Name MeaningUnkown (literally)
Name OriginEngland
Date of BirthMay 12 2011
Subspecies100% canis latrans ortus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeWest Nova Scotia
Current packCasa di Cavalieri
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Previous Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining dateJuly 2 2012
Joining RankProva
Most Recent RankProva

Raoth is a former slave of Amy Sunders. Trained as a bodyguard, he has imprinted on Aro Marino, and works to serve him with complete devotion in Casa di Cavalieri. He doesn't know what he wants in life, and in January 2013, he deserted the pack without leaving a trace.

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1.  History

1.1  Childhood

Raoth was born into a large clan of coyotes that were related to each other. He was the latest litter of his parents, born behind his brother. While he was still nursing his father began to find flaws in the children. He wanted his mate back to himself, and found that the pups got in the way of that. Their mother did their best to block the worst of the harm, though she wasn't able to completely stop it. Raoth and his brother lived in fear of their father, and as soon as Raoth was old enough he spent as much time away from the den and his family as possible. He did his best to hang out with the older coyote pups, who usually ridiculed him and did their best to lose him, not wanting the younger pup to interfere with their games

Independent and strong headed, Raoth learned to keep up, and soon was squirming his way into a place. On the outside it appeared that his life was golden, growing popular despite being younger than those he ran with, a sharp tongue and a willingness to brawl and play dirty earning him the respect of his peers. At home, however, life only grew worse. He couldn't control his tongue, and whenever his father broke into an abusive tirade, verbally lashing out at the small family, Raoth often spoke right back up. These encounters usually ended in beatings, the young coyote covered in bruises. He passed them off as the usual scrapes from a pup, anger building inside him.

1.2  Adolescence

During a particularly bad fight when his father struck Raoth hard across the face the pup seized, and began to shift. He was left alone for this time, his father afraid that he would become trapped in a single form and be badly deformed, the rest of the pack fearful of the rage and pain that they could hear him screaming. When his shift was completed he ran, and left the place he had grown up in behind, swearing to never return. His skill with dirty tricks and tough nature allowed him to survive on his own, hunting what was needed to feed him and staying relatively healthy. His frame was rather thin, and his bitter nature turned against all those that he met.

Raoth stole, not caring who he took from. As far as he was concerned there was no one truly worth dealing with out there. He was rude to those that met him, continuing to pick fights. He came near a coyote pack, Inferni, and laughed at the idea of these coyotes thinking themselves so mighty. He stayed clear of the packs for the most part, though he did on occasion cause trouble near the borders, not caring that he could be killed for what he did.

1.3  Slavery

Unfortunately for Raoth, one of those that he mouthed off to was Ángel Fàbregas i Reus. Angel had been informed that in exchange for a slave, Amy Sunders would allow him to see his pups before she killed them. Seizing the opportunity the mouthy coyote was taken and given to the heavily pregnant female. Raoth did not care for this turn of events, and fought heavily against Amy's training. Unable to use her usual training methods Amy resorted to more barbaric means, resulting in Raoth's tongue being cut out of his mouth in order to silence his complaints. The loss of his greatest weapon shocked Raoth, the coyote acting dormant for several days before he recovered. His rage came back even greater than before, attempting to murder Amy.

The assassin turned the tables on Raoth, instead finding himself near death, the carving of a sun in his stomach as a permanent reminder of how close he had been to being killed. This wasn't the first time he had faced death, though the scars and pain that he was given was entirely new for him to experience. He continued to battle, though the attempts became less often as Raoth began to believe that he had been truly cursed, and would not be able to escape the wretched life he had been thrown into. Heavy chains that adorned his body prevented further escape attempts, with each attempt on his mistress' life resulting in more scars.

A ray of light came into his life in the form of a new slave that Amy picked up, Dhiate. He asked the slave to free him, but learned quickly that this wolf worshiped Amy. Hating it he did all he could to make the other's life miserable, tripping him up and making sure that the slave was never fully able to relax in his presence. Amy found this rivalry as a tool, Dhiate practicing his seductions on Raoth, frightening the teenager when they worked to an extent. Raoth's rage was taken, and channeled as he was trained to work as a bodyguard. To ensure that he would not kill whoever purchased him, he was molded to imprint on the one who would purchase him and bond with them for life. When he was not being trained, Raoth often found himself used as amusement for Amy, tortured for fun. For a short time he lived in Inferni, trained by Helotes Lykoi in ways to disarm others without killing them, a skill he'd been lacking.

