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Name MeaningLeviathan is a sea monster referred to in the Bible. In Demonology, Leviathan is one of the seven princes of Hell and its gatekeeper. The word has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature. In classical literature (such as the novel Moby-Dick) it refers to great whales, and in Modern Hebrew, it means simply "whale."
Name OriginHebrew
Date of Birth20 June 2011
Age16 Months
Subspecies50% Canis Lupus
50% Canis latrans thamnos
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeRochester, Indiana USA
Current packCercatori d'Arte

Current Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining dateSep 24 2012
Joining RankUnskilled
Most Recent RankBuilder
SignificanceCarver of wood, maker of many things

Leviothan, as of this moment, is Cercatori d'Arte's only builder. Feel free to add to the page as you decide. :P

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    2.   3.2  Current Mate
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1.  'Souls History

Leviothan was born on a warm, rainy morning in June 20, 2011 to an unknown father and mother in the North Eastern part of what used to be the United States of America. Indiana to be precise. At the time, his mother and father were Loners, wolves who didn't have a pack. His father had been made a Luperci a year before this time, his mother had already been one. This made Leviothan an Ortus. With barely any time to get to know his parents, Leviothan grew up on the move, moving across several areas of the forest he'd been born in. He had several brothers and sisters whom later died of an unfortified den. As the only survivor of the small pack of cubs, Leviothan deemed himself the worthiest to stick beside his mother for his father had left, leaving him no male role model.

Eventually it came time for his mother to leave him to the world, to part from his company when a new mate came to light. He was old enough to go about his own business and so he did, traveling toward a set of mountains that were just in the distance of his previous home. He'd learned how to hunt, how to kill and the basics for life, but he needed something more, something that felt more like family to him. For a month or two, he scourged for food through a mountain terrain that was nearly devoid of life until finally he chose to turn back and look for a new home toward the Southern portion of Canada, right through the old areas of Detroit, Michigan. Along the way, he self taught himself how to make utensils and wooden eating ware from branches from trees, carving with both claw and knife.

2.  Personality

2.1  Previous

Like many wolves, Luperci or not, Leviothan is a lover of others. He's a care giver for many, an ambassador for others. Most times he is fearless, able to take on the world, yet other times he is calm, collected and extremely quiet. He's a wolf of far too little words, though he speaks usually only when spoken to. Actions are better then words as they say and he's the epitome of this quote. At most times, he frowns upon the bad doings of others, especially when he's close to them. Unfortunately, he enjoys being in his Secui form more then the other two so he tends to remain thus whenever he's awake, though most times simply being in his lupus stage when sleeping is more comfortable. Most tend to warm up to him in a short time due to his overly caring self. He's strong enough to protect those he wishes to and when it comes down to a battle, he's willing to fight for what he believes in, especially if it's to help the pack he's in or would be in.

Like many coyote, he's also prone to yelp and whimper at night within his sleep. Though it's rare that it's above a short, barely legible shout. When meeting new people, it's often that he's somewhat shy, submissive even, though it's only natural to be such unless the other person is an enemy. In that case, he'd probably recognize them fairly well with scent and sight. Often more then not, Leviothan enjoys the occasional swim. The feel of the water slipping through his fur cools him off when in blistering heat and because of this, he enjoys swimming almost as much as hunting. Like most wolves, Leviothan literally lives for the thrill of the kill. Often more then not, he can be seen out hunting, even scourging for smaller animals like hares and squirrels, though it's often he never catches them. Mostly he's a thrill seeker, an artist caught between two realms. Hunting in itself is a natural art and because of this, he's enjoyed it since his mother taught him how. He likes the simple things in life, such as sleeping... eating, breathing even.

2.2  Present

Leviothan has been through quite a bit through his adult life. After his mother's death by the hands of a loner at Cercatori's borders, he withdrew into himself and began training more fiercely than he had been before. He took up archery and swordsmanship and wound himself up over the top until he was spent with exhaustion and tribulations. Unfortunately, this could not last. By birthright, Leviothan was not a serious individual unless pushed to be so. While on one hand, his flirtatious stance had not changed, his ideals behind life did. He is still overly protective over what is his and his pack's. When he comes across someone with a stance stronger than his own, his first instinct is to go on guard. When he doesn't, however, he is both affectionate and a little naive. He has a habit of giving into the desires of others, often putting other individual needs above his own in order to create an atmosphere that is better for the group as a whole.

While he adores his children, Leviothan knows for a fact that he can't survive in a world where he protects them like his mother protected him when he was a younger pup so he tries to make up for this, when in contact with his children, by being an excellent father. He's both patient and observant, quiet and compassionate, yet stern enough that they know that they cannot get away with mediocre behavior or work ethic..

