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Special transportation is required to reach Midnight Shores.


Midnight Shores

Pack Details

Colours Blue Whale (#052545)
Geraldine (#f89577)
Abbreviation MS
Demonym Midnighter
Founded By Skye Collins
Esmeralda Collins
Final Leadership Skana Creo (Temporary Leader)
Founded On 30th November 2014
Disbanded On 15th December 2016

Pack History

Preceded By Cercatori d'Arte


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Midnight Shores is a pack located on Prince Edward Island, primarily based in Charlottetown and Kingsweald, founded on November 30, 2014, by Skye Collins and her daughter, Esmeralda Collins. It boasts a beautiful territory, spanning from coast to coast of the island and laying claim to scarlet beaches, thick, wild forests, and pastoral farmlands from humanity long gone.

The pack was partly inspired by the packs formed directly after the 2008 fire, particularly the simpler and non-restrictive cultures that those packs presented. Members were free to live in the manner they please, whether it be social, secluded, feral, more civilized, etc. - thus, the culture of the pack was dictated through the interactions of its members, and the pack generally had an open and peaceful atmosphere. Lack of member activity and interest, combined with leaders being unable to maintain its upkeep due to real-life developments, led to the the pack being disbanded [1].

1.  History

After several attacks on Cercatori d'Arte, its leader at the time decided that the pack was no longer safe and disbanded it, introducing the idea of starting new on a largely unexplored island. The entirety of the old pack agreed, and the move began; after weeks of packing, guiding horses across the lands, and taking canoes and the ship across the strait, they accomplished their goal.

Midnight Shores was officially founded on November 30, 2014, by Skye Collins, Esmeralda Collins, Elsie Hennamin, Ares Knight, Jace Wolfe, Temo Wolfe, Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Rusty Hollow, Leviothan Moonbreaker, Aowen Goldfield, Nero Napier, Jehan de l'Or, Titania Moonsong, and Halan.

For the most part, the pack remained neutral to the happenings and going-ons of the rest of the world. Members largely kept to the pack, and there was little to no conflict between Midnight Shores and any other pack or individual. The pack had many friendly relationships with other packs, which was a welcoming reprieve from their former self. They were on particularly good terms with Sapient, with whom aided them when they formed, and they co-shared a group of wild horse herds. As well, they remained allied with Casa di Cavalieri and helped them during their times of need, particularly, in the aftermath of the fall of the Red Star.

After the death of Jazper Rhiannon-Knight on November 19th, 2016, an escort party was formed to help take his body back to his home pack, Casa di Cavalieri. The pack's leader and Centauri, Skye Collins, and sub-leader and Arcturus, Esmeralda Collins led a group of four, consisting of Elijah Collins, Elizabeth Collins, Kenna Foxleigh, and Gerard. In their absence, the pack's next high-ranking member, Antares Skana Creo was put in charge. The escort group managed to safely move Jazper's remains to Casa di Cavalieri for his funeral, but, upon leaving the allied pack, they failed to return home. After a week of no word on their whereabouts, Skana arranged search parties to find the pack's missing leaders and members.

After weeks of searching with no clues to what had happened to them, the pack became more and more distraught. Refusing to take Skye and Esmeralda's place, Skana made the ultimate decision to disband the pack on December 15th, 2016. The pack's communal stock was distributed amongst those that remained, while the rest were shepherded to the pack's ally, Casa di Cavalieri, and it's close friend, Sapient.

The final membership of Midnight Shores at its disbandment consisted of Skana Creo, Ares Knight, Avinalora, Trident Collins, Athena Graves, Temo Wolfe, Ember Stormfall, Janus Stormfall, Adrian Raven-Shadowryn, Asura Creo, Saleos Creo, Rosie Collins, Sully, Vepar Creo, Malus Reinhart, Rocky Ortiz, Ovidiu, Wallace North, and Felix Nightlark (NPCs).