1.4  Sale

The next chapter of his life was more peaceful. Aro Marino came across Amy's camp. Feeling pity for the scarred male, Aro purchased Raoth from Amy's grasp. He kept Raoth as a slave as part of the bargain Amy drove, and brought him to Casa di Cavalieri, where he lived for some time. Raoth was highly suspicious of this kind male, who requested little of him. They often trained together, Raoth beginning to gentle under Aro's guidance. The sharp shell remained up, hating his handicap with all his might, though the fear and anger that he felt towards his master was slowly changing into trust, a rough kind of manners taught to him, though only displayed when Aro was present. While Raoth was suspicious of this master that is yet to strike him, he was greatly loyal. Aro taught him how to read, and finally granted Raoth his freedom. The coyote has not acted on it yet. Immense jealousy has welled up in him when Aro and Sidra created a relationship with each other, and does his best to remain the center of Aro's world. He sheltered with the pack in the Hurricane, and now feels a growing debt to Casa.

2.  Personality

Raoth has a very short tolerance for what he considers stupidity. Accompanied by this is the tendency to think with his fists, and not his head. His policy ranges along the lines of 'Strike first, ask later'. He's convinced that the world is out to get him, a dark place where there is no true peace to be found. Raoth is constantly locked in a battle with his environment, fighting for what he wants, not believing that he can ever truly secure it. True relaxation is rare, only coming in the deepest part of his sleep when he fully relinquishes his watch for those who wish him harm.

He doesn't like coming into contact with others. Along with his policy of thinking with his fists, he believes that others do the same. If he acts up in displeasure, or otherwise does things to anger them, he thinks he will be struck. To prevent such a thing, he usually hits first. When he is touched, Raoth remains tense the entire time, usually uncomfortable with tolerating such contact. He is slowly becoming more used to such things, but for the most part is still tense and only allows his master such free range in coming into contact with him.

Emotionally he feels deeply. When he's angry, he feels it burn all the way to his bones. When he's sorrowful, dragging him out of that mood becomes difficult. When he becomes attached to someone, it's a deep connection that only death or betrayal would be able to severe. He protects those that he connects to, though making such a connection remains first digging through the part of him that is against being involved with anyone else and finding a way to truly understand and be around him. With how rare these instances are, Raoth is extremely possessive of those few, and hates sharing them with others. He will do so, wishing for those he cares for to be happy, but being approached by those that are liked by them will rarely end well, wishing to have nothing to do with them. His molding as a bodyguard has only exaggerated these features, a deep jealousy of those who can talk easily with those he know.

Raoth is a gifted speaker. Losing his tongue has done little to slow him down. He will deceive and lie, and uses the fact that he cannot speak as an excuse to avoid questions and other such things. When he does choose to communicate he tends to be rather creative in getting his point across. He will lie simply because he can, in order to build a greater distance between him and the one approaching him, jealous of how their lives are in comparison to the one that he lives. His pride keeps him going, unwilling to submit to others that are around him, believing himself stronger than them as he's survived a harsher life.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Raoth's family is a deeply entangled mix inside of a coyote pack where everyone is related to each other in one way or another. He has a litter mate that is slightly older than him, and as far as he knows his mother and father are still alive. All are off-board.

3.2  Friends

Aro Marino

3.3  Acquaintances

Sidra Pheonix, Torok Haima, Helotes Lykoi

3.4  Enemies

Amy Sunders, Dhiate Drako, Ángel Fàbregas i Reus

4.  Skills

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  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Hunting small prey
  • Tracking
  • Brawling
  • High Pain Tolerance

5.  Appearance

Raoth has dark grey fur coating his body. The shade is only interrupted on his belly, where it changes to a silver color that starts at his chest and ends by his hind legs. He has coarse fur, slightly prickly to the touch. His eyes are a dark orange, almost appearing red in some lighting. His frame is lean, though muscles are clear to see throughout it. He is large for a coyote, but still on the shorter end of the scale. His limbs are long. There are several scars coating his body, specifically several small scars on his upper chest from throwing knives, two slashing scars covering his right eye, a sun carved over his stomach, and cuts from a sword on both of his arms. A handful of smaller scars can also be found on his legs. His tongue has been cut out.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Raoth is usually found in optime form. Secui form has been forbidden for him to enter, though he can access it.


Raoth does not care for this form. He feels that he is at his most vulnerable at this point, avoiding it when he can. Raoth uses it for hunting primarily. The scarring on his arms are the least visible at this point. His silver belly is difficult to spot. The form looks slightly starved, the muscle structure that he sports hard to pinpoint. He stands at 27 inches tall, weighing only 61 pounds.


Raoth would love to change into this form, but has not been told that he is allowed to. The muscles in his body become clear at this point, giving him a stronger look. His fur is thicker, the majority of his scars hidden. The silver on his underbelly is more easily spotted. A darker patch appears around his ears where his hair will be in optime form. He stands at 42 inches and weighs 196 pounds.


Raoth uses this form the most, mainly due to secui being forbidden from him. The scars on his body are easy to see. Tattered black pants are worn in this form. He has shaggy dark hair that falls around his face, ending at his shoulders. The strength in his form is clear to be seen, and he looks really tall, an illusion created by his thin appearance. He stands at 6'3", weighing 216 pounds.

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