Born August 11, 2012 in Cercatori d'Arte to Jace Wolfe and Temo Wolfe. Member of the Wolfe-Denahlii family.

  • 'Souls Profile
  • Played by Sammy
  • 50% Canis lupus familiaris, 25% Canis lupus columbianus, 25% Canis lupus arctos


The most evident areas of Lorenna's body are a light, goldish-cream color, fading down to a cream on her belly. She has soft teal eyes, radiating innocence and a shy, but mischievous look. Ears and tail tip look as if they were dipped into a pool of milky chocolate. Her fur is thick and fluffy, her tail being the most poofy of all. Being only a pup, she is small of course, but for her age she is slightly on the smaller side. She will grow to be rougly the same size as her mother, if not a tiny bit smaller. She is a bundle of fur that always shines brightly, eyes always glowing with a happiness that only a pup could hold.

Not yet shifting of course, though she will be late in being able to do so. Normally around six months of age young pups begin shifting, Lorenna won't start until she is eight months old. Her Secui & Optime form will come when that time does.


As most pups, she is completely comfortable with her family. She is a momma's girl for sure, if she could choose right now, she would stay at her mother's side for the rest of her life. She is playfull and kind, though can get rough when she wants to. She plays the innocent card when something goes wrong, making her eyes look large and filled with tears that she could make in a second. Giggly and high-spritied as she is, she is rather shy around strangers. Her stuttery and small words that she can make quiet to nearly non-existant when a stranger is around, and she will instantly look to hide behind the nearest loved one .

She will always hold family close to her heart, and will eventually take it upon herself to make sure that her family sticks together through everything. Though her parents are going through rough times now, she will always try to cheer them up, not wanting anyone around her to be down. She is a joker, likes to put a smile on everyone's face and can be quite loud around her family and maybe even some friends if they get passed her shy exterior.