Matteo Trovato

Matteo Trovato

Matteo Trovato, by Sky
Name MeaningGod Given Gift
Name OriginItalian
Date of BirthJuly 3rd, 2009
Age2 Years
Subspecies50% 50% Canis Latrans Latrans Ortus
50% Canis Lupus Familiaris Ortus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeNorthern Italy
Current packAnathema
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Joining dateNovember 5th, 2011


Joining dateJanuary 29th, 2011
RankZepar / Anzu
SignificanceMember, Shepherd

"Those three words are said too much, They're not enough." -Coldplay: Chasing Cars

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
    1.   1.1  Early Life
  2.   2.  'Souls History
    1.   2.1  Life in the pack
  3.   3.  Personality
    1.   3.1  Initially
    2.   3.2  Later
    3.   3.3  Currently
  4.   4.  Relationships
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  5.   5.  Abilities, talents and skills
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  6.   6.  Appearance
    1.   6.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   6.2  Stature
    3.   6.3  Eyes
    4.   6.4  Scars
  7.   7.  Notable Threads
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    2.   7.2  'Souls threads

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Wealthy homelife in Italy with his mother Carissa and his father Draco.

2.  'Souls History

In Point Form • Arrived to North America with his Brother by boat. Spent some time in Halifax before arriving at Anathema. • Joined Anathema.

2.1  Life in the pack

The Day-to-Day Life of a Zepar Matteo's life in Anathema during his first few months was incredibly rough. At first, he remained in the shadows, never venturing far from his and Giuseppe's quarters unless to hunt or visit the library. Giuseppe often spent a lot of time away from their room, giving Matteo a chance to work on his hemp crafts and practice his English. It was during a visit to the library that he met Kase Hayashi. He and Kase became casual friends rather quickly, though they rarely saw eachother after that. In the meantime, Giuseppe had made a business-related friend in Alaki. One day, Alaki came by the room to call on Giuseppe. The darker brother wasn't home, so instead he found the secret brother, Matteo. After some strange moments of both silence and laughter, the two hit it off as friends. It was Alaki's first visit to the room that led to Matteo crawling out and exploring more than just the library. During these explorations, he met Mizu Kuin, a woman that quickly became his friend. His social life was looking up and Matteo started to grasp that he was being abused by his brother and that it wasn't right. This started him along a stage of rebellion.

Shepherding the Flock; The Anzu Rank Matteo quickly worked his way up into the rank of Anzu. It was his discovery of a small Raccoon kit that he later named Carissa that inspired this career path. It was also due to Carissa that Matteo moved out of his room with Giuseppe to live with Alaki, the wolf that he was quickly falling in love with. In order for Matteo to keep Carissa safe, he begged Alaki to convince Giuseppe not to hurt or kill her. Alaki instructed Matteo to crash in his room for a few nights while he dealt with this and by the time it was settled, Matteo had grown comfortable staying there. After a short conversation about it, Alaki and Matteo came to a mutual agreement that he'd remain living with Alaki. This began the formation of Matteo's little gang, consisting now of Matteo, Alaki and now, Carissa. It wasn't until later that Matteo discovered his spot quickly filled in Giuseppe's room; had moved in as Giuseppe's... slave. This made Teo jealous when he decided that she'd moved in to steal away his brother's affections from him. In a jealous fit, he tracked her down intended to scare her away from Giuseppe forever. This turned into a romantic evening on the beach, where Teo and Gemma shared a kiss. Matteo's first kiss ever, to be precise. Gemma became part of the 'gang' that day, as Matteo's best friend. Funny how that works, right?

It was an unfortunate day when Gemma came over for a visit. By this point, he'd already met Demi D'Angelo and had been introduced to various soft-core drugs. He never did enough to become addicted, luckily, but he quickly discovered that being high made him both talkative and much, much more friendly than usual. He and Demi hit it off as friend right away by passing joints, sharing trips and braiding hair. Wait, getting off-track. Back to Gemma. She came over for a visit, which started off fine and well. She was introduced to Carissa (the raccoon, not his mother) and the two started chatting. Then she mentioned she'd been given to Giuseppe by Alaki... and it all went to hell. Matteo, feeling betrayed and violated, quickly became angry. It was just as Gemma had been calming him down that Alaki himself walked through the door... and then tried to walk right back out, seeing Gemma and Matteo together and sensing the immediate danger. Matteo stopped him, yelling at him furiously and thus starting their first fight. After a slap (with claws) to Alaki's chest, Matteo grabbed up Carissa and walked out in a huff, thoroughly enraged with his so-called 'hero'.

Falling Down Again Matteo spent his next few days avoiding Alaki, fearing at if he got talking to him, he'd cave and suck his way back into the wolf's good graces. Instead, the only time he saw the other male was for very short moments as he came back to sleep, dress and drop off/pick up Carissa.

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3.  Personality

3.1  Initially

Matteo started off as being adventurous and daring. As a pup, he was happy... until his brother starting breaking him down. He became shy, anti-social and quiet after that.

3.2  Later

Matteo remained quiet and anti-social as he became a teenager and the sexual abuse started.

3.3  Currently

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4.  Relationships

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4.4  All Friends

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4.5  All enemies

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4.6  Love Interests

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5.  Abilities, talents and skills

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5.2  Weaknesses

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6.  Appearance

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6.2  Stature

6.3  Eyes

6.4  Scars

7.  Notable Threads

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