Jace Wolfe

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Jace Wolfe (née Jace Denahlii) was a member of Casa di Cavalieri, ranked as an Honored Elder. She was a previous member of Phoenix Valley, Ichika no Ho-en, Cercatori d'Arte, and Midnight Shores. Mated to Temo Wolfe for twelve years and has many children by him, the foundation of the Wolfe-Denahlii family. After a lifetime of trial and toil, and a long, slow battle with dementia, Jace gives up her final breath in winter of 2022 with her beloved mate by her side, together even unto the last.

Jace Wolfe

Jace by Nat
Name MeaningThe Protector
Name OriginHer mother gave her it
Date of BirthDecember 19th 2008
Date of DeathDecember 10th 2022
Subspecies50% Canis Lupus arctos ortus
50% Canis Lupus familiaris ortus
LuperciYes, ortus
Birth placeExtreme northern Canada
Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Current Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining date???
Joining Rank???
Most Recent RankFirst Cadet

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1.  Appearance

Jace is rather odd colored for a wolf, drawing on her dog heritage. Her eyes are two different colors; the left being blue and the right being amber. Her fur is very fluffy and warm, due to her Arctic Wolf ancestry allowing her to survive in very cold places and extreme weather, and grows longer around her head and neck area giving her the appearance of having a small 'mane' kind of like a lion's but a lot smaller.

Her muzzle is jet black fading almost immediately to white as it reaches her face, the majority of her face is white with tan circles around her eyes and on her ear tips. Her face is marred by a set of claw scars that run diagonally across her face from left to right only narrowly missing both eyes. Her ears never fully straightened out so are permanently curled over jut at the top giving her a slightly comical appearance. Her mane area is dark brown that flows down onto her back to make a kind of saddle that ends at the beginning of her tail, which is also completely white apart from a tan tip. Her sides are a greyish white color leading down onto her paws which are a darker grey. Her entire belly, chest and abdomen is pure white.

Jace looks the same in every form, with the same markings and colors, the only difference between her three forms are the physical aspects that change. Jace is small for a wolf and is therefore small in her other two forms as well. Under tipping the scales at just 62 lbs in lupus form, 119 in Secui and 156 as Optime, standing 5'7". Jace also has two rawhide necklaces tied around her neck. One has a small feather dangling from it and the other a piece of antler carved into the shape of a crescent moon.

2.  History

2.1  Pre-'Souls History

Jace was born into the Denahlii pack, a pack of Arctic wolves of the Tundra region in Northern Canada at ten to twelve midnight on the 19'th of December 2008, her sister Elsie Denahlii was born fifteen minutes after her on the 20th of December to Lily Denahlii and a German Shepherd/Husky cross Luperci whose name is unknown and whose whereabouts are also unknown.

Although they live in Canada, the pack was originally air lifted in from an English Zoo by humans before the Great Plague wiped them all out. The pack is the descendants of these wolves. the humans then observed the wolves in the wild to see how they would cope and to assist if anything went wrong. As a result of their isolation these humans were some of the last in the States to be wiped out by the virus.

When the virus reached Jace's pack, although this was long before she was born, the members reacted well to it and transformed into Luperci, gaining the intelligence of the new species, they learned how to operate the abandoned human machines, although sadly none of them are still operational but the know how was passed down through the pack onto every successive generation.

The dogs the humans kept, Huskys and German Shepherds mainly also reacted to the virus and became Luperci, and arranged an uneasy truce between them and the Arctic Wolf pack they resided near. Over the generations the two types of dog bred together to create a GSD/Husky mix with the size and strength of the GSD but with the coat thickness of the Husky. The new dogs also had predominately blue eyes.

Jace and Elsie were raised together in a cave they shared with their mother, her sister and her sister's pups, Loki and Ruko. When Jace and Elsie were about 9 months old a pack of larger and stronger wolves migrated up from the south and began putting pressure on the pack to leave the area but the Alpha, Kiba refused to move.

Tensions between the two packs quickly rose and within the month the Denahlii pack were being shunted out of their territory by brute force. Although crunch day came about another month after that when the Denahliis were clinging to the very edge of their land, the other pack decided to chase them out once and for all. they descended upon the pack in the darkness of true night but the Denahliis did not go down without a fight.

Rallied around their alpha they fought back with extreme fury and strength, determined not to be kicked out of their home and causing enough trouble that the alpha of the other pack ordered his subjects to simply slaughter them all. Then the massacre began. It lasted several hours and by the end of it the snowy ground was stained red with the blood of those fallen, and only two survivors remained, huddled together within their well hidden den, Jace and her sister, Elsie.

Before she left to go fight, Lily had told her pups to wait until morning broke when the other pack would hunt and then to run, as far and as fast as they could. away from their home and to the south and to the east where she had heard of the Souls. Lily didn't know much about it but she knew that it would be a relatively safe place for her pups to live from the rumors she had heard.

When morning broke Jace and Elsie set off at full speed in the direction their mother had given them. They ran for days hardly daring to stop for rest or food. They reached the edge of their pack lands and crossed the last scent marker and out into the wilderness beyond the pack. Unluckily for them they were intercepted by a re-scenting patrol who was marking all of the borders with the scent of the new pack. He gave chase when he saw them and quickly caught up being larger and faster.

