Amy Sunders

Amy Sunders

Amy Sunders
Name MeaningBeloved
Name OriginLatin
Date of BirthJune 2 2008
Age4 Years
Subspecies100% Canis familiaris ortus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeEngland
Current packLoner

Previous Pack

Sunders Family

Joining dateJune 2 2008
SignificanceMay Sit at Family Table, Share Resources
Co-RankBlack Market Merchant

Amy Sunders is a dog that lost interest in the life of power she lead in Europe. She came to North America to regain that excitement and deal directly with people. She kills and tortures without discretion. After a drawn-out conflict with New Dawn, she was killed by their alpha Zalen Damaichu. Even death cannot stop her, though, as her only daughter Lucias Sunders is haunted by Amy's ghost.

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  2.   2.  Personality
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  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms
  6.   6.  Notable Threads

1.  History

1.1  Puppyhood

Amy was born into a family of crime. Her mother was a famous assassin while her father was a highly successful slave trader. Her older siblings had also found various jobs in the industry: drug dealing, mercenary, working to become alphas of packs, prostitution, and underground fight rings as some examples. Her family was extremely powerful, though only those who dabbled on the dark side of the world were aware of their existence. Amy's family was extremely tight knit, often sharing each other's exploits in the evening. Despite this the family was extremely competitive, only accepting family members as canines worthy of consideration and viewing each other as rivals as often as not. Mates were only taken after a promising litter of pups was produced worthy of carrying on the family's name. While living in England, the main branch of the family remained in the countryside away from the main hustle and bustle of politics where they could rest without the relative fear of being killed.

Amy was born in a litter of five. While her successes were met with great applause, all failures were laughed at. This made her extremely prideful, eager to be the best in everything she set herself to. At five months of age one of her brothers snapped under the pressure. Believing that he could earn his parent's praise if he was the only pup, he murdered one of Amy's sisters. Amy's screams brought her parents to the sight of the murder. Amy was whisked away and comforted, though she never did see her brother again, or learn of his fate. After that Amy began learning how to fight.

1.2  Adolescence

At six months of age Amy made her first shift, welcoming her into the inner sanctum of her family. She immediately began sleeping with a knife to prevent anymore nighttime 'accidents', and spent time with her mother learning how to kill. Over the course of time she became an expert on poisons and how to kill with one strike. At the same time Amy studied trading with her father, learning how to measure the worth of slaves and developing contacts in the black market. When Amy was 9 months old she made her first professional kill and found that she liked the power it gave her. She also began working part time as a merchant's apprentice.

1.3  Europe

By the time Amy was 18 months old she had collected enough influence to start her own business as a black market trader. She continued to work as an assassin, gaining a reputation as a ruthless person willing to do anything for her goals. Amy began slowly seizing control of various markets across Europe, forcing her to hire subordinates to be where she could not. Those that came into contact with her began willingly serving her, either out of greed or a fear that they would be the next ones she would destroy in a fit of annoyance. Amy was quite civilized, knowing not only how to read and write but having built portfolios on the key figures in Europe and the different bodies of influence. She had become a great source of pride for her family, known for being honest in her dealings, if charging more than an item was worth.

At three years of age Amy had grown bored of the empire that she had built. Amy had retired from working as an assassin, refusing to work beneath those who considered themselves her better. She longed for the freedom to roam and kill as she pleased, instead of the responsibilities involved with the power she had. A chance meeting with a wandering merchant gave her the courage to pursue this, so she left on a boat to America. Her empire was left in the hands of her family, though without her skill behind it the kingdom she'd built rapidly fell apart.

1.4  America

It took only a short month for Amy to reach America. As soon as she arrived Amy set off traveling, collecting several valuable contacts she could use to procure the good she would sell. Amy bought a horse and wagon, and began finding merchandise to sell. Those that dealt with her received an impression of a gently girl, easy to handle. Amy became a true example of civilization during this time, doing her best to act as a lady. During one point in her travels Amy headed to the arctic, hoping to receive items that couldn't be found elsewhere. She returned with a shamanic slave in tow, with plans to sell the rare find to the highest bidder. After another month of traveling Amy finally arrived in Souls, planning on turning the savage land into a version similar to her empire in Europe, with the exception being that this time all her activity would be hands on.