2.  Territory

The landscape of Midnight Shores, as well as Prince Edward Island in general, is a pastoral and breathtaking haven. Gentle, sloping hills, soft grass, and wild northern forests make up a large portion of the Shores pack’s territory. The island’s natural ocean cliffs and famous brightly hued sand makes the territory a beautiful landscape to see and to live in - and due to preservation laws during humanity’s reign of the Earth, much of this land has been largely undisturbed save for quaint, sprawling towns.

Check out the territories page on the wiki for more information!

2.1  Landmarks


  • Province House: Where the Prince Edward Island Legislature once met; now the pack's Town Hall as well as a residential area.
  • The Harbor: A small bay nestled within Charlottetown that houses most of the boats as well as the ship.
  • Sherwood: The village of Sherwood is tucked away in northeast Charlottetown.
  • East Royalty: A series of apartments and small residences built in the late 60s and early 70s to support smaller families and single residents.


  • Kingsweald Forest: A vast, rich forest filled with prey and rare herbs and plants.
  • The Frigid Sands: The northern area of Kingsweald yields to pale beaches with large sand dunes; animals such as seals can be seen on these beaches.
  • Deephaven: Deep within the forests of Kingsweald lies a large clearing with a good-sized pond in the middle. At night, the area gives a mystical, peaceful vibe.

The Coasts

  • The Lighthouses: Scattered across the coast of Midnight Shores are various abandoned lighthouses, weathered and destroyed by time.
  • The Rocks: On the rockier beaches, one can see wildlife not commonly seen in other packs, such as Atlantic Puffins and Harp Seals..

2.2  Maps

3.  Pack Relationships


-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

3.1  Last Pack Relations

Northern Packs


  • Salsola and Midnight Shores had a budding trade relationship - although the two remained wary of each other.


  • Vinátta had a good relationship with Midnight Shores' predecessor CdA.


  • Krokar and Midnight Shores had pleasant encounters with each other.


Sapient and Midnight Shores had an amiable relationship and shared charge over the Wildwood horses.

  • November 2014: Sapient traded manual labor from Tierney and Leonardo and a small rowboat in exchange for a horse and her foal during Midnight Shores's foundation.
  • January 2016: Shaamah brings firewood to the Shores, and Skana Creo acts as his sponsor during his stay.
  • June 2016: Sapient and Midnight Shores work together to capture horses from Prince Edward Island's horse heards.

Southern Packs


  • Inferni and Midnight Shores were largely neutral.
  • --

Cour des Miracles

  • Cour des Miracles and Midnight Shore were largely neutral.
  • --


  • Anathema and Midnight Shores had an extremely negative relationship.
  • Axelle Napier attacked a member on CdA's own borders.
  • Liam, a violent criminal who continually murdered and attacked d'Artisans, was harbored by Anathema.
  • August 2015: After Anathema's attack on New Dawn, Midnight Shores grew more hostile than ever towards them.
    • November 2015: Ex-Anatheman, Skana Creo, joins Midnight Shores and confirms AT's carelessness in its attack on ND.
  • MS members are encouraged to attack AT members on sight.

Casa di Cavalieri

  • Midnight Shores and Casa di Cavalieri had a strong alliance with each other.
  • November 2014: CdC helps the group in the formation of Midnight Shores. [4]
  • July 2015: After the previous leader of CdC joined MS, Skye Collins approaches the remaining leader to solidify their alliance with good will. [5]
  • May 2016: After the Meteor strikes Nova Scotia, Casa is nearly in ruin. MS members arrive the following month to assist Casa with repairs.
  • November 2016: Midnight Shores provides an escort party for the remains of Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, founder of CdC, to the pack for his funeral.

3.2  Former Pack Relations

Northern Packs

New Dawn

  • New Dawn and Midnight Shores were largely neutral.
  • --

Southern Packs


  • AniWaya and Midnight Shore were largely neutral.
  • --

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