Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii

Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii is the son of Jace and Temo, and the father of Azazel Collins and Kjintora Wolfe-Denahleigh. He is a member of Casa di Cavalieri (CdC). He was born in Ichika no Ho-en and later joined Midnight Shores before finding his current home in CdC.

Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii

Honrin and Kenna by Nat
Date of BirthNov 1 2011
Subspecies50% Canis lupus familiaris
25% Canis lupus columbianus
25% Canis lupus arctos
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeIchika no Ho-en
Previous packCercatori d'Arte
Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Current Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining dateJune 2017
Most Recent RankSworn
SignificanceMaster Equestrian

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1.  Appearance

Standing at 6 foot 9 inches Honrin is about average height for a male although he is tall compared to the rest of his family all of whom are smaller than 6 foot. He is lithe and muscular from his active and demanding lifestyle.

Wearing a thick pelt of purest white he is unmarred by any other colorings or marks. Scars cover his face with five long diagonal lines, splitting the skin grotesquely. Upon his chest, across his heart the male is tattooed with the insignia of his mother's tribe, a symbol that holds great meaning and honor for him.[1]

Always bare shouldered Honrin wears only a pair of old torn jeans that were scavenged from a nearby town.

2.  History

On November 1 2011 Honrin came into the world along with his sisters Keldava, Pandora, and Dalgina, in Ichika no Ho-en. A dispute within the pack lead his mother Jace Wolfe to believe her family was no longer safe there, guiding them to Cercatori d'Arte where they have lived since. In August of 2012 Jace gave birth to a litter of five small, unhealthy pups, that were gradually nursed to health and survived, giving Honrin new siblings: Drahnor, Adam, Lorenna, Ky'Ry', Starr. Jace had attacked her family in her distress over her litter's condition, notably scarring Honrin's face grotesquely, but worked to repair her relationship with her children and the pack over time. He forgives his mother, though he will bear her claw marks for the rest of his life.

Jace became pregnant again next spring, but was gravely wounded by an assailant named Shurui. Honrin feared for his mother's life, but she slowly recovered and had a very difficult childbirth in May 2013, resulting in two healthy pups (Qyska, Samson?) and three stillborns. Dalgina and Adam choose to leave Cercatori d'Arte around this time, journeying to the arctic. Keldava and Leviothan also embark on a honeymoon, with the intention of returning to their pack eventually. Honrin maintains his close bond with his remaining littermate, Pandora.

Honrin became a father by accident in 2013; he and Cercatori d'Arte leader Skye Collins became intoxicated at a party and ended up spending the night together. They agreed it was a mistake, but Skye did not realize she was pregnant until the birth of Azazel Collins. Honrin was deeply moved to become a father, even if it was not by the woman he was secretly in love with, Kenna Foxleigh. He relieves some of his stress over the situation with a physical commitment-free relationship with Myrddin dir Rhiannon (unaware that his male packmate harbored feelings for him and felt led on). Honrin and Jace both devote a lot of time to Azazel when he is not with his mother, hoping to impart their Svinka beliefs.

Honrin's inappropriate love for Kenna is brought to light months later when she appears on his doorstep late one night, and they conceive a child together: Kjintora Wolfe-Denahleigh. Ultimately Kenna is loyal to her mate, Adrian Kido, but Adrian's untimely disappearance gave Honrin an opportunity to live out his fantasies and be with his dream girl and their daughter. Jace disapproved of her first two grandchildren being born out of wedlock, but she was not truly scandalized until the third was on the way.

Pandora's pregnancy came as a shock, since the naive girl did not have any suitors and mainly spent her days around her family. It was revealed that she and her brother Honrin had been hiding an incestuous relationship for a long time, before any of Honrin's other romantic entanglements began. However, the ill-fated child conceived of such a union never drew its first breath; Pandora's pregnancy ran too long, and her only pup was stillborn. The siblings fell into deep mourning, and Jace set aside her anger in order to comfort her offspring over their loss.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Wolfe-Denahlii