Bridget Rhiannon

Bridget Rhiannon is the daughter of Liam and Ayasha, born June 1, 2012 in Anathema in the couple's only litter. Her father left on a journey shortly after her birth and did not return until months later; she was raised by her mother and the rest of the pack. After Liam's execution and Ayasha's subsequent departure, Bridget chooses to remain in Anathema in the only life she knows.

Bridget Rhiannon

Bridget by Sie
Former PlayersNuki, Lullaby
Name Meaning"Exalted One"
Name OriginIrish Mythology
Date of BirthJune 1, 2012
Subspecies50% canis lupus arctos
mix of other wolf subspecies
LuperciYes; Ortus
Birth placeAnathema
Current packAnathema
Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateJune 1, 2012
Joining RankKinshou Yokai
Most Recent RankFurcas

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1.  History

Bridget Rhiannon was born on June 1, 2012, alongside her brother D'ryn Rhiannon and a stillborn sibling that was never named. The girl was born to a young couple, Liam Rhiannon and Ayasha, into the pack Anathema. Her father left on a journey shortly after her birth, and did not return until months later, so she was largely raised by her mother and the rest of the pack.

Amy Sunders was the pup's godmother, present at her birth where she manipulated a verbal contract that her mother unwittingly agreed to. Amy viewed the pup as a perfect blend of innocence and darkness. With a sweet mother and a murderous father she wanted to guide Bridget, teach her how to walk that line between them, and use that to take advantage of others. Everything that the pup did was learned about by Amy, and either encouraged or disproved, leading to how she would interact. She lavished the girl with gifts such as a ruby collar, mainly to aid in the pup's growth towards Amy's ideal image of how the pup should be, and encourage her loyalty. If she was successful in her training, Amy intended for Bridget to someday be Kohaku Amarok's mate.

These plans were derailed, however, when Amy gave birth to her own daughter, Lucias Sunders. Bridget was left to her own devices as Amy focused on raising her child, and was eventually killed by New Dawn. By sheer coincidence, Kohaku Amarok is now her packmate. Meanwhile, her father Liam Rhiannon never returned from his travels, leaving Ayasha to raise Bridget and D'ryn by herself, as well as Alaki's two children, Ryo and Rin. Eventually Alaki left with his children, and Bridget grew up with her brother and mother. Liam returned much later after he was castrated by AniWaya[1], but disappeared again from her life and was killed by Skye Collins for his crimes[2].

Ayasha has also left the pack for reasons unknown to Bridget. With their mother gone, D'ryn was brought to Cercatori d'Arte by their grandfather, Taliesin dir Rhiannon.

2.  Personality

Bridget in general is a caring, careful wolf who has a wealth of love for the pack that has raised her and for her family. A lot of her time is spent in solitude. Correction, she doesn't spend a lot of time currently with other wolves. She does spend a lot of time with her insects, working on her medicines, and reading about magic. Her interactions outside of Anathema have been non-existent up to this point, so she isn't entirely sure how she will end up acting around strangers. Around Anathemans, she is generally amicable and well-meaning. Though she does act a bit odd, it is not with ill intent.

Not a particularly dominant wolf, she does still hold her own position fiercely in the hierarchy. Currently as a Zepar, she doesn't hold significant rank but she believes longevity is important as well within these ranks. As a wolf raised in the pack, she would consider herself higher than a newer joiner, for instance. Ambition has never occurred to her and likely never will, because she is content to do what she does and has no desire to squabble to gain rank. Though she would like to eventually be a bit higher than a Zepar, she does not aspire to leadership at all.

Toward her family she is affectionate, sometimes almost inappropriately so for her age. She doesn't seem to have an awareness of the discomfort some might feel from this kind of affection, though she reserves it only for close family or friends so most are accustomed to it. With strangers, she is the polar opposite. Seeming almost standoffish, she will avoid any sort of touch. In fact, she wears gloves when outside of the pack area for this very purpose: so that if she does need to put her hand against someone else's body, she can do so without her body touching theirs directly.

She is vain, paying close attention to her appearance. Though her feelings on how she should appear do not always meet with social conventions. For instance, she doesn't mind mud on her hind paws or the occasional twig in her hair. In fact, she thinks they add to her appearance and enhance it. When she is at home, she actually likes using blood as a sort of "makeup" that she will apply to her body after a successful hunt. Though she will wash this off when she bathes, it often adorns her body for a few days or even a week at a time before it gets crusty enough and she decides to wash it off.

