Saxif Goldenfeather

Saxif Goldenfeather

Saxif, by Requiem
Date of BirthJune 25, 2010
Age> 1 year
Subspecies100% Canis lupus hudsonicus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeUnknown

Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining dateJune 25, 2010
RankTsisdu Kanati

Saxif Goldenfeather was a former member of AniWaya and later, a Loner following the 2011 AniWaya Conflict.


Raised in a confined and defined manner Saxif is a socially awkward lupus often unsure of how to act around others but is becoming more comfortable. Being the daughter to Alpha Swift Goldenfeather she was expected to follow certain protocol on how she acts, what she does and what she will become.

From a young age she always adored stories of the hunt from her father. Enthralled by each story she felt destined to become a great hunter. Imagining each hunt pattern, the fall of her prey and the feed to follow. Her dream was swiftly thwarted by her parents. This never stopped her from trying though. She would play hunting games with her best friend Hilon. Telling him that when she became Alpha she would be the greatest hunter alive regardless of her clan's rules.

Her dream was brutally crushed when her father announced Hilon would be the future Alpha upon his death. Hilon was to choose one of the two sisters to continue the Goldenfeather lineage. He chose Lilac over Saxif after days of indecision. Betrayed, heartbroken and forever destined to be in service of her sister. Saxif decided it was time to run.

In an unfair deal she made with her father to allow her to be part of one single hunt she would become free. So Saxif had to succeed her escape or face either death or complete submission to her sister. After a thrilling first hunt Saxif gracefully made her escape during the ravenous feed of fresh meat. It had been everything she imagined and had even been the one to cripple the frightened caribou. A lucky strike but it fueled her to run with all her might. She ran toward a new future, using every method she knew to cover her scent. After 3 days of evading the guard, she was free.

Once self granted of her freedom she made her way along the cost of the great waters hoping to follow the rising sun. Once land opened to her she ran with great joy. After 25 days of exploration and small game hunting she felt it was time to move forward. Begin anew in a pack where she may follow her desires and dreams to become a great hunter. First step was to be taught.


Though she has a bit of a rebellious streak to her past she is quite kind hearted and playful. In her short months of being raised as an heir to become Alpha she can be socially awkward, seemingly sheltered and quite young. Constantly learning she is an ambitious lupreci believing she is destined to become a great hunter. Nothing from this point forward could destroy her will to become one. Her friends always considered her to be quite intelligent but she feels she is no such thing. Her curious nature is her most notable trait as is her passion for the hunt.

Personality update

Saxif has begun to learn the truth about life. That it is a dangerous world out there. As a result of various actions that have progressed since becoming a part of Souls' Saxif has developed a bit of an anger issue. She also obsessively trains her body to further improve her hunting skills.



  • Parents — Laveni Goldenfeather and Swift Goldenfeather
  • Siblings — Lilac Goldenfeather
  • UncleLight Goldenfeather

Daughter to Alpha leader Swift Goldenfeather Saxif is from a long line of Canis Lupus Hudsonicus Lupreci in the Northern region of Nunavut.

Her mother Laveni Goldenfeather recently became the spiritual leader after the recent death of grandmother Juni Goldenfeather. Saxif took notice to their largely different spiritual beliefs. She favored her grandmother's traditional style of teaching.

Saxif's sister Lilac is heir to leadership regardless of the fact Saxif has great leadership qualities.

Lilac's mate Hilon Treefinder was Saxif's best friend whom she adored deeply. Given the choice between the sisters by father Swift; Hilon chose Lilac. Reasons being, 'Lilac was more submissive and docile.'

Uncle Light, among her many uncles he was truly her hero. He had taught her the art of trapping and most of the strategics behind hunting. She misses him greatly but she is sure he is happy she left to do what she loves. She couldn't help but to feel he had influenced the idea upon her.

Being daughter to the leader Saxif was confined to a life similar to royalty. No leaving pack grounds, constant watch from the guard and no choice in her future mate.

Love Interest

Saxif was formerly mated to Shiloh Grant in AniWaya.


Saxif, in Lupus

Saxif now an adult stands at 6'5" in Optime form and 35" at the shoulder in lupus.

Saxif in lupus stance seems shorter in length than the average lupus. Though underneath her creamy pale blonde coat is thick muscle. This gives her a more curvy figure when in optime form. A trait common to her kin is that she is deceptively swift and powerful.

Her seemingly thick coat of fur glistens with a golden shine at the tips in certain lights, often at the setting and rising of the sun.

Her eyes are what had set her apart in her pack. They're a golden shimmer as apposed to the common brown among her family. Her grandmother believed she would be destined for greatness because of this uncommon trait. Saxif felt it was just a sign that she was different.

Her fur is dyed not as neatly as the reference but she tries her best.

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