and all too happy to spend her time reading books and learning. She learned the skills of the family trade reasonably quickly and competently; bartering, mapmaking, navigation… as long as she didn’t have to face danger by herself Sierra did well at the family business and her childhood was a happy one as she managed to make herself useful in various ways.

Sierra’s happy childhood unravelled shortly after her ninth month. Her parents took her along with them on a trip to America, scouting out the possibilities of trading with the Luperci over there. Unfortunately the family was unused to the lands where they had landed and hadn’t been far afield in quite a while; the belongings that they carried with them – which wouldn’t has raised many eyes where they lived as they were known – were a show of wealth enough to attract attention of the sort they definitely didn’t want. One night the party was ambushed by a group of Luperci. Who they were and what they wanted Sierra never found out; she was struck in the back of the head at the start of the fight and woke up several days later in chains. Of her parents there was no sign and her captors either didn’t know or wouldn’t tell her what had happened to them.

Sierra had been sold to a group of slavers, cruel Luperci who roamed the coast capturing anyone who seemed vulnerable enough. Taken away from her parents and guards Sierra was terrified and her fear often made her slow to obey the orders of her new masters; her life with the slavers was not a happy one. Fortunately her youth and looks saved her the worst of her captors treatment; both added value to her eventual sale and they were ill inclined to damage them. This didn’t protect her though from other methods of discipline; starving and beatings which left no marks. The lively if a bit timid girl that Sierra once was quickly disappeared and soon she barely seemed alive.

Ironically it was the worst experience of her time as a captive that benefited the most. One day she was too slow reacting to the command of a particularly short tempered slaver and he took a whip to her. Some of the other slavers disagreed with this, saying that he had lessened her value for when they sold her and this argument descended into a fistfight which itself quickly descended into a full out brawn.

Somehow Sierra managed to escape in the confusion; running away into the forest half-awake and half-alive. By the time they realised she was gone Sierra was far enough away that they had no hope of finding her. Not knowing this, Sierra just kept running; unknowingly heading north into the lands known as ‘Souls.

5.1  Timeline


  • September: Sierra is born in Naples, Italy.


  • February: Sierra shifts for the first time.
  • April: Sierra and her parents set sail for America early this month, arriving just before the end.
  • May: Sierra is captured by slavers and separated from her parents.
  • June: Sierra escapes captivity and flees north into Souls.