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Kiara Amarok

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Date of Birth

20 March 2010




Key-Ar-Ra Amarok

Joined 'Souls

Oct 8th, 2011




First Name: Japanese
Last Name: Native American (Inuit?)


Birth place

Wood Buffalo National Park




Arctic Wolf


None, immune.


Current pack New Dawn
Current rank Alphess


Former pack Ichika no Ho-en
Last rank Element: Co Rank-Ikusei

Kiara Amarok is the Alphess of New Dawn. She is the daughter of Shunkaha Amarok and Chogan Amarok, and the mate of Thoirní Síondaite. She has a natural, viral immunity to the Luperci virus. She is the mother of Kohaku, Lucia, Leela, Marrok, Altair, Tsytsaki, Ash, and Sage.

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1.  Appearance

Kiara, like most arctic wolves, is snow white in color and has a medium sized build for her sepcies. Her neck is thick, her legs somewhat short, and her entire frame is stout. Kiara's eyes are a deep and clear sapphire color. She stands at 27 inches tall and 52 inches long, which places her just over an average size and tipping the scales at 80 lbs. Her fur is soft and thick when not broken by scars and she does her best to remain clean. Because she sleeps inside of a den, there are occasional spots of mud and dirt that might mar her otherwise clean coat. Due to her traditional upbringing, she finds most modifications such as pairings or hair styles to be strange and unnecessary. After several unfortunate encounters with Amy Sunders, her body is covered with scars. A thin scar on her upper right shoulder due to a hunting accident when she was younger. The scar is not normally visible from a distance, especially during the winter when her coat is thicker. There is a large spiral on her belly, a long horizontal gash stretching across her neck that almost reaches both shoulders, and a smaller scar on her left shoulder (caused by a stab wound). A Nordic rune (that looks somewhat like an H) was carved into her shoulder as well. During the winter, many of these scars are covered up by her fur and are not easily visible. The thinnest of her scars even appear to disappear. However, during the summer all of her scars are readily visible and easy to spot from a distance.

1.1  Forms


Kiara is not a luperci and always remains in this form. She is 27 inches tall, 52 inches long, and 80 lbs.





1.2  Build & Species

Reference by Sky

Kiara is short and heavily built. She tends to hold herself in submissive manner, although near her friends she is as happy as can be. When she is around those of higher status within the pack she will become even more subservient and respectful.

1.3  Coloration & Fur

Her fur is soft and thick during the winter and completely white. She takes on a somewhat scraggly look during the summer when most of her underfur has been shed. Her eyes are a beautiful sapphire color and are one of the few spots of color she possess, asides from her nose and scars.

1.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Right shoulder: thin line at the top of the blade. Cause by a bull elk. Additionally, Amy Sunders nordic Hagalaz takes up the rest of her shoulder.
    • Left shoulder: circular. A stab wound inflicted by Amy Sunders.
    • Lower side of her neck: a shallow horizontal line that almost reaches both shoulders. Knife wound inflicted by Amy Sunders.
    • Stomach: slightly off to the left side, large spiral. Knife inflicted by Amy Sunders.

1.5  Accessories


2.  Personality

Kiara has an open and playful personality. Like most wolves she enjoys being in a pack or surrounded by familiar settings and will often accept the subservient role. Her biggest flaw would be her whimsical and naive nature that occasionally dips into the realm of stupidity. Mother-hood has mellowed her out slightly and she has grown somewhat wise thanks to her combined experiences. Yet, she has never lost her playful and caring side. Although she often attempts to speak slowly and in a quite manner, she has a bad tendency to speak fast and loud when she grows excited. Kiara's native language is English and she speaks with a northern Canadian accent.

Kiara's favorite places to be are either in the woods or in the water. These places help remind her of the home she left and misses. When she is not hunting or roaming around Kiara will try to challenge other pack members to friendly brawls or games. Though if she loses, she'll keep returning to the same competitor till she wins in some way, shape, or form. Kiara isn't the best fighter, but she never lets her small size get to her in a wrestling match.

