Keldava Wolfe-Denahlii

Keldava Wolfe-Denahlii was born as the youngest of a litter of four to Jace Wolfe and Temo Wolfe in the pack Ichika no Ho-en. She and her family moved to Cercatori D'Arte where she grew up and trained to be a warrior. She is the mate of Leviothan Moonbreaker, and traveled with him for a year to birth their litter. Keldava then became a founding member of Midnight Shores upon their return.

Keldava Wolfe-Denahlii

Keldava, by Sunny
Name OriginSvinka, Wolfe-Denahlii family
Date of Birth01 Nov 2011
Subspecies50% Canis lupus familiaris
25% Canis lupus columbianus
25% Canis lupus arctos
Birth placeIchika No Ho-en
Current packMidnight Shores
Archive ProfileSoulsProfile:3482

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Current Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining date
Previous Rank(s)

Previous Pack

Ichika No Ho-en

Joining date01 Nov 2011

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1.  History

Keldava was born as the youngest of a litter of 4 to Jace and Temo Wolfe in the pack Ichika no Ho-en, where she spent much of her childhood happily exploring the territory. She lived with her siblings, Dalgina, Honrin and Pandora in the peaceful pack until she was four months old, when her family as uprooted and moved to Cercatori D'Arte after a conflict between her mother and the pack's leadership.

Keldava took the move the best out of her siblings, her explorative nature allowing her to acclimatize to a new home quicker and greatly enjoying all the new sites. When she passed from being a puppy to a young adult Keldava followed her mother into the Warrior ranks of Arte; at this point in her life Keldava hero-worshiped Jace and desired to emulate her in every way possible. For the most part her childhood in Arte was a happy one, though an encounter with a vicious trader by the name of Amy left Keldava with a scarred back and a distrust of strangers.

Sadly Keldava's happy life was stripped away when she and Honrin were attacked by Jace when she began to give birth to her third litter. The attack left both Honrin and Keldava scarred, crippled Keldava's hand and tore apart her trust and admiration for Jace, leaving the previously tight knit family shattered. With her focus in life taken away Keldava threw herself into training her combat skills as best she could with a crippled - though slowly healing - hand and dedicated herself to protecting her family and pack.

2.  Personality

Keldava has grown much since her carefree days as a puppy and she has matured long before her years should call her to do so. She no longer follows the path of the warrior out of a desire to emulate her mother, but out of a fierce desire to protect her family and pack. Keldava sees it as her duty to protect and any attack upon her pack or family is taken as a direct insult. While not naturally bloodthirsty Keldava is merciless to those she sees as a threat and would gladly repay a serious injury to one of her family with death.

Keldava's outward personality and her inner personality are two different pieces of a puzzle. Outwardly Keldava is gruff and often cold, presenting an air of mistrust and wariness towards those the doesn't know if she meets them in even slightly suspicious circumstances. Despite this outwards aggression Keldava is actually fairly naive when it comes to dealing with other people and often trusts too easily; if someone persevered past her initial prickliness they would find her easy to get close to and manipulate.

Once she knows somebody Keldava is a very friendly and happy wolf. She is very physical with her affections in a non-sexual way; preferring to be either close to or in contact with someone she is fond with, whether it be hugging, a friendly arm over the shoulders or even sparring. In contrast with her closed off face for strangers Keldava is very open with her emotions when she trusts somebody. She is typically energetic and boisterous and while she is perfectly happy to sit down and talk with somebody she likes, she much prefers to be active and enjoy their company through some form of activity they can do together.

Keldava is highly intelligent, though not educated in a formal manner beyond practical skills. She is skilled in forestry, able to identify whether a patch of water is good or whether a berry or a mushroom is safe with a glance and a sniff due to her time wandering and experiencing the world, though she could not tell you what they are called or why drinking that particular water would make you ill for the life of her. Her sharp mind means she is always gathering information from around her. As quick witted as she is, Keldava is also highly opinionated, and impatient. She does not wait to learn everything before forming an opinion on the matter and often prefers to use her own, often inferior, knowledge unless her ignorance over a particular matter is obvious or is pointed out, often giving her the appearance of a brash fool. A wanderer at heart, she quickly adapts to new situations, and is skilled at reading the intentions of those around her.

