Hadley by Nat
Name MeaningFrom Hada's Field
Name OriginEnglish
Date of BirthJune 18 2009
Subspecies67% Canis lupus
43% Canis familiaris
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeMassachusetts
Previous packCasa di Cavalieri
Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Previous Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining dateJan 20 2012
Joining RankProva
Most Recent RankTronco
Previous RanksProva, Fiera, Merito, Fidelle, Onore, Rispetto
SignificanceHighly Trusted Member

Hadley is an ex-slave, purchased by Sebastian to save him from Amy Sunders's grasp. He was a trusted member of Casa di Cavalieri, if far more submissive than his rank requires. He was Ismeme's mate until her untimely death during the Hurricane, and is the father of their only child: Amatha Partnere. After Amatha's first shift in January 2013, Hadley left the pack, and his whereabouts are unknown.

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    5.   1.5  Romance
    6.   1.6  Fatherhood
  2.   2.  Personality
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1.  History

1.1  Childhood

Hadley was born in a small family pack in what used to be Massachusetts. He had an older brother that he looked up to, and parents that worked hard hunting to make sure that they weren't hungry. As a youth he was rather gentle, but his brother warned him that such softness would make him a target for enemies. He began to practice covering up his real intentions and thoughts by acting like he didn't care about anything, mimicking his brother's rude words. When he was six months old his younger sister was born. He did everything he could to protect her, though his continued rude behavior caused her to hate him and his parents to close away from him. Eventually his act of not caring became real, unable to deal with the lack of care from his family, and when he turned one he struck out on his own to find a place where he could focus completely on himself.

1.2  The City

After he left his family Hadley found a city where lots of canines were. The lifestyle there was harsh and unforgiving. Traders frequented the area, while small packs fought in the streets, drawing lines and bringing food. Tons of alcohol, drugs, and parties were available for Hadley, and he spent his time chasing after it. His second year of life was washed away in a haze of alcohol, one night stands, and partying. Always alone Hadley drowned this feeling away by learning how best to seduce females, falling farther into his own lies of not caring about anyone else. He became convinced that he was a lady killer, a gift to females out there and became an alcoholic.

1.3  Slave Life

Word of a land of promise reached Hadley's ears in the city. Wondering if he could get free alcohols and all the females he could ask for there Hadley headed up. He found another city, but unlike the one he'd come from this one was completely abandoned. Spending time there he found a beautiful female dog. Eager to follow her promise of sex Hadley was promptly knocked unconscious. Amy Sunders, the dog that captured him, proceeded to torture him, viewing him as only good as a toy to scream in pain as she sliced him open. When Hadley miraculously survived Amy was impressed, and decided to keep him on as a slave. For two months he endured Amy's harsh training, playing torturous games that resulted in even more scars over his body, and learning to view himself as only having use to serve others.

1.4  Rescue

After working as a slave so dutifully Hadley met Sebastian. Amy Sunders traded Hadley to Sebastian for the night in exchange for alcohol. Learning about the tragic conditions Hadley lived in Sebastian purchased Hadley and took him to Casa di Cavalieri to recover and learn to protect himself from such threats in the future. Selene Vansenza befriended the scarred hybrid and shares a room with him. During that time they became friends, though he remained extremely timid and submissive. One day he grew lost, and was brought to AniWaya by Grace, allowing him to finally accept the fact that he was free. He returned to Casa with a (slightly) more confident attitude, no longer shaking in fear at everything (most of the time). Selene gathered her courage and asked if they could be together, and since Hadley realized there was nothing to stop him anymore he agreed.

1.5  Romance

Unfortunately, his slave habit hadn't been completely broken. Shortly after he met a new member of Casa, Ismeme, and during an encounter with the ghost of her father relapsed, resulting in them sleeping together. The pain this caused to Selene resulted in the young couple splitting, with Hadley leaving Casa to try and find a way to control himself and never relapse in such a manner that he'll hurt someone ever again. He returned to Casa after this break, bringing talents that he hadn't held before. Isa, the one he had slept with, entered her heat cycle. With the combined threat of her finding Selene and possibly causing more pain to her and Isa herself being hurt he lied and claimed to have fallen in love with her, leading them to live together. Isa became pregnant with his pups, much to his fear. Unknowing what kind of parent he would make Hadley proposed to Isa to become mates in the hopes that it would help care for the pups.

1.6  Fatherhood

Hadley worked hard to care for them, doing his best to make sure Isa had everything she needed. The pups were carried for an extra month though, which caused great worry. Only one was born alive. Hadley has spoiled his daughter, while Isa retreated into grief. Isa helped him care for Amatha once she returned, but the peaceful life was again destroyed when a hurricane struck. Amatha and Hadley got trapped out in the storm, and Isa was knocked into a coma while saving them. Hadley is anxiously hoping that she will awaken once more, but it was not to be. Ismeme passed away in her sleep, and Hadley was left single again, raising their daughter all by himself.

Amatha begins seeing her mother's ghost, something that disturbs Hadley. Once his daughter is old enough for her first shift, he leaves the pack and his family behind.

2.  Personality

Hadley's heart is extremely gentle and caring. He worries about others before himself. Hadley has extremely low self-esteem, believing that he only has worth when being used. He's terrified of being labeled as unnecessary and being killed, as he believes that's what happens to those without any use. A naturally submissive creature it has been taken to the extremes due to the abuse at Amy Sunders' hands. He is clumsy in social interactions, looking to be told what's expected for him to do. When drunk his original personality comes out, coarse and pretending to not care, doing his best to act manly and like he's in charge of what's happening around him. Hadley has a fiercely loyal streak, seen in his submission to his master above everyone else.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Hadley's parents are both alive, as well as having a younger sister and older brother. All are off-board.

3.2  Previous Mates

Selene Vansenza, Ismeme

3.3  Friends

Sebastian, Alister Callow

3.4  Acquaintances

Anann Kelevra

3.5  Enemies

Amy Sunders

4.  Skills

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Fixing stuff
  • Caring for small animals

5.  Appearance

Hadley has mixed brown and grey fur, with stronger flecks of dark brown showing up. His eyes are an almost black brown. One of his ears flops down. His form is slightly muscled from hard work. He's covered in several small scars. His left arm is severely scarred at the top from being skinned, with fur never to grow there again. Three large slash scars are on his chest, with the center one wider and deeper than the other two. A large nest of scars are on his upper legs, with a crescent moon shaped scar starting on his right backside and curving around to the top of his right leg. His jaw has a small scar on the bottom.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Hadley is almost always in optime form. He never goes into secui, not wanting to be perceived as a threat, and only goes into lupus form as a last resort.


In lupine form Hadley stands at 42 inches and weighs 143 pounds. His body appears rather thin, though a closer inspection reveals the muscles running through his body. His left foreleg appears distorted to the point that he shouldn't be able to use it. His chest scars are harder to see, with the fur clustering more thickly with his northern wolf heritage. The middle one still stands out. The curving scar on his back now starts along his spine, jagging over to his hind leg and wrapping around to the inner part.


In optime form Hadley stands at 7 feet 5 inches and weighs 138 pounds. His scars are fully visible, losing the distorted appearance and revealing the deliberate care put into each one. He's underweight, but appears in the prime of health due to the muscles covering his body. His hair is short, no longer than reaching his eyes.

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