Often, Bridget's sentence structure is incomplete or disjointed. Sometimes she will conjoin two sentences into one in a way that sounds strange to the listener, though she feels she has spoken clearly. She regularly drops out words that she feels are unnecessary, particularly pronouns. Very rarely uses adjectives unless she is really trying to describe something to someone. Even then, she appears to find it somewhat difficult. Her vocabulary is actually rather extensive, though, as she rarely seems to not understand a word that is being used by others. This appears to be another effect of her inherited schizophrenia.

There are no distinct voices in her head at this point in time, though she did have a black wolf that regularly spoke to her in her head when she was younger. Bridget does believe she can communicate with bugs, though, and occasionally speaks to shadows as well. It is very possible that this will change over time as she gets older.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • D'ryn Rhiannon: She has a complicated relationship with her littermate. While they do care for each other, she has always been darker and purposefully feeds her "madness", whereas D'ryn seems to have outgrown any signs of schizophrenia. Since he has moved away to Cercatori d'Arte, she misses him and intends to visit him as well as their grandfather soon.

3.2  Family: Rhiannon and Sawtooth

3.3  Minor Relations

3.4  Former Relations

4.  Skills

  • Low speech: particularly proficient with birds (crows specifically) and cats
  • Crafting: including sewing, making/altering clothing, leather working, and beginning to learn metal work
  • Healing: natural as well as unnatural; fascinated by pagan religions and the magic they use to heal
  • Poisons: as a side effect of her healing training, she has also learned a lot about the other side: poisons & curses
  • Reading: high reading comprehension and an affinity for books; she is very well-read and dives into any book she can get; books are also high on her trade/steal list
  • Exploring: light on her feet, photographic memory, innate attraction to and awareness of areas that seem out of place that something may be hidden
  • Entomology: Has always liked and spent time around insects, arachnids and other bugs; knows a lot about their habits and personality types
  • Herpetology: Newer interest; particularly in snakes

5.  Appearance

Average in size and height. Appears a touch underweight, not overly bulky in musculature. Has strong shoulders that suggest she could be bulkier if she tried, but it is clear she has made no effort to do so. Her coat is white like her mother's, with brown markings inherited from her father. The brown is evident on her ears, her muzzle, and up each of her toes. Like her fur, the color of her eyes comes from both parents: the left eye is blue like her mother's, the right eye is amber like her father's. The heterochromia is inherited from the Rhiannon side of her family.

5.1  Luperci Forms



A bit bulkier than her other forms, though not overly muscled. Just enhanced in the way most get with their Secui form. Fur gets more wavy in this form and a bit longer, feathering around the undersides of her legs down to her ankles. The area around her eyes seems a bit darker in this form, looking almost like she has lined mascara around them.


An average female in size and height. Leaning toward lithe and lean, rather than bulky. If anything, appears a bit underweight for her size. Keeps proper posture while standing and sitting. Her mane is the same brown as her markings and falls in wavy locks just past her shoulders. Tends to be kept down and not styled in any particular way, though it is also not dirty or tangled. She makes sure to clean it and let it dry naturally, running her hands through it while wet to separate out the waves. Occasionally she will put a flower or other ornamentation against her ear, but that is the most that she will do to alter its natural flow. There are often other leaves or twigs in her hair that she did not put there. Unless she is actively bathing, though, Bridget will not remove these.

Bridget has her own sense of style, preferring lavish and bright colors when she is spending time within the pack's areas as long as she isn't planning to sneak. Prefers colorful ankle-length skirts that spin and twirl around her body. If she is planning to go out into territories besides Anathema, she prefers neutral colors with very limited accents. The preferred colors for these outfits are: beige, black, ivory, and cream. She also really enjoys jewelry and has her own personal stash, which includes the old ruby collar given to her by Amy. It is now too small to wear as a collar, but she does wear it around her wrist or upper arm on occasion. At the very least, she always wears a silver chain with an ankh symbol on the end. This is true even when she is otherwise trying to blend into the surroundings, though it will probably be tucked underneath her cloak.

Also always carries two daggers strapped to her inner thighs (which would generally not be visible).

5.2  Gallery

Bridget and D'ryn

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Bridget puppy lineart

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