While it isn't outwardly obvious Keldava is a prideful wolf at heart. She has a lot of pride in her appearance, her body and her skills and anything that shakes this pride is often met with anger and in some cases confusion.

Keldava loves exploring and one of the biggest urges that drives her is the urge to travel and explore, to see new things. Rather than getting homesick when travelling long distances away from home Keldava practically thrives on being in unfamiliar places and experiencing new things; if it wasn't for her family she would likely live her life travelling the world.

3.  Relationships

Member of the Wolfe-Denahlii family.

3.1  Family

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4.  Appearance

For the most part Keldava's fur is the coal black fur of her father. In several places it is shot through with streaks of a bright, almost yellow, tan. This tan colour is present as socks on her legs, patches on the inside of her ears, a pair of dots just above her eyes, a strip running across her throat just under her chin and a second, larger strip running across her chest at breast height in optime form. Keldava's eyes are dark like her fur, but they are noticeably brown.

Keldava bears more scars across her body than one would expect from one so young. The first that someone might notice would be a thin, curving scar that runs down the right side of her face; starting just above her brow, narrowly missing her eye and ending on her cheek. After that one would see her right hand, which bears enough scars on the fingers and back of the palm - the latter being prominent and oval shaped - to qualify for the term "lightly mangled". A minor scar running along the inside of her right leg can be see at the right angle.

However the worst of her scars resided on her back, cruelly carved there with a knife as opposed to recieved in battle like the others. The scar takes up most of Keldava's back and takes the shape of the runic letter Thurisaz surrounded by a crude chain. This scar isn't particularly visible in Keldava's quadrupedal forms but is all to apparent in her Optime form.

While not particlarly large in terms of height, Keldava makes up for it in terms of bulk. Between her fur and natural body shape Keldava manages to present a pleasant figure, heavily curved and large breasted, but beneath this; hidden by fur and flesh, lay a formidable set of muscles. Keldava is a keen fighter and explorer and her body has been shaped to the demands of this task, giving her excellent endurance and stamina and good strength for her gender and size.


Keldava's Lupus form obviously shows none of her humanoid curves but follows the same theme. A healthy set of muscles is mostly hidden by a thin layer of fat and thick fur which often has a spiky appearance and feel


For Keldava Secui form is less of a drastic change and more a perfection of what was already there. The fat on her body disappears and her muscles enlarge, fully filling out her frame. Other than the standard changes in body shape Keldava's frame doesn't particularly increase in size between the two forms. Keldava's Secui is a matter of extremes; in it she is extremely fast, agile and strong but she uses up a lot of energy and at her young age she can barely keep up heavy usage of the form for a few minutes, a time which will increase as Keldava grows. Also of note is that Keldava's Secui form gifts her with longer and sharper teeth and claws than the norm, giving her a very painful bite and making her claws a viable weapon.


Keldava's Optime form, as said before, presents an attractive figure. Her fur is naturally soft and silky compared to the coarse fare of her Secui form, but is often tangled, matted and disarrayed by Keldava's preferred life of roughing it in the woods. Keldava's mane presents itself as a shoulder-length growth of black fur, shot through with streaks of the yellow tan that decorates her body elsewhere. She is not in the habit of wearing clothed without function, but does have several accessories. Keldava is often seen wearing a pair of leather guards on her forearms and shins, the one for her right arm holding a knife and a second knife is held to her left thigh by a strip of leather tied round it. She often wears a belt which holds from it a hip-mounted quiver on the right side and a sword, styled after a Roman Spatha in a leather coated sheathe to the left. While she does not commonly wear it Keldava owns a thick, white cloak made from the fur of a polar bear. The one piece of purely aesthetic decoration that Keldava wears is an amulet around her neck, carved onto a piece of bone and showing a wolfs head surrounded by a sunburst.

4.1  Gallery

Keldava and family, by Nat

Keldava and family, by Ashley

Adult Keldava, by Ashley

Keldava chibi, by Sunny

Keldava and Leviothan, by Miyu