Although Kiara can get along with just about any species, the animals that hate her most would be birds. Kiara get immense satisfaction out of chasing birds, especially crows, and has a very bad reputation among the fowls. When threatened by canines Kiara will act very subservient, and often her first instinct when meeting new canines is to be submissive. However, if her life or family is threatened she can turn violent. Although she tends to have a mostly cheerful disposition, heat makes her grouchy and more prone to outbreaks of insubordination.

For the most part, Kiara takes pride in her inability to shift and views herself as equal to luperci. Yet, she is prone to feeling left behind when the biggest differences become obvious. Additionally, Kiara is wary of human tools and has an extreme phobia of knives.

  • Fears:
    • Knives
    • The sea
  • Motivations:
    • Food
    • Her Family
    • Puppies

2.1  Demeanor

So long as others are not aggressive Kiara will treat them politely and with a jovial smile. If they are friendly she will treat them as a new found friend. When greeting friends or acquaintances Kiara will approach with a wagging tail and licks to the face. Kiara will quickly and easily submit to dominant wolves, especially her alphas. Kiara is like an open book to most and rarely attempts to hide what she is thinking in either her body language or speech. When males flirt with her she quickly degrades into a stuttering idiot or becomes too frank for her own good.

2.2  Outlook

Kiara is an optimist and has a very strait forward nature. She rarely lies and isn't very good at spotting lies that are told to her. Kiara trusts just about anyone who will greet her with a smile.

2.3  Ideals


Big Bias

  • Birds

Other Biases

  • Species: Kiara thinks pets and luperci are weird; and like any hunter will mercilessly take down prey.
  • Non-Luperci: Kiara loves non-luperci
  • Human Behaviors: She thinks they are weird and generally avoids replicating the behaviors.


Kiara is heterosexual and the concept of homosexuality doesn't compute. To her, the purpose of a mate is to make and raise puppies. She holds no special love for her mates and treats them as she would the rest of her pack. That being said, she holds an undying love her her pack and views them as her own family.


Kiara has only tried alcohol once and has sworn off it for the rest of her life. She remains blissfully unaware of any other kind of substance.


Although she was raised in a spiritual family, Kiara herself is not spiritual in any fashion. She does not prey or fear any higher beings.

Specific Beliefs

  • NAc:

3.  Relationships



Vesper, Jace, Honrin, and pretty much all of New Dawn[1]



Emmanuelle [2]

Various Minor Aquaintences

They are around



Amy, Rojo, Dhiante[3]

Kiara has a fairly positive view on most of the canines she has met and rarely finds someone she doesn't get along with.

3.1  Key Relations

Tharin Lupei

Kiara's former mate, the one to lead her from Ichika No Ho-en to New Dawn, and the father of her second litter. He unfortunately died in a fire.


Alonso is the father of her first litter, but he left without ever knowing about his children.

Thoirní Síondaite

He has become her third mate. He has yet to sire any children with her.

Amy Sunders

Amy and Rojo are her hated enemies. Amy kidnapped Kiara's son, Kohaku, and converted him into a Luperci.

3.2  Groups

New Dawn

Kiara joined the first pack she came across. Lucky for her that was Ichika no Ho-en. Unfortunately Ichika disbanded in 2012, and Kiara relocated to New Dawn. She lives there happily with her mate and children.


Kiara does not like Salsola and is somewhat afraid of their members. She doesn't often venture near their territory.

3.3  Family: Amarok

Kiara misses her family dearly and will most likely never see them again. However, they are alive and healthy.

Immediate Family

3.4  Offspring

Reference by Nat


(Reference.) Kohaku Amarok was named after his maternal grandfather. He has a fairly unique and complex color coating. He takes after his father more than his mother and his fur is a mixture of tan, grey, black, red, and white. Like his grandfather, his eyes are a brilliant green. He was the largest of all of Kiara first litter and the most rambunctious of the group. Although he often disobeyed his mother, he used to adore her. When he was two months old, he was kidnapped by Amy Sunders who then raised him to hate and resent his own family. He is estranged from his mother now and even plots to end her life. Additionally, Kohaku became a shifter and a warrior for Anathema


(Reference.) Lucia Amarok is the oldest girl of her litter, and she is a pleasant mixture of her mother and father. Her fur is mostly white with a light red stripe that runs from the tip of her nose to the back of her tail. The tip of her tail is a dark grey and looks like it was dipped in ink. She also has a round birth mark on her chest that is red on the outside and grey in the middle. Her eyes are a deep blue like her mother's. Kohaku and Lucia didn't get along very well when they were younger and often ended up fighting. As a young puppy, Lucia become attached to a rag doll that once belonged to her mother. Since then, Lucia has grown into a fine young wolf and contracted the luperci virus.