1.5  'Souls

Once Amy reached 'Souls she began travel to the various packs. She passed by Anathema where she caught and tortured a member, before moving on. Shortly after Amy stopped in Halifax for a week, during which time she was reunited with the member of a family she knew in Europe, Matteo Trovato. Business was discussed about whether or not she would be willing to kill, before she informed him of her retirement. Further travel lead to trade in the south part where she sold the shaman she had captured in the north. She met with Leon Hughes and made a bargain with him, so she now has direct connections with Aniwaya?, allowing her to provide everything they need without effort. Anathema has banned Amy from their lands, though she is working to hire someone to work as a go between. Amy had sex with Ángel Fàbregas i Reus and is now carrying his children.

2.  Personality

Amy is sadistic, enjoying causing others pain. It doesn't matter whether it's physical or emotional, though she does tend to get carried away with cutting into people. She has a powerful blood lust, though she keeps it controlled under a facade of civility. She's extremely polite and well mannered, though that can turn on a dime if you insult her. Amy is extremely proud and dominant, considering all those around her as lesser beings. Amy is extremely distrustful of others due to what she has seen in her life, believing the worst of people. Strangely enough Amy is an honest person in everything except getting slaves, where she lures the slaves off where she will bind them and take them with her. Amy believes that life is for her own benefit, and seeks pleasures in all it's form. The one exception to this is drugs, as Amy has enough going on in her head without adding more noise and confusion. Amy wants to control everything around her, and feels that someone has wronged her if they don't comply with her will. As such she tends to have an extremely spoiled demeanor, if offset by her beauty and manners.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family in Europe

See Sunders family page for more information.

  • Emeric Sunders-father
  • Miyu Sunders-mother
  • Jarrett Sunders-brother
  • Aaron Sunders-brother
  • Ward Sunders-brother
  • Obert Sunders-brother
  • Levi Sunders-brother
  • Beatrice Durand-sister
  • Emi Sunders-sister
  • Lalita Sunders-sister
  • Fitzroy Banbels-uncle
  • Emma Banbels-aunt
  • Sofia Sunders-aunt
  • Kiet Durand-brother-in-law
  • Daisy Sunders-sister-in-law
  • Cilicia Sunders-sister-in-law
  • Holly Sunders-sister-in-law

(Deceased not Listed)

3.2  Offspring

3.3  Friends

Hahahaha no (Shadowfang?)

3.4  Acquaintances

Toby, Matteo Trovato, Levent Kartal, Leon Hughes, Drakien Lusk, Bridget Rhiannon

3.5  Enemies

X'yrin Exultare, Zalen Damaichu, Kiara Amarok, Mars Bartholomew Russo, Anathema, New Dawn

3.6  Slaves

Dhiate Drako, Raoth, Hadley, Alastar, Adara, Dirk

4.  Skills

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Negotiating
  • Torture
  • Poisons
  • Killing
  • Reading Body Language
  • Camouflage
  • Intimidation
  • Lying

5.  Appearance

Amy's coat is a soft creamy yellow, with her left ear bearing a light brown patch. Her eyes are a warm friendly brown. Her form is lithe with obvious curves underneath. Her tail is slightly feathered, though otherwise almost whip like in appearance. She bears no resemblance to any particular dog species, though she does have the body build of the average dog. Her ears are not floppy, though they do have a defined bent to them. A large slashing scar runs down her back. Two smaller scars run through it, splitting at the waist and wrapping around her.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Amy prefers her optime form. Her secui form is used to hunt down and punish those who cross her, with her lupine form the least used. On occasion she shifts to lupine to convey the idea of naivety and to make taking a bath easier.


In lupus form Amy stands at 30 inches and weighs 96 pounds. Her entire body is muscular, though her fur is thick enough that it can be mistaken as just being fluffy. During the winter her coat tends to grow darker. There is a large scar running down her back from when she was training to be an assassin. She appears to be a regular mutt in this form. Think of Old Yeller but with a slimmer build and no scars/missing body parts.


In secui form she stands at 37 inches and weighs 188 pounds. Her muscles are obvious, with her mane appearing as a pure cream color. Her fangs are much longer, allowing her to tear through things with a power smaller teeth wouldn't allow. Despite her large size Amy's paws are almost delicate in appearance in this form, despite the massive power in them. Her scar isn't visible in this form.


In optime form Amy stands at 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 214 pounds. Her blond hair is often in a stylish ponytail, emphasizing her natural curls. Sweeping bangs hang over her forehead. Amy's scar is visible in this form again. She wears hip hugging jeans and a fashionable short sleeved blue blouse. On her right hand is a beautiful silver ring with poison inside it. A silver necklace beads down with green stones set in it. Amy doesn't wears shoes but has hidden sheaths under her jeans in case of an emergency. She also carries a short sword on her hip.

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