He fell on the one behind first, which happened to be Elsie and tore at her back legs, rending her unable to run or walk and then killed her with merciless precision. Her dieing words had been at her sister to run. Not wanting to leave her sister but fearing for her own life, Jace ran into a nearby rocky outcrop with the patrol still chasing her but she hit a dead end. She turned around in time for the patrol to swipe at he with his claws leaving the scars that still mar her face. Underneath her the rock began to crumble and she fell down into a small crevice too small for the patrol to fit down and too tough for him to dig through.

He stayed there for several hours cursing her and making repeated attempts to reach her. Eventually leaving with the promise he would return with the alpha. Once she was certain he had left Jace crawled out of her hiding space and returned to the torn apart body of her sister. She nuzzled her poor twin, uncaring of the blood or the stench of ruptured organs. And untied the necklace from around her sister's neck. Since the Turning of the pack into Luperci they had a talent for creating beautiful jewelry. And re-tied it around her own neck, swearing to herself to avenge her sister and her pack one day, when she was strong enough.

She buried her sisters body as best she could but she knew ultimately the scavengers would have at her. The patrol returned the next day to find both the living and dead wolf gone, his Alpha punishing him severely for being incompetent and letting them get away.

Jace resumed her journey with two necklaces swinging from her neck and an icy cold coating around her heart. she alone was the last Denahlii, the last survivor and the one to carry on the pack's name. She traveled for many months , though the bitterest part of the winter, never stopping or even slowing in her quest to get to the lands named the Souls.

After a while Jace stopped missing the comfort of others and instead began to crave it with every fiber of her being. The love of a mother, a friend, a mate, anything to stop the blinding loneliness that plagued her heart. It was around that time, when she was feeling most alone that she came upon another wanderer like herself, heading in the same direction although not necessarily towards Souls'. A British Columbian/German Shepard wolf dog named Temo. He had jet black fur that in the right light showed his GSD markings and pure black eyes. She asked if they could travel together, to improve their chances of hunting success was the reason she gave and he agreed.

2.2  'Souls History

Pack History

Midnight Shores

Joining date???
Joining Rank???

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining date???
Joining Rank???
Most Recent RankMercenary, Scoundrel
SignificanceWarrior, Omega

Ichika no Ho-en

Joining date???
Joining Rank???
Most Recent Rank???

Phoenix Valley

Joining date2nd Febuary 2011[1]
Joining RankLoas
Most Recent RankPraeas
Co-RankFollis in Training


Joining date19th December 2008
RankBeta's daughter
SignificanceShe was a princess

In October 2010, Jace and Temo journeyed to 'Souls. They were a little lost, but met a wolf named Cowslip who explained that they weren't lost -- they were in fact in 'Souls.[2] The next day, they found their way to Halifax and explored the city.[3] They traveled together and lived for a time in Phoenix Valley, falling in love and becoming mates. Tragedy met them there, including Jace being raped by Lucifer Sawtooth, enduring the miscarriage of her first litter, and having her children's graves defiled by Argul Rakezael whom she murdered in retribution.

When Phoenix Valley merged with Dahlia de Mai they followed and lived for some time in Ichika no Ho-en. The couple's first healthy litter was born there in November 2011: Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Pandora Wolfe-Denahlii, Dalgina Wolfe-Denahlii, Keldava Wolfe-Denahlii. A dispute within the pack lead Jace to believe her family was no longer safe there, guiding them to Cercatori d'Arte where they have lived since.

In August of 2012 Jace gave birth to a litter of five small, unhealthy pups, that were gradually nursed to health and miraculously survived: Drahnor Wolfe VI, Adam Wolfe II, Lorenna Makenzi Denahlii, Starr Talc Denahlii, Ky'Ry' Wolfe-Denahlii. Jace had attacked her family in her distress over her litter's condition and left both Honrin and Keldava scarred, crippled Keldava's hand, and leaving the previously tight knit family shattered. Jace was demoted and dishonored, and worked to repair her relationship with her children and the pack over time. Keldava became mates with Leviothan Moonbreaker while estranged with her mother, but the relationship brought them back together as a family.

Jace became pregnant again next spring, but was gravely wounded by an assailant named Shurui. Leviothan's mother was also attacked, but did not survive. Jace slowly recovered and had a very difficult childbirth in May 2013, resulting in three stillborn and two healthy pups: Samson Denahlii, Qyska Denahlii. Dalgina and Adam choose to leave Cercatori d'Arte around this time, journeying to the arctic. Keldava and Leviothan also embark on a honeymoon, with the intention of returning to their pack eventually. Jace is left in relative peace to raise her youngest pups, and in a surprise twist, her first grandson Azazel Collins.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Wolfe-Denahlii

4.  NPCs

  • Name: Pandemic
  • Species: Horse
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: Mare
  • Abilities: Rider-trained.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: --
  • Name: Salvia
  • Species: Horse
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: Mare
  • Abilities: Rider-trained.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: --
  • Name: Artan
  • Species: Horse
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: Stallion
  • Abilities: Rider-trained.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: --

5.  Thread Archive

2010 Threads


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November (cont.)

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