(Deceased.) Anna was an exact replica of her mother. Her eyes were a sapphire color and her coat was a pristine white. She was the youngest of the group, although she wasn't the smallest. She was just a hair larger than her sister. On her ninth day of life she came down with the cardiac form Canine Parvovirus and died the next morning. She is buried between two roots of a tree that stands next to the river near Kiara's den.


Leela Amarok is the smallest and most rambunctious of Kiara's puppies. She has white fur with dapples of light shades that ran up and down the pups back and forehead. Out of all of Kiara's offspring, Leela is the only one to retain her natural form and is not infected by the luperci virus.


Marrok Amarok is one of Kiara's quieter sons and takes after his father in appearance. His coat is a steely grey with a rusty red on his ears, nose, legs, and belly. Aside from his quiet nature, he is perhaps the smartest of Kiara's brood and shows a particular interest in human technologies. He was the middle child in Kiara's second litter and is also average in size.


Altair Amarok is the largest of Kiara's puppies. He is highly protective over his family and sees the need to protect them in place of his father. His gruff nature makes it hard for Kiara to grow close to her son and his mateship with Fayne only put more strain on their relationship. However, Kiara still loves him as she does any of her other puppies and looks after him with an especially careful gaze.


Tsytsaki was taken in by Tharin as a young child. She was found with an injured paw and a dead mother. Once Kiara became mates with Tharin, she took on the responsibility of caring for the crippled pup and treats Saki as she would her own pups.
Reference by Hannah

4.  Lifestyle

4.1  Speech

Kiara speaks with a northern Canadian accent, although the words she uses are simple. When excited she will speak quickly and sometimes loudly. Her overall tone is confident and friendly and is almost always coupled with a smile.

4.2  Abilities



Kiara learned how to become an expert hunter for large game while she was with her birth pack. She also learned how to swim and catch fish, both of which she also excels at. Like most of her breed she is fast and has a high endurance. When it comes to hunting with the pack, Kiara often chooses to take the role of chasing down prey rather to tire them. Her speed and endurance allow her to run longer than most.

Aside from her endurance, her mental fortitude is one of her greatest strengths. She has seen a lot of pain and suffering in her life, yet has managed to pass through these obstacles with relatively little scaring. Her kindness is constant and her loyalty is unending and easy to earn.



Kiara is terrible at anything that involves knowledge on luperci or humans. She has only a base understanding of luperci and little to no knowledge of humans. There are plenty of subjects and concepts that are beyond her understanding and it isn't unusual for her to fall into a state of confusion. Doors especially confound her and when she travels into buildings she can often times lock herself in or out. Kiara is also terrible at fighting. Although she can roughhouse she has only ever been in one fight, and most of it was spent with little retaliation on her part. Kiara spent some time training under Saluce and X'yrin to learn how to become a better fighter, but her experience remains limited.

4.3  Previous Residences

Kiara currently resides in the communal den of New Dawn. She does have a private den for birthing that she dug in a hidden area of the sunrise meadow. The entrance to the den rests beneath the upturned roots of a fallen tree. It is hidden behind thick bushes and delves deep beneath the surface. Kiara spent many months excavating the den and it is large enough to comfortably fit herself and newborn pups.

Kiara once resided in the territory of Ichika no Ho-en in her den in Wentworth Valley. It was a basically a hole in the ground that is a quarter mile away from X'yrin and Saluce's den. The entrance of the den lead to a tunnel that went several feet before it opened into the main body of the den. The cavern was large enough to comfortably hold two full grown adults. There was a stream not too far from her den as well. Within the den was a single deer fur blanket and a bright blue scarf. The fur lined only the inner cavern while the blue scarf sat in a pile on a bed of dried grass against the back wall.

