Dalgina Wolfe-Denahlii

Dalgina Wolfe-Denahlii was an artist of Cercatori d'Arte. She resided there with her family, the prominent Wolfe-Denahlii clan, but was closer to Ovidiu the tiger, and her housemate Hotaru. In the summer of 2013, she finally decided to reconnect to her Svinka roots and traveled to the arctic north along with her brother, Adam Wolfe II.

Dalgina Wolfe-Denahlii

Gina by Sunny
Previous PlayerBria
Name MeaningArctic Goddess of the Moon
Name OriginArctic Svinka
Date of BirthNov 1 2011
Subspecies50% Canis lupus familiaris
25% Canis lupus columbianus
25% Canis lupus arctos
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeIchika no Ho-en
Forum ProfileArchive Profile

Previous Pack

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining dateNov 1 2011
Most Recent RankArtist (NPC)
SignificanceLearning about art

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    2.   1.2  Secui Form
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  3.   3.  Personality
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1.  Appearance

Dalgina is a pure black wolf. Her eyes are a warm brown. Around her neck is a necklace made for her by Aylu. It is a leather piece with small pieces of smooth wood and shiny obsidian strung together in an alternating pattern. A wooden pendant of a snowflake is also hung around her neck, part of a set her siblings wear. She has a rather slim form, willowy and graceful. Various pieces of jewelry are often on her body, from bracelets and necklaces to anklets and rings. Her ears are pierced, small emeralds held in each one, as well as a gold hoop in her left ear. A tattoo of a kestrel resides on the inner side of her left forearm. There is also the tattoo of a blood red rose on her right hip.

1.1  Lupus Form

In lupine form she stands at 26 inches, a small form that blends in easily. She weighs around 69 pounds with paws that carry her weight in an almost gliding manner. Her fur is sleek, with a thick tail. Underneath her fur are finely formed muscles, giving her a graceful appearance. When she moves her steps are rather cautious, tending towards a rather shy secretive approach.

1.2  Secui Form

In secui form she stands at 32 inches weighing 141 pounds. This form isn't used often, but in it she has shifted to a fully proportionate form, her paws taking on a more delicate air. Her fur is quite thick in this form, taking on the heritage of an arctic wolf. The necklaces she wears is hidden in this form, and the fur around her ruff is slightly longer than the rest of her fur. Fangs tend to be sharper and longer in this form. Her tattoo cannot be seen.

1.3  Optime Form

In optime form Dalgina stands at 5 feet 11 inches. She weighs in at 172 pounds, turning into a beauty worthy of turning heads. Still in her youth it is not yet fully apparent, with hips and breasts just formed. She looks fairly delicate, and moves with a dreamy air. Her hair is a thick black, blanketing down her back to just above her tail. It tends to fall in her face, a slight mask parting to just reveal her eyes. She wears all kinds of jewelry in this form, with the simple necklace she owns proudly displayed alongside various bracelets, anklets, ribbons, and other beautiful objects she has found to adorn herself with.

2.  History

On November 1 Dalgina came into the world along with her two sisters and brother Keldava, Honrin, and Pandora, in Ichika no Ho-en. Her world was contained to the house that she was born in, as her mother was rather protective. She slept and played in a small warm room that was designed to act as a nursery for her and her siblings. Dalgina when not playing with her siblings would spend her time day dreaming. When she began to be allowed to wander beyond the house Dalgina met with several pack members, who often rescued her from being lost after wandering around in a daze. Kiara Amarok, the pack pup-sitter, quickly befriended the day dreaming pup. After an incident exploring the mountains Dalgina fell ill, though she quickly recovered with no lasting effects.

When a change in leadership occurred however, Dalgina's world was turned upside down. Her mother had been injured protecting the pack, and feeling that it was no longer safe for the pups to live in Dalgina was dragged away from the home she'd come to love, ending up in Cercatori D'Arte. Retreating into herself Dalgina began to spend a lot of time alone. During one of these trips she almost drowned, rescued by a carver named Hotaru. She struck up a friendship with the blind wolf who gifted her with a kestrel as a companion named Tehu.

Her older siblings shifted on their six month birthday, leaving Dalgina feeling isolated for a short while before she shifted as well. With the shift Dalgina became highly involved in training Tehu and recreating what she sees through carving, painting, and drawing. She traveled north again to see Ichika, only to discover that the pack she had been born into no longer existed, the members that she'd grown up with scattered. She promised to return and see Kiara in New Dawn when she could, but remains close to home.

She met a tiger, Ovidiu. He came into Cercatori D'Arte, seeming lost. He was rather gentle with her, Dalgina enjoying his company until he left once more. A couple weeks passed, and she learned that he had moved into the pack. He became her companion, comforting her when her sister Keldava was attacked and badly injured. When her Mahn gave birth, Honrin and Keldava were both attacked and badly scarred. This frightening experience changed Dalgina, scared for her life.

She fears her mother now, and has moved out of the house. She lives with Ovidiu and Hotaru now in their home, adopted by her closest friend. Keldava moved to the house next door, and luckily their bond remained unharmed by the experience. Hotaru's pups died, leaving Dalgina to care for her friend. She broke under the weight of being expected to care for those that she loved without any support and withdrew from everyone. She hid her emotions and became plagued with nightmares that refused to halt, even following her into the day.

A cold nature has taken grip on her, and she has lost contact with all of her family with the exception of Keldava. Her and Hotaru are the only ones that Dalgina has kept any emotional connection to, and has avoided befriending anyone else. In the summer of 2013, she finally decides to reconnect to her Svinka roots and traveled to the arctic north along with her little brother, Adam Wolfe II.

3.  Personality

Dalgina was an outgoing pup that loves everything new. She is fascinated with the beauty of the world, seeing it in everything around her. Constantly day dreaming Dalgina lives in her own world, occasionally dipping out to play with those around her, and share what she sees. Dalgina loves her family, and considers them the most important thing in the world, sharing an especially close relationship with her sister Keldava. Dalgina is extremely sensitive and aware of other creature's emotions, sharing an empathy with most of them.

As an adult, Dalgina is a rather shy female, and has a strong dislike for strangers. She has a big imagination and often spends her time dreaming and drawing. Dalgina loves those close to her, and is especially close to her sister Keldava. She loves watching the world go by, even as she keeps herself apart from it. Most things that she views holds a form of beauty in her eyes. Dalgina loves to create, trying to mimic what she sees, either in real life or in her dreams. She believes that the sky holds all the secrets, and that to be able to be part of it is to be safe..

Dalgina holds a deep seated love for birds, believing them to be the most amazing creature out there, refusing to eat them and their eggs. Her view point is quite dark, usually seeing things colored in a manner that reflects her dreams. She tends to keep to herself, using her black coat to remain hidden in the shadows. She is fearful of betrayal, and a deep rooted fear of her mother that is unlikely to fade. Dalgina has grown more jaded and cold, suffering from nightmares that continually bleed into her artwork. She tends to avoid those she doesn't know already, and struggles to connect with others.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family: Wolfe-Denahlii

4.2  Friends

Hotaru, Kiara Amarok, Eclipse Soulstorm, Neela Garcia

4.3  Acquaintances

Sage River Lykoi, Saul Stormbringer

5.  Skills

  • Identifying beauty
  • Drawing in the dust
  • Getting lost

6.  Notable Threads

  • Call Out My Name and I Will be There[1]
  • Sick as a Dog[2]