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Shadowfang was a former member of New Dawn and Casa di Cavalieri.






  • Date of Birth: 2006
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence:
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: None
  • Birthplace: Areas
  • Species: Wolf



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1.  Appearance

With fur as black as a moonless night and with silence rivaling that of death, Shadowfang has been born, breed and taught the ways of an assassin and of a perfect hunter. Even if an expert hunter were to somehow see Shadowfang within a forest they would think it a ghost or demon, little do they know that they are right in both aspects. Shadowfang in his normal Lupus form is rather average with a slender, athletic and yet strong, agile build. However while his lupus form is average. His Secui and Optime forms are a marvel to behold.

In his Lupus form he stands at 150 lbs/ 50 in. making him 4 feet tall in Lupus. His build is simple and yet ready to move quick and silently within the shadows of trees or at night. In Secui he stands at 275 lbs/60 in.making him 5 feet tall in his mighty form. The fur grows longer and the main around his head is more pronounced along with his shoulders and his strength, speed and agility rise making him an even more powerful hunter. His fur still remains black as night and his eyes don't change color except his stare seems to be deeper than before.

Shadowfang in his Optime form is an impressive 8'5 or a 102 inches at 295 lbs. Muscles and bigger and tighter and strength is increased as well as his stamina. In this form climbing, jumping and other actions are now possible so rather than having to worry about an attack from the ground you may very well have to watch the trees as well. In all three forms Shadows fur is as black as the night and the only thing that sets him aside from other black wolves is his size difference from form to form and his one Blue eye and his one yellow eye, compliments of his mother and father.

Other rare traits that sets him aside is the all black nails and underfur. there isn't a part of him that isn't black as night say for his tongue and eyes. Another trait or talent that he has is his ability to shift from form to form very quickly due to many moons of just sitting there and going between them as he trained his mind and body " He really is a walking shadow so to hunt him in the night would be very difficult to do. Though he is meant to be a perfect predator, that fact does not change how kind and loving he can be.

Shadow has reached the peak of his growth and in his fitness and strength so now only training and hard work will keep this mighty hunter and warrior in top shape.

2.  Personality

Even though Shadowfang has been taught to be a perfect killer and should have a cold attitude thanks to the way his father raised him, He actually can be quite kind and helpful. Many times during his travels he has helped members of other packs even though they were not his to worry about. If befriended or allowed into a pack he would be a very loyal, caring, silent and strong addition. At first meet one would think Shadowfang very quiet and shy even weak in his looks and actions but that is what he wants, only trained eyes would be able to pick up just how deadly and powerful he can be and only trained eyes would know that Shadowfang should be respected and if those eyes belonged to an enemy, Feared. All in all Shadowfang would make a good addition to any pack and is very keen on Honor and respect even if he felt respect was not due he would show it anyway because one does not live long if all you have is enemies and no friends. Due to his long time alone Shadowfang might be thought rude at first meet due to his limited interaction with actual packs, He is quick to learn and master skills having to deal with hunting and he has limited ability to read but can if given the task. This is due to his traveling in the old abandoned city's of the extinct human race.

3.  Biography

Shadowfang use to be part of the pack New Dawn and he will always love and cherish every memory of that place. Shadowfang is now a proud member of the family to CDC and has never been happier. He is with his mate and family and the family will soon grow and with it his love and happiness. Even though Shadow is part of CDC he like always tends to wander around and help others outside the pack. He is well-known for his stealth, speed and agility. He was born and raised to be a hunter and to be very deadly against his targets. He was taught by his father that if you can't take your target down in a single bite then you are better off dead. Shadowfang would be the werewolf/wolf equivalent of an assassin. It was during his travels that his father became ill and due to Shadowfang not having knowledge in the medical arts his father was lost and he has since then been on his own. Since the loss of this father Shadowfang has worked hard to perfect his already deadly skills and has even worked with poisonous plants and has eaten them in an attempt to get an immunity to them so that they could never be used against him. Due to his training and the hard work his father put him through he is completely immune to 4 known poisons and in his heart he feels that his father would be proud of his son and what he is able to do. The list of poisons that he is immune to include but are not limited to, Penny royal, Monkshood, Buttercup, Destroying Angel. These are all examples of toxic plants or mushrooms that can cause vomiting, convulsions, diarrhea, heart failure, contact dermatitis or death and all of these have little to no affect on him and he has trained and taught himself to use such poisons for hunting or to cure said ailments and all of this has been thanks to years of working up an immunity. Shadow goes by one other name not even known to himself but by his father and those who tried to kill him. Shadowfangs true name is Shadow Seir which translates to Shadow Demon.

Recent History: Due to the actions of New Dawn and it's leader and due to Shadow and Thana wanting to raise a family in an atmosphere that would better suit there life style and future pups along with wanting to be near there niece Amatha, Shadow and Thana have left New Dawn and are now on the borders of CDC looking to join them and start a new life for themselves.Shadow has met with and found Amy's daughter and has found her to be part of Anathema and does not like this. He knows she is well however and his bond with her has only grown. He still however fears that she is following to quickly in her mother foots steps and death is the only future for his daughter and for the would be Amy.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family