Before that, Kiara lived in an apartment in Carne Rise in New Glasgow with Shiloh, Sarian, and Aleo. After spending a few months in the apartment they moved to a house in Trenton for a few days before Shiloh left on a journey. Kiara quickly left the apartment and spent a few days out in the woods before starting on her den.

4.4  Inventory

Kiara no longer owns any of these items. They are buries close to her old den where Ichika no Ho-en used to reside.

Former Household Items

  • A fur rug and a blue scarf
  • In the simplistic icons table, it looks best with no more than three icons per row.

Other Items

  • A necklace with a wood carving. The carving is of an adult wolf licking a puppy.c;

5.  History

Kiara was born in a small valley nestled neatly between two mountains in the heart of Wood Buffalo National Park. The wide river and deep lake provided plenty of fishing and hunting opportunities for Kiara and her pack. Kiara's birth pack was a small but well organized group made up solely of Kiara's arctic wolf parents and her litter mates; which include her two brothers and single sister. Kiara's family was secluded from the luperci world and her life in the park was simple. The young pups spent most of their time within the safe confines of the rich forests that surrounded the lake or further up stream to practice their fishing. As she grew older Kiara began to spend more time hunting with her parents to take down the bison and other large mammals that roamed into the valley. During one of her first hunting trips, Kiara idiotically went after a healthy bull elk. Though she made it out of the fight alive, the elk left a scar on her shoulder.

Though her life in the valley was great, Kiara began to long for a new scenery and adventure. Finally, at the ripe age of 16 months, she left her quite home and traveled for two months before reaching Nova Scotia. She arrived at the north end of Nova Scotia and started her search for a place to call home. She arrived at Nova Scotia on October 8, 2011 and headed to Ichika no Ho-en to join in the same day. She took over the rank of Ikusei and became the packs official puppy sitter.

Shortly after joining Kiara traveled south but avoided any pack areas. It was then that she met and befriended a coywolf known as Vesper. Once she returned to Ichika Kiara was quickly swamped with her duties as puppy sitter. Both Jace and Shiloh (her best friend) had puppies at different ages making Kiara's job difficult and exciting. After several peaceful months Kiara met with a dog named Amy Sunders and gained several scars out of the encounter as well as a deep phobia for knives. Amy attempted to convert Kiara into a Luperci through a blood transfusion, but it failed due to Kiara's natural immunity.

Her fortunes turned though when Kiara met a male wolf like herself who couldn't shift. After a few meetings with the wolf, Alonso, Kiara enjoyed a short romantic episode and became pregnant with three puppies. The puppies were born on March 26, 2012: Kohaku Amarok, Lucia Amarok, and the ill-fated Annabelle Amarok. Alonso never returned, but instead another non-shifter male named Tharin Lupei helped her feed her pups.

Anna passed away due to illness and Kohaku soon vanished, so the distraught mother was eventually brought to New Dawn after Ichika's collapse. She was soon deeply embroiled in the New Dawn Conflict, as Kohaku was still alive but had been kidnapped and converted into a Luperci by the same dog that had attacked her that winter. Amy Sunders was eventually executed for her crimes, but Kohaku refused to rejoin his birth family, choosing instead to view Amy as his mother and swearing to enact his vengeance for her murder.

Kiara took solace in her loyal child, Lucia, and her new mateship with Tharin Lupei. She and Tharin served as the Beta pair for a period of time, but stepped down in defeat when they are challenged by Augustus and Ciara O'Callahan. Their focus soon turned to their new litter, born mid March 2013: Leela, Marrok, and Altair. Their happiness did not last and Tharin lost his life in a fire many months later. Kiara became a single mother again and was left to focus on raising her children by herself. Yet, when the summer returned nearly a year later, she found herself a new mate. Her long time friend Thoirni approached her and asked to become a pair. They both look forward to their first litter and are currently enjoying each others company.

5.1  Images

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