3.  Relationships

3.1  Pack

  • Dalgina - Though when they first met they didn't get off on the right foot, things have taken a better turn and they're now doing loads better.
  • Keldava - He really doesn't know much about her yet, but there's something there between the two, a natural abundance of attraction and a very possible outcome of a relationship down the line. Maybe even a few naughty threads.
  • Esmeralda Collins - He now thinks of her as a little sister, much like his own due to her untimely death. He adores her and calls her Mera which is short for her rather long name. She calls him Levi, the shorter name for Leviothan and his favorite place to take them is in the Flowerfields of CdA.
  • Kenna Foxleigh - There's definitely a warm attraction between the two, that even led to flirting within their first thread together. Kenna is amazingly one of the first dog-wolf hybrids that he's come in contact with and definitely a keeper as far as friends come. (Lots of thread possibilities)
  • Eclipse Soulstorm - First friend in CdA! <3 A definite good friend. Supposed to teach Leviothan a few things about cooking and he's going to teach her about carving and building things.
  • Mayflower - He definitely doesn't know Mayflower well enough to say that he has a concrete relationship with this individual, but she seems pretty cool. Even though he hasn't seen her about since the first time he met her.
  • Esther Hennamin - A definite go to when he needs advice. Recently told him that he should speak with Skye about his outburst against Levent, though he doesn't know the other wolf's name just yet, he's going to describe him to her the moment he gets a chance to have a thread with her and whether or not he's punished and taken from his rank of Builder, placed in the Outcast rank will decide his future involvement along the borders, where he shouldn't have been in the first place.
  • Skye Collins - He definitely looks up to this vibrant, vital leader of CdA, even going as far as to adopt Esmeralda as his little sister, even if he hasn't spoken it in so many words for her ears to hear. He plans on doing so as well when he mentions his fight on the borders with Levent and how he gained the scar on the left side of his face.

All Friends

  • Eclipse Soulstorm
  • Kenna Foxleigh
  • Esmeralda Collins
  • Sebastian
  • Adelle Vilhelmsen
  • Calla Scott
  • Dalgina
  • Sabyne Somanov

All enemies

Love Interests

3.2  Current Mate

Keldava Wolfe-Denahlii

3.3  Current Crush

3.4  Past Mates

3.5  Past Crushes

  • Adelle Vilhelmsen
  • Sebastian
  • Keldava Wolfe-Denahlii

4.  Abilities, talents and skills


  • Carpentry
  • Fighting
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Protective
  • Caring
  • Reading
  • Hunting
  • Tracking


  • Territorial
  • Languages

5.  Appearance

Leviothan is an almost above average height canine with average length fur of an avid copper tone speckled in places by a dark grey and black that even somewhat makes his fur appear dirty at times. His eyes are a piercing fiery orange, his snout longer then other wolfish creatures due to his coyote heritage. He has ebony lips that curl over pearly white canines, a scar that runs from the beginning of his snout, a the top of his nose, straight down to the very bottom of his jaw where it slightly curves. His ears stand at attention in most interactions other then his pack mates and the very bottom of his padded feet is Slate grey.

Luperci Forms

Prefers Secui Form

5.1  Lupus

  • 32 in.
  • 74 lbs.
  • 4ft 1in

In this form, Leviothan has retained the almost rustic, coppery colored ((#C62A00)) fur that his mother had when she was younger pup. However, it is somewhat marred by the black and gray speckles that have seemed to pop up over the course of his short life. His eyes are an avid cross between red and fiery orange. Because of his coyote heritage, he seems to have a slightly longer snout, a marred scar right on the very tip, that runs down the length of his maw to the very bottom of his jaw where it curls just slightly, where he'd gotten into a rut with one of his brothers. Most of the time, his ears are straight forward or at attention.

5.2  Secui

  • 43 in
  • 175 lbs
  • 5 ft 3 in

Despite the beauty of his Lupus form, this is the one that Leviothan seems to enjoy more. Because it is a cross between Optime and Lupus, he is extremely large and bulky with this one. Whereas before he'd mostly walked on all fours, he uses this one to his advantage, reaching higher places for food. Because of this, the muscle in his thighs are slightly larger. His crimson toned fur has taken up more space around the collar and throat but now you can clearly see the muscle beneath his fur. Coiled and ready at all times, he seems to be tensed, unseasoned, even down right threatening at times, though it's just his build. He also retains the scar from his previous form, though it's grown to accumulate his new and improved size. Some of copper fur has grown just slightly so that the very tips show off a chest nut hued highlight, running from the top of his head down the middle of his shoulders.

5.3  Optime

  • 6 ft 3in
  • 253 lbs

Leviothan has always been something of a smaller canine, at least in stature, somewhat refined when it comes to his sleek nature and masculine physique. Due to the nature of his scars which randomly cover a large portion of his body, Leviothan tends to keep his armor on at all times in order to protect those things that are important to him. His mane is long, yet braided in mini dreads upon one side of his head, the other in messy braids so that it hangs loosely, enough so that he can strip them free when he's ready to shift back into a lesser form.


Broad, tall... muscular and filled out. Dense fur.


Cinder colored, bright orange with a hint of natural golden flakes.


One Scar stretching from his nose, down to the bottom of his jaw and another horizontally across his left cheek.

6.  Notable Threads

'Souls threads